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The life of the youngest heavyweight champion Mike Tyson is very complicated and controversial.
The future boxing legend spent his entire childhood in neighborhoods with high-level
of crime.
He used to see violence, crime, robbery around him since his early years.
Mike learnt to survive in those circumstances and soon he absorbed the rules of the street
At the dawn of his career, the future star was nicknamed “Iron Mike” due to his aggressive,
quick and pushy fighting style.
Despite the fact that in his birth certificate the father is named “Purcell Tyson”, the
man Mike knew, as his father was Jimmy Kirkpatrick.
Jimmy was the best baseball player in the neighborhood.
He preferred to hang around with his friends, rather than spend time with his family.
Finally, Jimmy left his wife with kids soon after Mike was born.
Lorna Mae Smith was the mother of the future champion.
Unfortunately, her relationship with son was very rocky.
Later, Mike said that his mum was never interested in what he was doing and never supported him.
Lorna died when the boxing superstar was 16.
Cus D'Amato was not just Mike's trainer.
He replaced him a father, and became a real support to a young boy.
Cus became boy's legal guardian after Mike's mother death.
However, Mike was not the only kid in his family.
The boxer has an elder brother – Rodney Tyson, who works as surgical assistant at
the hospital.
The brothers are not very close, and do not communicate often.
Tyson also had an elder sister Denise Anderson She lived together with her spouse and two kids.
Unfortunately, Denise passed away at the age of 24 from heart attack.
The boxing champion also has a half-brother from his father's previous relationship.
It's only known that Jimmy Lee Kirkpatrick was a football star in school in 1965.
As for his personal life, Mike Tyson has tied the knot for three times.
He is also a parent to eight kids from three different women.
The famous boxer was married to his first wife actress Robin Givens for only a year.
Having filed for divorce, Robin said that her marriage with Tyson was pure hell due
to his violence and abuse.
In 1991, the ring star was taken into custody for the sexual assault of 18-years-old girl
Desiree Washington.
He was sentenced to six years in jail, but in three years, the sportsman was released.
Soon after the release, Mike started dating his future wife Monica Turner.
Monica was a pediatric resident at that time.
In this marriage she gave birth to two Mike's kids.
However, in five years Monica filed for divorce accusing the boxer of adultery.
Lakiha Spicer has been Tyson's date for a long time, until they finally got married
in 2009.
Tyson claims that Lakiha was a person that totally changed his life, and he would never
survived without her help.
The couple is now parents of two nice kids.
D'Amato Tyson is not actually boxer's son according to the DNA test.
However, in 1991, when the boy arrived, the ring star believed he was his father and named
the newborn after his surrogate father and trainer Cus D'Amato.
Mikey Lorna Tyson was the first biological Tyson's child, born in 1990.
Gena Turner is sportsman's step-daughter, who was born to Monica Turner before her marriage
to the champion.
Rayna Tyson appeared in 1996 to Mike and Monica.
Amir Tyson is her younger brother, who arrived in a year.
Miguel Leon Tyson was born 2002.
However, the boxer still keeps in secret the name of the boy's mother.
Exodus Tyson was born in 2005 to Sol Xochitl, one of Mike's lovers.
Unfortunately, at the age of four little girl tragically died, having been tangled in a
cord, hanging from treadmill.
Milan Tyson arrived in 2008 to Lakiha Spicer.
Her younger brother, Morocco Tyson, was born in three years.
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Heavyweight boxing champion Mike Tyson's family

15 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on February 27, 2020
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