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The purpose of this new system is to create a single global immigration
system, that the UK government is in control of so yes we will bring overall
numbers down by reducing the number of people with low skills coming to
The United Kingdom, but also by ending freedom of movement through our exit
from the European Union. We cannot simply just rely on low-skill low-wage low-cost
labour coming in from the EU which we have become dependent upon through our
membership of the European Union and through free movement of labour.
Our approach to the points based system is for the brightest and the best, it's for
the high skills that we do need, to be a highly productive highly efficient and
highly dynamic economy this is a UK wide system that we are announcing and
proposing today and that is why we will be applying our points based system to
the whole of the United Kingdom and obviously Scotland will equally benefit
from having the brightest and the best coming to their businesses, their
University some of their high skill sectors and that is something that will
benefit the Scottish economy the whole of the United Kingdom economy,
and obviously Scotland too
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Priti Patel lays out plans for new point-based immigration policy

6 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on February 26, 2020
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