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- I don't know about you guys, but I am pumped up for this episode of Ask Orange!
Thanks, G.I. Joe!
- Any time.
- To the questions!
- [Voiceover] Orange! Where is TNT? If your can't find it, you can't do your introoo!
- Oh my God, he's right!
Pear! Help me!
- No!
I'm not gonna help you find TNT!
- If we don't find it, we can't do the intro!
- We absolutely can d- HEY!
- I'm sorry! I gotta check everywhere, Pear!
Even your butt!
- That's it, I am so out of here!
- Wait!
Before you go, can you check my butt?
- No!
- For TNT!
- NO!
- Please!
I'll leave you alone forever and ever and ever!
- [groans] Fine.
Oh, would you look at that, there's absolutely no TNT anywhere in your-
What the-
[both scream]
- [Voiceover] It's time for Ask Orange!
Orange, who would you rather save, me or Midget Apple?
PS, if you choose me I'll subscribe to you!
- Oh man...
I gotta make a decision!
But I only have time to save one of them!
- Orange! Hurry!
- Please! I'll subscribe to you!
- I'll do ANYTHING for my subscribers!
But I'll do anything for my friends, too!
- Think of all the jokes you can make about me if you save me!
- That's a good point.
- If I die, your "small" jokes will end!
- He's right! Sorry Midnight Sparkle,
I'm sure you'll understand.
[fading scream]
- Whew, thanks for saving me, Orange.
It really means a lot.
- And coming from you, that means very little.
[Orange laughs and Midget Apple groans]
- [Voiceover] Hey!
- Hey!
[Orange and voiceover alternate saying "Hey"]
- [Voiceover] Hey!
- Alright, alright! You win!
- [Voiceover] Say "Hi, Sacha and Thomas."
- Hi, Sacha and Thomas!
- [Voiceover] Hey Orange, did you know that Zayn left One Direction?
- Huh?
My life is like, totally overrrrrrr!
- [Voiceover] Can you explode?
- Hmm...
Let me try!
Nope. Close enough, though.
- [Voiceover] Hey Orange! The annoying dog is invading the kitchen!
- Put your paws together, folks.
It's me, the annoying dog.
I'mma tickle your funny bone, then I'll probably try to bury it!
Wow, wow, this crowd is "ruff".
[laughs] Get it?
[audience groans] "Ruff"?
- [laughs]
Good one!
[audience booing]
- [Apple] You suck!
- [Potato] Get off the stage!
- Alright, enough of this comedy nonsense.
[dog eats the food and they scream]
- [Voiceover] Here is a question.
- And here is an answer!
- [Voiceover] Watch out Orange! CAR!!!
- Huh?
- WHOA! That toaster came out of nowhere!
- Grandpa Lemon, are you sure you should be driving?
- Heck, I'm not even sure if that's my reflection or if I'm the reflection.
Whoa, so deep...
- [Voiceover] Poop!
- [laughs]
- I do believe that Orange has snapped.
[strange noise]
- [Voiceover] Can Grapefruit have four faces?
- Huh?
Four faces? What does that even mean?
Um, hey Grapefruit!
Do you, have four faces?
- Who told you that?
- Dude, you're saying that like it's true.
- This never leaves the room. Got it?
- Uh huh.
- Okay. Yeah.
- You have three faces hidden on your butt?
- Wait a minute!
That's Destiny's Child!
- And it never leaves the room!
- [Voiceover] Hey Orange, why is Grapefruit always bragging?
By the way, love your channel!
- That's a good question.
Grapefruit, why ARE you always bragging?
- I uh...
It's 'cause I don't have biceps and I'm compensating!
- [Voiceover] Why do you always tell jokes?
- I... um...
It's 'cause I don't have biceps and I'm compensating!
- There you go.
- Thanks! Thanks for the "hand"!
- Why can't it be Grapefruit's turn, huh?
- [Voiceover] Orange, can you speak Spanish?
- [speaking Spanish]
- Wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait.
Are you just saying things off a Taco Bell menu?
- HUH? [screams]
C'mon Pear, what would you take me for?
A churro?
- AGH!
- [laughs]
- [Voiceover] Take this advice.
Never listen to my advice.
- Okay. Got it.
I won't.
- Uh, dude, by not taking her advice, you just took her advice.
- It's an enigma!
- I... I can't get my mind around it!
- Everybody get back! He's gonna blow!
- And that's no joke!
He's got a bunch of TNT up his butt!
- ARGH! [farts]
Okay, whoa, false alarm, guys.
- Great.
- Ugh, should've figured.
- Wait no! Here comes another!
[all scream]
- Yo, whatcha gonna do when you're fixing a door hinge?
Watch episode 22 of Ask Orange!
Whatcha gonna do when you're eating your porridge?
Watch Ask Orange, then pay down your mortgage!
Thanks, Beatbox!
Alright, first question!
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Annoying Orange - Ask Orange #23: TNT BUTT!!

12 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on February 26, 2020
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