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- [Announcer] It's time for fun in slow motion!
It's Foodsplosion.
- Hey, hey, fruit-lovers, welcome back to Foodsplosion,
the only show where everyone wins
no matter which way ya slice it!
Who do we got on the show today, Announcer-Person-Dude?
- [Announcer] Today's contestant has a lot
in common with you, Orange.
But luckily for us she keeps it bottled up.
A round of applause for today's contestant,
Lucille the Orange Soda!
(audience whistles and claps)
- Great to be here! And a tip of my cap to our host
for holdin' it down for all us orange folk.
- You're not an orange, you're a contestant (laughs).
- (laughs) Nice.
- So here's the deal, Lucille.
You're about to receive a question.
If you get it right, you win.
(audience cheers) - All right!
- But if you get it wrong, you still win!
- Whoa, this is, like, the best game show
I've ever heard of.
- (laughs) It really is.
Lucille, here's your question.
What is the color of a mirror?
- The color of a mirror? Um.
- Tick, tock, Lucille! We don't have all day.
- I, uh, okay. Okay. This is kinda hard because--
- We need an answer.
- I, I need more time, Orange!
(buzzer sounds) - (imitates buzzer sound)
I'm sorry, orange is not the correct answer.
(audience sighs) - But--
- But the good news is, that means you win!
- Oh, yeah! Forgot about that part. Woohoo!
What do I win?
- Tell her, Announcey-Dude-Bro!
- [Announcer] It's candy!
- All right! I love candy.
- [Announcer] Specifically, Mentoes!
- Oh, um. Yeah, that might be trouble.
- Or it might be Foodsplosion!
- (yelling)
- Get ready, all you Foodsploders at home,
'cause this one's gonna be pretty sweet.
- Wait, what are you? (screams)
(explosions roars)
- (laughs) We have blast-off! Let's see that again!
(screams) (explosion roars)
- (Annoying Orange) And again! (explosion roars)
In super slow mo.
(explosion roars)
Tell you what, people in the control room, just go nuts!
(explosion roars)
Now there's a contestant who's going places.
Pretty much ever place in the room (laughs).
Well that does it for this episode, fruit lovers.
We'll see you next time on Foodsplosion!
- [Announcer] This episode brought to you by
Doctor Bananas Dentistry.
Have you been eating too much candy
and drinking too much soda?
- Sure have!
- (Announcer) Let Doctor Bananas take a look at your teeth.
(drill buzzes)
No, he's not that kind of doctor,
but what's important is that he is a doctor.
- Orange, your teeth are too orange.
The machine can't handle the-- (screams)
(explosion roars)
(syncopated guitar music)
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Annoying Orange - Foodsplosion: Soda vs Mentos!

11 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on February 27, 2020
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