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The scientists, the experts, the economists, have ruled.
In July they said on the balance of factors including the science,
facts, the economy, the environment, Indigenous support and consultation,
The Teck Frontier Mine is in the national interest.
They also warn that if the Teck Frontier Mine is rejected
global emissions will increase.
I will point out, the Liberals admitted this themselves.
They admitted this in their output based system when they
gave a 90% exemption for major emitting emissions intensive trade exposed industries.
What they admitted then was there are no borders on emissions,
which I think we all know.
Reporter: How will it decrease CO2 emissions?
That is what the Joint Panel said.
Because if you shut down Canada, Alberta specifically
from proceeding with what is literally
the most responsible, the most regulated
energy production in the entire world.
The rest of the world will continue to develop oil and gas
and all of those countries produce oil and gas
at a higher emissions intensity than that in Alberta.
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If Teck is rejected, global GHG's will increase

3 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on February 26, 2020
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