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-I know it's your favorite job, but you also told me
it's the most dangerous job you ever did.
-Yeah. So many accidents.
I got chased by bees, hit by a car, season 1.
Got a concussion during season 1
because I saw a cookie on the ground,
and I was like -- I have a 30-day rule.
And I was like, "I'm gonna...
I'm gonna eat that cookie."
And I just reached, forcefully, to go and get the cookie,
and knocked myself out on my side table.
Had a concussion. Had seizures for, like, three months.
I rolled my ankle.
I broke my arm.
None of which was on set, just during filming.
And then, finally, we had a giant action scene
in season 3, where we have to fight all these demons.
And they gave every single other character --
including 70-year-old Ted -- action to do,
and made me just sit behind a pool table, and watch,
because they said it was the only thing I was safe doing.
At the end of this three-day shoot
of me crouching behind a pool table,
I pull a muscle in my ass while down there,
and remain the only member of the cast
who sustained an injury. -You were supposed to be safe.
[ Both laugh ]
And they're all doing action?
-Yeah. They're, like, fighting with pool cues, and everything.
I did nothing, and broke my ass. -Oh, that's not good.
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Jameela Jamil Broke Her Bum During a Fight Scene on The Good Place

18 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on February 26, 2020
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