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This little product we call the Tesla Powerwall, and if you look back against that wall, you'll
see a whole bunch of them as well in different colours. So you can pick your
favourite colour and it looks like a beautiful sculpture on the wall. I wanna point
out a few things that are very important about this. The fact that it's wall-mounted is vital,
because it means you don't need to have a battery room, you don't have to have
some room filled with nasty batteries. It means that a normal household can mount
this on their garage or on the outside wall of their house and it doesn't take up any
room. It's flat against the wall, it has all the integrated safety systems, the thermal
controls, the DC to DC converter. It's designed to work very well with solar systems
right out of the box.
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Elon Musk introducing the Tesla Powerwall

91 Folder Collection
Alvin He published on February 26, 2020    Alvin He translated    Evangeline reviewed
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