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hi everyone Aaron here for ZolloTech and it looks like this year around the end
of March or March 31st we should see a new Apple event and
usually they do an Apple event around March every year and last year they did
have an apple event but that one was less exciting than what we expect this
year so let me recap the 2019 apple of that very quickly and what Apple
basically showed off was Apple News plus Apple TV plus Apple card Apple arcade
and a redesigned Apple TV app with channels they also released the same day
iOS 12.2 and subsequent updates for not only iOS but also Apple TV and Mac OS
and so with that event was just basically their services that were
coming out and now that we have all those we're looking forward to new
hardware with the 2020 Apple event in March now the first thing that is pretty
much guaranteed at this event as a new iPhone se or iPhone 9 so an iPhone se or
se 2 or iPhone 9 based on basically what is the iPhone 8 but with newer internals
as well as still keeping the home button so it's a little bit of a smaller phone
but it's not the same as we had with say the se when it was originally announced
so we'll get something like the iPhone 8 but with updated specs and basically the
same liquid Retina display and things like that so we won't really see any
huge updates but the big update for that is a phone around $400 or so so we
should see four to five hundred dollars you'll have the less expensive updated
phone for those that need something a little bit more budget-friendly
and with a home button so expect that the next thing we expect to at least see
anyway is the new iPads pro now this is a dummy prototype I had from last year
that we thought it would come out then but it looks like Apple decided to push
it to this year or maybe they never intended to have it last year but it
should basically have a three camera array maybe some depth sensing ability
so you can use it for 3d modeling and things like that
and of course new internals with maybe an a 14 or a 14 X processor in it but
Apple is in the past done things where they've put features in the
before the iPhone and I would expect it to be maybe a little bit more rigid less
prone to bending and things like that but in general it will be an update for
the iPad with newer cameras newer processor and that's really what to
expect and then hardware wise I would expect new MacBook Pros along the size
of the 13-inch and what that means is basically a
replacement for the 13-inch MacBook with the butterfly keyboard so similar to
what they did with the 16 inch MacBook but will replace this butterfly keyboard
that we have here this is a 2016 13 inch MacBook Pro so replace it with updated
specs updated keyboards and a larger display I would expect all of those to
at least be announced at the event but not necessarily available right away
maybe expect those within a few weeks or so but the iPhone I would expect within
maybe a week now there are other things that I would expect and the first thing
is iOS 13.4 so just like last year where they released iOS 12.2 on the same day I
would expect 13.4 on the same day so we have quite some time between now with
the betas of iOS 13.4 to get to the final release of that and then there's a
couple other things that people think may be shown off at this event or be
available around this time or later in the year and the first one is air tags
and air tags is a way for you to locate objects using your phone and you have it
in the newer iPhones you have a new u1 chip when you do airdrop and things like
that you can actually see where the devices are and point them towards it so
if I want to share this wallpaper here you'll see that I can share it with
airdrop and it's seeing my devices and as I point toward those devices it will
actually show up it's a really handy feature and if you have someone else
that has a has a phone with the u1 chip you can point it toward that phone and
hit the button and it will send so I would expect little air tag beacons that
you can place in a purse or a backpack or a bag or luggage or something like
that that will allow you to locate items that you might have and those would be
pretty interesting because they'll actually communicate with one another
and then relay back to the phone to let you know where those items are and then
you use the find my app to locate those
items so I would expect all of this at least to be shown but not necessarily
available right away now this one is more of a rumor but there's potential
for a wireless charger Apple never released air power and unfortunately we
never saw that but they may show a new wireless charger because they do have a
need for all of these charging devices so especially if the rumor is true of
the iPhone 12 that will be out in September where it may not have a port
you would need some sort of wireless charger I'm not sure that I believe that
at this point but there may be a wireless charger shown and then finally
air pods light and air pods pro-lite would be something along the lines of
the current ear pods Pro but without the noise cancellation and transparency
options so for those of you that want air pods that go in your ear you would
have the option but they wouldn't be as expensive because they wouldn't have the
noise cancellation technology in them so all of these things are potentially
expected at the March event on March 31st we won't know for sure until Apple
actually sends out invites but there's some good information stating that we
will see the next iPhone 9 / se 2 and that we will see some other things and
MacBook Pros are on backorder right now so if you place an order for a 13-inch
MacBook Pro you won't have it available and some people are saying that's
because of the corona virus but it's actually started before the corona virus
when people were placing orders and they weren't being filled so they're being
pushed out and this happens on business orders sometimes where Apple actually
fills those later on with the updated hardware so I would expect those a
little bit later and that's really it for this particular video I'm looking
forward to this event and hopefully we'll see some new interesting things
along with iOS 13.4 and new hardware as well let me know your thoughts and
predictions in the comments below and if you'd like to get your hands on this
wallpaper of course I'll link it in the description as I always do if you
haven't subscribed already please subscribe and if you enjoyed the video
please give it a like as always thanks for watching this is Aaron I'll see you
next time thanks for sticking around till the end
of the video I really appreciate it and so I thought I'd ask you what you think
about this sort of update video would you like to see more of these maybe a
podcast or I just like to hear your thoughts
this style video in general if you'd like to see more of them let me know in
the comments below or do you think this pace is good thanks again for watching
I'll see you next time
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Apple Event March 2020 Preview - What To Expect

26 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on February 26, 2020
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