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  • As part of ETFO's multi-year strategy

  • to address workplace violence in schools,

  • there are some really important steps

  • we all need to take when there is an injury or illness.

  • When a violent incident occurs

  • which results in a workplace injury or illness,

  • fill out your school board's Accident/Injury/Illness reporting form.

  • Make sure to do so whether or not

  • you received either first aid or medical attention.

  • This reporting form is an important record

  • since it can help you get the support you need,

  • provide timely information for a WSIB claim,

  • and help ensure that your school board files notifications that are required by law.

  • If you are injured or become ill due to workplace violence,

  • take the following steps

  • Get first aid immediately if necessary.

  • If you need medical attention,

  • your principal must make arrangements for you to leave the school and get medical care.

  • And report the violent incident and the related injury or illness

  • using your school board's reporting procedures.

  • When you get medical attention,

  • explain that the injury or illness occurred at work.

  • Ask the medical professional to fill out a WSIB Form 8 report

  • and provide you with your portion of the report.

  • Sometimes a workplace injury or illness emerges over time.

  • Don't let that stop you from submitting a report

  • just do it as soon as possible.

  • And you'll be better prepared if you need to make a WSIB claim.

  • If you need support on reporting an injury or illness

  • arising from workplace violence, contact your ETFO local or PRS.

  • Violence can result in both physical and mental injuries.

  • If you're experiencing the psychological health effects of workplace violence,

  • report these concerns to your medical practitioner.

  • And complete your board's Accident/Injury/Illness form.

  • For ETFO members, workplace violence injuries and illness

  • are a leading cause of lost time at work;

  • can interfere with our ability to do our work;

  • and limit our ability to enjoy a full and productive personal life.

  • Take the steps to protect yourself

  • and report incidents of workplace violence

  • or related injuries and illness as soon as possible.

  • And never hesitate to speak to your medical practitioner

  • about physical or psychological health issues related to workplace violence.

  • We all benefit from a safer and healthier workplace

  • and your ETFO local or PRS are always there to support you.

  • Learn more through ETFO.

As part of ETFO's multi-year strategy

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Violence - Workplace Injury & Illness

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    林宜悉 posted on 2020/02/25
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