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you tells us to make iron man out of a watermelon so let's go time to peel the
melon I've got a spatula peeler so here we go it's gonna peel it off like this
always want to peel away from yourself like this got my melon out cuz then I
have a completely different process than what you're doing peeled the entire
melon now I'm gonna chop off the bottom so I have a sturdy base it's all peeled
and now it's time to shape the head this what I'm gonna use for Iron Man's mask
oh here we go we're gonna place it down as you can see through my perfect art
skills it literally has the eye holes already right there so next up it's
going to accentuate those you know bring out his eyes you want to make sure you
shave it down very gradually because you don't want to lose too much of the rest
see dude I can look through the mask well I'm becoming Iron Man right now I'm
scouring the side of it so I know where to stop cutting now it's time to start
shaping the head and I'm gonna be very careful do not try this at home but I'm
gonna be shaving off a whole bunch of watermelon here so here we go you made
it look so easy when you were doing it man but this is gotta say - not quite as
I as easy as you made it look and done there we go look at that dude yo that
actually looks really good bro got a fully peels and now it's time to fasten
iron man's face to this so here we go we're gonna pop it like you're like this
first skewers gonna go in and then all the way down then just go straight in
all right here we go go right now I'm defining the neck and separating the
helmet from the body my guy here I gotta make the tongue but I got to be very
precise with how I do is what if I take a little bit of this and then pop it in
here like that BAM now he's got a perfect little plump tongue finishing up
the head shape and now it's time to make the mass now for the mask you kind of
want to draw on the surface before you cut it I got to give my iron man some
nice buck teeth you know dudes getting that real authentic Tony Stark look now
I'm gonna use a paring knife for the small eyes what step are you on I'm on
the same step of view I'm on the step of creating his face and his eyebrows
you're definitely creating eyebrows pulling off the side here a big chunk oh
wait what oh my gosh but right now it looks like an alien though now all I
have to do is just take off this back stuff and zi2 that I'm gonna get my guy
on that really quickly just core out the center of it like that boom see do look
like literally create a perfect ball of watermelon man scooping out the face now
to make room for the mass and I'm scooping out the inside of mine because
it's very fun and I just I enjoy doing this got all my pieces and now it's time
to assemble them and add the finishing touches I'll be revealing mine at the
end of the video and we're on to the next round you chose us
giant pancake art so let's go big old head right there's like that perfect
eyes we're gonna give Godzilla some arms right here so gonna give a little arm
over here like yeah what's up and another arm over you're like yeah so I'm
a little concerned because he's looking like a plump baby right now look at my
Godzilla's look at your gut gotta get this crazy lean cuz Godzilla is really
leaning forward we're gonna get miss little eyeballs right here and by little
eyeballs me big eyeballs my god feels tripping out is like what is going on
look he's like a duck you guys those thing he's gonna crack that's the dream
cuz I gotta tell the spit flames I think I think he does I think it's broken yeah
it's broken yep guys chest in place right now it's
gonna get my little scales you know does this very important I know that Devin do
this a lot on his he gave his guy a whole bunch of scales house time to add
the little spikes I'm gonna give him I got some little red shoes like his
little red riding-hood no who is red shoes so that someone goes there no
Dorothy the explored no there's someone with red shoes as my dudes got red shoes
mine's grabbing a car that's not fair we can't add extra elements into it yes I
can't how would my guy grab a car look at his arms man he's like why would you
grab the car alright my guys ready to add color gonna go all around like this
no dudes leaking at the top again shoot this is not what I want you know what
this thing is ruined it's done man this is over I'm taking some creative
liberties here and adding some purple into a spike wait bro you got that idea
from me mine that purple spike wait you do it's right there bro alright this is
the easy part just filling it in last right leaves giving him a little welt on
his forehead because unfortunately it got bonked with a car that your dude
threw all right the finishing touch is done and now it's time to let it roast
pancakes are cooked and now it's time for the flip but this gonna be way too
small so yeah we got to get the giant flipper dead stomach it's going great
Devin here we go so let's see just keep going on anything this 3zu one look at
my guy Brobee so good alright here we go I'm gonna try to get underneath it oh
man it's so brittle you're sure gonna be able to do is not break get ready set go
very delicately yeah bro that looks so crazy actually
kind of scaly you can comment down below who won this round you challenge us to
try pizza art and we're making spider-man from Avengers end game
and we're off to a messy start well I got my dough thing is Devon I think you
made a large round a mistake you have a round pizza which is a big no-no in
creating spider-man's head but a big yes yes when creating pizza yes yes all
right well you know what here we go it's gonna stretch it out like this right now
I'm just adding the cheese yours is way farther along the minor yeah all right
I'm moving right along to adding the pepperoni piece next up time to apply
the tomato sauce ah got this tomato sauce applying stick right here it's in
all the top restaurants in NYC right now just a good even distribution of the
tomato sauce on your crust it's like this just rolling out like that I really
didn't think that would work but it kind of does it absolutely does stuff for the
webs on spider-man's face I've cut up a whole bunch of nori sheets into small
strips so just like you'd have time to add the white layer base I'm gonna add a
whole bunch of onions right now boy did you just say onion exactly just like
you'd ever know I had a cheese Kon Suay what there we go get some parmesan right
here that is onion powder what that's powdered onion putting in the final
little touches oh snap wait what no totally good there was nothing there
we're in the merge yeah it looks great on you definitely Oh No yeah it was you
it wasn't me it was this me Devin do I look like that you put it there face to
face do I look anything like this actually the resemblance is uncanny just
doing the finishing touches on the outline of the eye right now it's time
for me to create my base so I'm gonna use pepperonis just like Devin got some
sliced a bell pepper here and I'm actually adding it around the side as a
nice little frame gonna kick it off with his eyes I've got two little olives over
here to go blue you need some garlic powder to make the rest of his eyes so
here we go now we gotta make the mouth I want to use one of these bell peppers me
this bell pepper really want to find out if it's a bell pepper you do this here
we go three two one buh-buh-buh-buh-buh the stems kind of weak on that one so
yeah I'm also add the bell pepper step as well I'm adding it on his face here
for his mash gonna use my bell pepper as two little eyebrows even though that
spider-man or not man do you see these eyes I don't know man I think mine are
much more expressive and emotive good backgrounds done bases down and now it's
time to add the onion eyes that was on a pizza hot menu bro I would buy it in a
second oh my god your eyes are looking so good now he's got to put a few
finishing touches and time to pop these in the oven pizzas are fully decorated
and bro that looks just like spider-man so here's a big reveal three two oh five
second subscribe challenge we want to see if you can subscribe to this channel
and turn on the channel both notifications in five seconds
ready here we go 5 4 3 2 1 Jenna you do that comment down below keeper squad
right now ready set go tada dude looks just like spider-man you
can comment down below whose Pizza turned out better and will
be even at the end of the video you challenged us to make Pumbaa from The
Lion King so let's go now that I've got the base down it's time to shape him
into that Pumbaa shape and I've got some blue here to turn these potatoes into
the night sky in the background of my arts and here we go huh I'm just trying
to make it match everywhere that's the reason why I wore blue Devon so this
would not affect me at all couldn't they give him me the memo and
moving on we're gonna freeze the sky right now it's grabbing some black beans
for some details you're very delicate with this right now the sky is the most
important part of Pumbaa next up time to make the body of Pumbaa so cool we got
some sweet potato man now it's gonna get in here it's kind of mix them up a
little bit oh yeah try to extract the good sweet juices his tongue is done and
now it's time for the cheese wait the what's the cheese for his tooth got the
tooth cut out and now I'm gonna make a space in the watermelon at what point
are you gonna start shaping that into Pumbaa you don't see it I thought I was
pretty pretty far along already you don't see it for real I mean maybe
that's the eye there no gotta finish up all the hair around Pumas head right now
so here we go next up gotta create the eyeballs so here yours gonna go down
like this nice now we got to carve it around so here we go it's gonna go kind
of like this you're learning young padawan boom there we go look at that
eyeball is done this is I'm pretty perfect Devin are you gonna ignore that
I mean it's just the fact that it even is remotely round when it started off in
this very clear square shape color stuck to the side you're I call this Daddy
blue cheese I'm adding in a second layer here just adding more 3d elements oh boy
he's looking kind of scarier and scarier by the moment I gotta say next up I'm
using some strips of eggplant for the eyes guy is terrified if that's what
Pumbaa looks like in the movie dude I gotta get my tickets right now for
Fandango look he's balding filling in the rest of the face then I move him
back to the eyes and I'm gonna make some stars for my night sky cuz I really want
to add some depth and texture to my image here here we go star number one
right the base of the nose is done now it's time to add the nostrils sorry well
now I gotta add in my round moon I'm adding the blue sky and put on the
finishing touches dude your Pumbaa looks just like a warthog and here's the big
reveal ready set go oh my gosh that looks so
good yours looks amazing thank you you get to comment down below who won this
round and we'll be eating them at the end of the video you challenged us to do
a bento box art Pikachu so let's go I'm starting off with the yellow rice for
Pikachu and add some blueberries in just like that perfect so yes I think you
choose done now it's time for Bulbasaur gotta say this blue works a lot better
than the blueberries man it's almost like too much it's almost turning too
dark right now I think those guys will his crystal balls man they just go like
yeah now it's time for the plopping drop so time to activate my bubble sorcerer
three two one oh there we go perfect Bulbasaur is in the thing my Bulbasaur
is missing is his bulb so I'm using an artichoke and I'm using eggplant and an
artichoke next up I got to make Pikachu so we gotta get some rice here you gotta
turn it yellow so here we go add the yellow color in like this I'm thinking
this is gonna be more 3d than my art normally is so I'm gonna actually have
his foot coming outside of the box and I'm gonna use these carrots a little
chopsticks to grab the chunks of rice here we go there's gonna be Pikachu's
head so here we go this next one - Pikachu's body like this the issuer's
I've got too much yellow rice for Pikachu so I've got a different idea
we're gonna make half of Pikachu's head over here so half of the mystery is
we're the other half of his head go I think it's time to move on to the
background I've got the base done so now I just gotta add this lettuce in here
like this good I want to suck your blonde take
those legs out why not yeah I'm gonna flip my teeth you got to flea them
correctly the key to the background is to take this lettuce and roll it up just
like this then place it in next up time for Detective Pikachu's eyes I'm gonna
use a mushroom right now first represent his eye
most of the background is done now just got to do Pikachu's tail and Bulbasaur's
face and I got my mango here cuz it's give me the front of Bulbasaur's man
here we go it's going to over the store cause I'm Bulbasaur it is I'm sorry I'll
get it right at some point here we go yeah good the mango star so here we go
gonna get this out right now let's see going in for Pikachu's tail I kind of
wanted to twist like a lightbulb little piece of art on Bulbasaur's belly so
there we go BAM look at that he's like check out my cute little belly button
don't be using two Kiwis one is for the top part of his hat and now I use the
other half for the lid of the Hat my Bulbasaur I'm going to add in a whole
bunch of vines but that's kind of a big part of this I
his personality get a whole bunch of different Texas reverie poking out of
him here so here we go give me a prickly fella time to add his rosy cheeks and
I'm actually gonna use these cherry tomatoes cut in half and those will be
his little cheek second cheek is done man my guys like it really cute yo
imagine a Pokemon bento box of lunchable man that would be insane so next I've
got a mango here and this mango is going to be Charizard wait no no no Bulbasaur
bus or to pop this right here like this and mango Peaks use hat or Bulbasaur his
head yes I guess I'm not gonna get an answer to that yes next up I'm adding in
the black part to his ears with the nori sheet oh no I think I added a little
goatee on accident gotta take that up now detective Pikachu would be nothing
without his magnifying glass I'm using this pretzel here as a stock walk for
the background I've got a whole bunch of nori sheets right here to take the
Pikachu only works at night man so here we go it's gonna trumple it up on me at
night exactly Devin yours is not looking like
detective Pikachu it look like defected Pikachu what's going on with your guys
eye he's just having a weird night man it's just a little bit of a tough case
to crack you know now for the magnifying glass I'm actually using this agar agar
look at that there's mine I'm holding a whole bunch of pretzels to make it look
like I'm doing something I have nothing to do right now so for the eyes I'm
cutting a raspberry in half and putting them on just like that now it's time to
make this thing look saucy a bento box artist patient dude yours looks so good
bro so here's a big reveal three two oh yeah great looking like chugs we want to
see if you can like this video in three seconds you ready here we go three two
one done ready set go oh that looks so good really the
magnifying glass and everything man so you get to comment down below whose do
you think turned out better and we'll be eating them at the end of the video you
challenged us to make a guardians of the galaxy bowl so let's go step number one
we're melting down the organic unsweetened carrot and I'm adding in the
yogurt chips right now some of the food I've been kind of questionable on how
delicious it would be but this this looks like it's going to be amazing and
now it's time to mix in the color so here we goes gonna add a couple drops
right here I got my premade colors right here you are always one step ahead of me
I gotta get better at this whole preparation thing I got my spoonful here
and I'm gonna start drizzling it on to the little bowls going in just like this
gosh done with the blue time for the pink oh I don't think I'm drizzling
quite right man how did you get your drizzle so nice while you're drizzling
I'm gonna do the next step which is painting the inside of these little
bowls I don't think it's working out as well as yours well you gotta finesse it
cons is this how you finesse it I'm switching up to the spoon technique no
more brushing next up I've actually got a different technique where I'm going to
using balloons just a dip fully a lovely now that it has a little bull cut just
like Devin and I when we were younger yep that is actually uh yeah time to pop
this in the cup here so here he goes boom he looks like a funny little dude
now that I've got the donuts in I'm doing that finishing touches with the
brush blend it up a whole bunch of bananas and this is gonna act as the
creamy base now it's time to create the galaxies time to add in all the
different colors of first off got some spirulina here I'm starting with blue
your shirt with green yeah the powders all there man this is gonna be amazing
whole bunch of little stars and planets man yeah get all the different grains
and textures in it yeah didn't sound too confident I don't know next up I'm going
with black o2 prepping it like space yeah yo that got real dark real quick
man this looks like some magnetic slime now it's time to construct the bull so
I'm putting down the granola base I got granola bars Maggie's our granola bars
you gotta match them down in the granola you want it to be you want to add each
color one at a time right next to each other next I'm going to add in some
edible glitter and oh man there's gotta be careful with this stuff it gets just
kind a little sprinkles there is no chance to add a different color than you
had before exactly time to do the swirl three two
one no this multi skewer approaches you oh boy wrecking it very bad cause it's
great wait I'm up to one skewer maybe this will be a little bit better
well dainty swirls just like this and yours is looking way cooler wise mind
not turning out the same way man cuz like we both know you processed right is
looking crusty excuse me now it's time to add the carob balls and the awesome
finishing touches no dude that one's just like the galaxy
and here's a big reveal ready set go shut up bro that is so crazy
turned out so good man get to comment down below who won this round and we'll
be eating them at the end of the video garlic foods and now it's time to see
how they taste and mines got so much garlic powder and onion powder bro it's
gonna be an intense experience 3 2 1 oh oh oh I get it I will warn you it
definitely has the ability to wreck your entire art oh yes I am figuring that out
right now Oh Oh my favorite part the mouth his rectus Malcolm I got lost half
his face see it's a mess his face I got to get the slice right over here by his
head man and there's my slice all right there we go we got all the ingredients
yeah I will see if the art tastes as good as it looks ready set go
whoa oh my goodness is one of the best beaches I'll ever have that is an
assault on the dirt Lord yo dude that was so intense and right now we're on to
the next one you got a detective Pikachu bento boxes right here in time to see
how these taste I got squirtle or no what's this guy's name again
Bulbasaur Thomas or there we go I got Bulbasaur and Pikachu but just the top
half of his Pikachu huh dude it could be like a mask okay yeah great I got the
face of Bulbasaur and I'm using the magnifying glasses the plate gets about
some blue rice is kind of a base right here against nose oh my gosh yours it's
way more appetizing than mine to be honest and I just eat your Pikachu
where's got a grab to take a Pikachu's hat like this euro with the Kiwi
ready set yo mine tastes just as good as mine look and mine tastes just as weird
as mine looks so right now we're on to the next one we've got boom by now it's
time to see up humba tape roll yours got some weird flavors going on like with
the water well the black beans the cheese you know what I got try them off
so I answer for me I'm gonna start off with my it with my shooting moon over
here it's just going to slice right into it boom I like that there's half of the
moon right there whoa dude looks like it's just buggin right now sighs this is
kind of scary already exactly Oh underneath and just like bro that's like
a pizza slice right yeah all right well I've got mine you got yours I got mine
and let's see how these things taste you ready here we go three Jim oh hey if you
want to win a 15 minute video call with Devin and I text the word pizza 281 800
right now so pause the video text where's Pizza 281 800 you'll
automatically be entered in to win now let's see how it tastes
ready set go oh I wonder if the watermelon will make it back that's a
terrible idea
not too bad right now we're on the next one get the galaxy balls in time to find
out how they taste you're looking at mine it looks nothing like it used to
look at mine bro what happened bro I think they melt superfast you know what
I got a finishing touch though from mine here we go we've got my balloon yeah the
blue boy yeah so maybe this excuse me do it together on the count of three here
we go you ready three two one oh yeah flip it up you gotta flip it up oh my
gosh don't break it don't break all right there we go your bowl cut is
rather good but not yet really good luckily we got an even bigger one here
oh my gosh oh my gosh scoop up some of mine here and try to break one of these
in halfway yeah I'll take the whole planet get some granola in there okay
well here we go ready set go whoa oh
we've ever made me all right got the pancake card time to eat it and I gotta
say man that's probably the crispiest pancake guard you've ever made me know
it's about to break into ten pieces just as I hold it right now dude I don't even
know if I can get mine up bro okay here we go oh
a little close my guys not necessarily scariness more awkward he's like yeah
okay no promises I'm gonna take off his head right now boom and that's what I'm
gonna be eating so definite there is gonna bite you here we go three
two one Wow yeah it's really brittle oh wow very
crunchy yeah he's really good to wander next one we've got the watermelon
sculptures and time to find out how these taste those teeth are insane it's
something special so here we go now I'm just gonna use this I gotta get a piece
off so I got ya find a way to cry it into you I kind of
find it got a way to find a carve away in here so let's like yes boom there we
go BAM easy there you go that's my piece you know what now that I got it all
busted open how about this whoa my watermelon is hollow on the inside huh
oh alright look at this that ain't good alright so let's see how this tastes
here we go three Jim oh we just launched our brand new keeper Club and if you
become a member you will get exclusive access to live streams merch discount
codes custom emojis florals imagine and exclusive content you can't see anywhere
else so put the top link in the description right now to join it's only
$4.99 a month and let's see how this tastes ready set go
oh I couldn't even make the green oh oh yeah well your art looks amazing Green's
not the rotting ro right now we're on the next one
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FOOD ART CHALLENGE & How To Make the Best Avengers Pokemon Detective Pikachu Pancake Art

18 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on February 26, 2020
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