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Tesla has just killed it with the Q4 earnings call, the Tesla stock is still surging, and many rightfully
ask us the question: Is it still a good time to buy more Tesla stock?
And if yes, when and how should I buy?
Well, we think we know the answer of when and how to acquire more Tesla stock
Then a lot of amazing news were revealed on the Q4 earnings call, about the Model Y, about
the Tesla semi, about updated ranges for Model S and X, and about Tesla Energy.
So really a lot to talk about!
Then we also want to take a look at other manufacturers, what are they doing?
For example Mercedes and GM.
And also take a look at electric buses in the US.
You won't believe who is the biggest manufacturer for those electric buses.
And also again about a startup that we mentioned last time, Arrival.
So many interesting developments, so stay tuned!
So we suspected that the Q4 earnings call might end up being good, but Tesla just killed it
They just absolutely killed it, with
a revenue of 7.38 billion dollars, 1.1 billion of free cash flow and 105 million of net profit
Now this of course leads to the Tesla stock rising even more, much to the dismay
of the shorters, who try everything they can to come up with new anti Tesla FUD stories
as discussed in our last week's electric car video, which you can watch right here.
However, at time of recording this video, the Tesla stock is trading at above 650 USD
It basically went already almost x4 since the low in early June last year at around
170 US dollars.
TIMES 4 !!! So now of course many who didn't buy the stock back then, think that they have missed
the boat.
Oh man, I'm too late to the party.
The choo choo train has left without me.
And other similar thoughts.
Some people asked in the comment section the valid question: Does it still make sense to
buy the Tesla stock?
And if yes, when and how?
So first of all, if you know us, we think that Tesla is, together with SpaceX, the most
disruptive company on this planet right now.
And as we also tried to lay out in the last episode, we think that Tesla will expand more and more,
but not only in the automobile sector, but also in the energy sector, and at some point also
conquer the sky and the sea.
So Tesla will easily be a 1 trillion dollar company at some point in the late 2020s,
and probably quite a lot over 1 trillion in the 2030s
This means that even at this price point, the Tesla stock still easily has a x10 growth potential
longterm yes
And now our opinion on how to best acquire more Tesla shares
and note this is just our opinion so not meant as financial
advice. We always have to say it right to to not get sued by anyone
And the rule on how to best acquire more Tesla shares is actually extremely simple
Buy the dip. That's right buy the dip
Don't get yourself into the so-called FOMO mode.
FOMO stands for fear of missing out. now if FOMO gets hold of you when this happens
Your brain gets into an extremely emotional panic mode, you are afraid to miss the train
and have brutal visions in your mind all the time of Tesla going straight to 6000 dollars
without pause and that you have missed the train and have
missed the party forever
But believe us, it is absolutely impossible for any asset to just go straight up without any correction whatsoever
There is always profit taking in trading and therefore a correction WILL come.
And the best time to acquire more Tesla shares is when a socalled crash happens
or when the stock dips again as a rough rule of thumb
Just read what the media would advise you to do or the so-called analysts
and just do the opposite.
Oh so the media and the super smart analysts say Tesla is super dangerous and you shouldn't buy?
Perfect, buy.
Because it was Warren Buffet himself who said:
Be greedy when others are fearful but be fearful when others are greedy
A simple, yet, very brilliant and true statement.
so the best option to acquire more Tesla shares is to wait
every time the Tesla stock dives down then acquire more and keep doing this
every time the Tesla stock dives down over longer periods of time therefore you
cost-average and then you get over longer periods of time a very good entry price
this is the so-called cost averaging strategy and you should just ignore all the random fluctuations
on shorter time frames and just focus on the very long time frames
because long term we all know that Tesla will be even worth much much more than it is today
so it doesn't play any role if the stock is on one day 20% higher 20% lower
if it goes lower just buy more perfect
But remember Never invest more than you can afford to lose.
extremely important extremely important be totally detached from this money as if you would
not need this money
So this is of course how we invest you can invest however you like
and we don't want to give you advice in any way of course but this is just what we will do
and you're free to follow us of course and now back to the earnings call.
because quite a lot of amazing stuff was discussed there
so what else was discussed
First of all, the Model Y production has already started at the Fremont Factory, to the
surprise of many, and they are even starting deliveries, with the first customers probably
already receiving their Model Ys in March.
This is just crazy!
Tesla is now really developing a habit of being ahead of schedule instead of being too late.
Remember that the Model Y was only announced not even a year ago.
And the range has now been apparently boosted so that the Model Y now has an EPA rated range
of 315 miles or 500 km.
It even will come with the very cool wheel option of Überturbine.
or is't Überturbine
Interesting choice of name And the construction of Model Y production facilities
at Giga Shanghai has already started, so that the Model Y will also be produced there from 2021 onwards.
At the same time, the range of the Model S and the Model X will soon get a boost to around
400 miles or 640 km.
And the plaid Model S will come out later this year and will probably be an insane
beast with even higher range and brutal acceleration.
Other news included that indeed the Tesla Semi is well underway to enter production later this year,
with the first Semis being delivered starting as early as the second half of the year, so
probably by summer, we will see the first units being delivered.
now Tesla could of course build many more already, but the battery production capacity effectively
places an upper limit because in order to build more of these beasts
Tesla will first have to expand battery production capacity in order to build more of these beasts,
because the battery capacity will probably be around the 1MWh mark for the longer range version.
So this means 1000 kWh. Per truck!
And because this thing will have such large batteries, like one semi 10 model S batteries, basically
they cannot produce so much already in 2020, and therefore
the full production will start in 2021.
The next interesting thing we were shown, were in-app purchases, where you can just buy upgrades for a Tesla via
app, for example higher acceleration, or the full self driving option.
Just amazing, via the app on the smartphone!
Now we would also hope to also see an app-store for third party apps of all kinds coming soon to the
Tesla ecosystem.
Then on the energy side, Tesla energy is expanding like a crazy berserk on steroids.
It is so funny how Tesla energy is actually often overlooked by the so-called experts and analysts at Wall St.
Because this here ladies and gentlemen, is an exponential curve.
And that is exactly how Tesla energy is growing, with more and more solar roof installations,
and more and more giant batterypacks, so-called megapacks being installed at renewable energy
parks, all the time.
And Tesla energy is expected to rise another 50% this year.
Elon himself actually is expecting that Tesla energy will one day be bigger than the
automobile branch of Tesla. Crazy!
But the automobile branch is of course also expanding like crazy as we know, with over
500,000 cars to be built this year.
And we think that even 600,000 cars might be possible this year.
And we think that by 2022 at the latest, Tesla will have surpassed the magical 1 million
cars per year threshold.
And we thin that by 2030, Tesla will be the largest car manufacturer in the world, producing many more
cars than any other car manufacturer.
Yes, that's true, mark our words, Tesla will become the largest car manufacturer in the world.
So while Tesla is just totally killing it and expanding like crazy, what else is happening
in the world of electric cars?
Turns out, a lot.
First of all, GM's president Mark Reuss gave us some insight GM's electric vehicle
plans for the next few years.
They sound pretty good, for example a new plant in Detroit only dedicated to EV production.
Or a modular electric car platform to span all of GM's brands.
Or the return of the Hummer as an electric car.
And of course some cool looking new Cadillac models.
And the upcoming pickup truck.
Or even that they plan on being profitable on all those new electric cars from the beginning.
Sounds really really good.
But of course, in the good style of legacy carmakers, many announcements, many words,
but not many deeds yet.
We remain skeptical if GM can make their transition to electric cars happen in time.
We hope yes, but the iphone moment of GM and other legacy carmakers might already have come.
By the time GM will start to electrifiy their portfolio and be able to produce electric
cars in large volumes, by the way, only if they will be able to have enough battery
supplies from asian battery manufacturers, by that time, Tesla will confortably dominate
every possible market with their ever increasing portfolio and will probably already sell well
over 1 million cars worldwide.
So let's see if GM can make the transition fast enough.
Then after the disastrously low sales of the Mercedes EQC, Mercedes is busy testing their
EQS, which will be the flagship Sedan of their all-electric EQ line of Evs.
It is rumored to have a 100kWh battery.
We hope they can increase the efficiency as compared to their EQC so that we can see a decent
real world range of over 300 miles.
The design might end up being pretty nice however, it seems that for once, Mercedes is really
sticking closely to the concept car upon which the EQS is based on.
In other news, electric buses are growing in the US.
Slowly, slowly, very, very slowly, but they are growing.
And who is building them you might ask?
Well China of course! Of the around 650 electric buses currently operating in the
US, 400 of them are built by BYD, which stands for "Build your dreams",
They have a range of up to 220 miles and can charge with up to 200kW.
Now we hope to see more and more electric buses on the road in the US, because in that regard,
the US is lagging extremely far behind China. Like, extremely far!
I mean in Shenzhen for example, all taxis and buses have been electric already since years now.
There are by the way 16,000 electric buses in Shenzhen.
And even Beijing plans to replace all buses to be electric and already more than half
will be electric by the end of 2020, so this means 11,000 electric buses in Beijing alone by the end of 2020.
So if you take only Beijing and Shenzhen, two very large chinese cities, there are then 27,000 electric buses
in use this year, this is 40x more than in the entire US.
Now granted, these two cities are very big and probably have around 10% of the entire population of the US
But still, this shows that China is very far ahead in electrification
and the US should really get going, you know?!
But still, it's really good to see that there is a bit of progress with regard to electric buses in the US.
So in our last week's video, we already talked about the UK startup arrival, which have this
cute electric delivery van here planned for release.
So now UPS has apparently already ordered 10,000 of them.
This seems to be a new trend.
Remember when Amazon ordered 100,000 delivery vans from Rivian?
Well, we are really glad about these developments, and hope to see all delivery vans
being switched to full electric.
So Arrival certainly has a promising cute delivery van here.
And thanks to this new giant UPS order, they will hopefully be able to produce their vans
as soon as possible.
So as we have mentioned in our last video we are considering a name change for the channel.
We already put up a poll in the community tab and we would be extremely glad if you could participate.
Alternatively, you can write us in the comment section if you have any other suggestions
regarding the name for this channel.
We would really appreciate your help.
And what's your favorite piece piece of news from Tesla's Q4 earnings call?
Model Y, Tesla Semi, increased range for Model S?
Be sure to tell us in the comments.
And do you agree with us that it might already be too late for the legacy carmakers
to catch up with Tesla?
I think they might be in the position like Blackberry or Nokia a bit more than 10 years ago.
And if you want to help this channel to grow, please give this video a like, or even share it with your friends.
Then see you next time! See you next time!
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Tesla Stock Long Term Prediction & Why GM Has NO Chance Against Tesla

12 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on February 26, 2020
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