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- [Narrator] Disney+,
Disney's long-awaited streaming service
launched this week.
And people initially had a little bit of trouble
signing up for it.
They had some hiccups getting it out of the gate.
We were able to eventually get it
running on a Fire TV device but it's also available
on a bunch of other smart TV platforms
including Apple TV, Roku, Samsung TVs,
Android TVs and so forth.
And once you launch the app, you'll find
on the very top here, a list of banners
highlighting big projects,
obviously "The Mandelorian,"
the show that everybody's been waiting for.
Then there's the Avengers movies highlighted here.
Some other big titles available on Disney+, including
"The Simpsons," where they have all the episodes,
all the seasons available.
Right underneath, you will find a
basically jumping-off points, the different studios
under the Disney umbrella.
So there is Disney, there is Pixar, there's Marvel,
and then for LucasFilm,
they chose to highlight "Star Wars" instead here.
And then as in any streaming service,
you'll find a bunch of these horizontal lists.
Originals available on the service,
we already mentioned "The Mandelorian."
There's also Jeff Goldblum's series,
then recommended titles based on past viewing behavior,
hit movies, trending movies and shows,
and one that's interesting, Out of the Vault,
because it highlights a bunch of these older Disney movies
that haven't been available for a while.
And then there's many more,
you can really go down a long rabbit hole here.
I don't wanna bore you with all of this.
Instead we're gonna take a look at how this looks like
when you press on one of those movie pages.
Here's the movie page for "Avengers."
You can obviously play the movie.
You can also add it to your wishlist,
which is sort of a bookmarking list, if you wanted to.
And then, underneath you will find
further viewing suggestions.
In this case, it's a lot of Avengers movies,
a lot of Marvel movies, makes a lot of sense.
There's also extras, trailers, deleted scenes,
and so forth, so much to dive into.
And they finally have a details page here,
which I found sort of disappointing.
It's a lot of text.
Some of the text is even cut off here,
if you look in the upper right corner.
And there's no way to really get anything out of it.
I can't click on Robert Downey Jr.
and find all the other movies that he was available in.
So that's just text
and most people will probably just skip over it.
Going back to the home page,
there is other ways to navigate this.
Disney+ has this sidebar in the app
with a Search field where you can search with text input.
But they also have these curated collections
of Disney through the decades.
"Star Wars" collection, Disney, the Princesses movies,
and so forth, which is an interesting jumping off point.
Also highlighted in the sidebar is your watch list,
originals again, movies and series again,
a bunch of stuff that was already on the homepage,
not worth jumping into this right now.
One last thing worth highlighting is that you can
add multiple profiles to a Disney+ account.
So you start out with one profile,
and then you can add additional profiles
for other family members much like that's available
on Netflix and other services these days.
It is worth highlighting though because you can then also
dedicate these profiles as, or set these profiles
to be kids profiles in which case, there are certain
parental controls to it.
So this is basically Disney+ in a nutshell.
It is an app that has a lot of content,
not that many bells and whistles in terms of discovery
but I expect a lot more to come on that front as well
over the coming months.
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Disney Plus Review: How the New Streaming Service Runs on a Smart TV

29 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on February 26, 2020
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