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  • Hi, I'm Richard from TurboTax with tips for charitable deductions.

  • One, in order for your charitable donations to qualify for a deduction, your donation

  • must be to an organization qualified under Section 170(c) of the Internal Revenue Code.

  • You can check if the organization is exempt using the Exempt Organizations Select Check

  • Tool on

  • Most donations to places of worship, international relief organizations and war veterans groups

  • are deductible.

  • Cash, property, stock and even clothing and household items can be written off.

  • Two, make sure you have a canceled check, a bank record or a receipt from the charity

  • as donations of any amount require documentation.

  • If you donated by phone, you can use your phone bill as proof, if it lists the name

  • of the charity, the date and the donation amount.

  • If your donation was for $250 or more then you will need an acknowledgement letter from

  • the organization.

  • Three, know what doesn't qualify for a tax break.

  • Donations to civic leagues, clubs, chambers of commerce, homeowners' associations, political

  • campaigns and lobbying groups, and most foreign organizations aren't eligible.

  • If you don't know if a donation qualifies, call the charity or visit

  • For more information about this and other tax topics visit

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