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  • Now we're getting close.

  • I can feel it.

  • Here it is. Here's our new house. And...

  • Maybe it's nice on the inside.

  • We're supposed to live here?

  • -Do we have to? -I'm telling you, it smells like something died in here.

  • Can you die from moving?

  • Guys, you're overreacting. Nobody is dying.

  • A dead mouse!

  • - Great. - I'm gonna be sick.

  • It's the house of the dead. What are we gonna do?

  • - We're gonna get rabies. - Get off of me!

  • Hey, hey, hey. All through the drive, Dad talked about how cool our new room is.

  • - Let's go check it out. - It's gonna be great. -Yes, yes, yes.

  • - No, no, no, no, no... - I'm starting to envy the dead mouse.

  • Get out the rubber ball. We're in solitary confinement.

  • - Riley can't live here. - She's right.

  • - Really bad. - It's absolutely the worst.

  • - This house stinks. - It's the worst place I've ever been in my entire life.

  • - Oh, yeah.

  • Hey, it's nothing our butterfly curtains couldn't fix.

  • I read somewhere that an empty room is an opportunity.

  • - Where did you read that?

  • - It doesn't matter. I read it, and it's great.

  • We'll put the bed there and the desk over there.

  • - The hockey lamp goes there. - Put the chair there.

  • - Oh, the trophy collections. - Goes there... - there

  • - Stars! -I like that.

  • - Now, we're talking. Let's go get our stuff from the moving van.

  • All right. Goodbye. Well, guess what?

  • The moving van won't be here until Thursday.

  • You're kidding.

  • The van is lost? It's the worst day ever.

  • - You said it would be here yesterday.

  • I know that's what I said, that's what they told me.

  • - Mom and Dad are stressed out. - They are stressed out. - They're arguing. - What are we going to do?

  • -What is their problem? - I've got a great idea.

  • Did you even read the contract?

  • Anderson makes her move. She's closing in.

  • Hey.

  • -Oh no, you're not. - She's lining up for the shot.

  • - Coming behind you, watch out. - And she scores!

  • -Yeah! - Woo-hoo.

  • Come on. grandma.

  • Ha. Grandma?

  • Oh-oh, she put her hair up. We're in for it.

  • -Eh-heh. Put me down. - Eh-heh-heh. - Ha-ha.

  • Sorry, hold on... Hello.

  • Wait.

Now we're getting close.

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Riley's new house HD - Disney Pixar's Inside Out

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