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-I want to do something fun with you if you don't mind.
There are a lot of these really popular quizzes online
on sites like BuzzFeed where you answer a series of questions
and they tell you which Jonas brother you are.
[ Laughter ]
Have you seen these? Have you heard of these?
-I've seen these. -Yeah. Well --
-Never done it. This is strange.
-We have one right here. -Oh, boy.
-And I was just wondering if you wanted to do it
and see which Jonas brother you are.
[ Laughter ]
According to this.
We're gonna find out once and for all.
-Oh, this is great. Can we do it now?
-You could be Joe. I have no idea.
All right. Choose a color.
Really? Blue?
-"Choose a milkshake flavor."
Uh, I like vanilla. -Yeah.
-"Choose a city."
-L.A., Paris, or Miami.
-Oh. Paris is great. -Yeah.
-"Choose a music genre."
-I'm gonna say you're gonna go rock.
-Country, actually. -What?!
All right. This, you're gonna do waffles.
-You're right, actually. You know me so well.
-I do. -"Choose a pet."
Dog. Obviously. -Yep.
-"Choose a snack."
-This one -- Peanut butter -- -This is tough.
I'm gonna go goldfish. -Yeah.
-"Choose a female celebrity." Choose one. Okay.
-Just choose one. -Rihanna. Okay.
"Choose somewhere to live."
Uh, country. -Really?
-"Choose a drink."
Lemonade, pop, coffee. -It's lemonade.
-It's coffee. Sorry. -Really?
Dude, you are such a Joe.
[ Laughter ]
-"Choose a Jonas Brothers song." "Love Bug," obviously.
What? -Yes!
[ Cheers and applause ]
I called it!
That is so Joe! You are so Joe right now!
Don't even kid. -Classic Joe.
-Nick Jonas has been Joe the whole time!
[ Laughs ] I love that. -That's awesome.
-I love you, pal. And thanks for being here.
Hey, you're the best. -Nick Jonas, everybody.
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Nick Jonas Gets "Joe" on Buzzfeed's "Which Jonas Brother Are You?" Quiz

17 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on February 26, 2020
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