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I am 98
My greatest accomplishments,
just staying alive.
They asked the distance
we were from the moon.
And uh,
there's a guy in the office
who was studying
whether or not we could grow plants
on the moon.
I don't know what he found out.
he said,
that (if) we
could grow plants
there ...
we could live there.
I don't-
really think he ever found out.
.. an award by the President ...
And to be KISSED by the President
That was a thrill
cause' I wasn't expecting
to receive it.
Just lined up
on the stage
and there
everything was.
Oh, I don't know if they were expecting 50 people there and they had a
hundred and fifty people.
she was like a typical working mother
we had to do what we were supposed to
we knew there were consequences if we didn't
and so that's how we functioned
What I remember is the things she was able to do
she sewed so she made all of our clothes
and they were always very special
She cooked and made wonderful dishes
desserts, she could cook anything
Oh, I'll do anything for anybody that I can do.
It's a pleasure.
She always taught us to do our best
I think the work ethic that she taught us
is something that would really add to someone's life
I can't understand if you don't want to do anything.
They just want to sit.
That's not right.
You should always be interested in something.
We couldn't be idle
There was never a Saturday that she let us sleep
You get up and do your work first
then you can take a nap
We knew that she was working obviously at NASA on the space program
but when you work in a secret environment you don't bring your work home
so it was just what you would see in the newspaper
and we have learned, as we're still learn today
the particular importance of what she did
and I can literally say it was from the newspaper
I was a freshmen in college in North Carolina
and got in the library and on the front page
of the Pittsburgh Courier was this picture of
I forget the headline but it was almost like "math genius"
and I said "That's my mother!"
and everybody came running in the library
and it read through and talked about what she had just
done. It was like we knew she worked
but we didn't know that the world was going to know
what she did and it was just amazing
then all amazing, there was ordinary things
at the time
and I knew them over
I would
I think now that the world is finding out who
she is and what she did
that it gives hope to young girls
who might think that they can't do something
because she never ever thought she couldn't do something
find that dream and work at it
because if you like what you're doing
you will do well
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NASA Mathematician Katherine Johnson Makes People's List of 25 Women Changing the World | People

19 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on February 26, 2020
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