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Salah on the charge, Soucek with the challenge,
Salah again, Keita, it's slick from Liverpool, it comes to Firmino...
It will spin away for Alexander-Arnold.
His cross, Gini Wijnaldum!
Goal for Liverpool.
Here's the corner again - and down, and in!
And it's a really good header. West Ham level things up.
Robertson. Nice little gap opening up, lovely ball for Salah.
Salah attacking, and shooting!
And Fabianski with a good save.
There's the corner -
oh, header, Van Dijk off the crossbar!
Noble again. Rice.
Dangerous-looking ball - Fornals, goal!
West Ham have come from behind.
Here's Robertson, nicely done, Salah...
Oh, it's in! It's another gift from Fabianski,
and Liverpool are level.
Firmino, always intelligent, always the one who can find space in tight areas.
This is Gomez.
Oh, it might come for Alexander-Arnold, it will!
And in by Sadio Mane!
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Highlights: Mane decides a dramatic game at Anfield | Liverpool 3-2 West Ham

7 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on February 26, 2020
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