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(mid-tempo lighthearted music)
- Hi, everybody, spring has come.
(birds chirp)
I love this kind of really warm weather.
I love it outside,
really, really feel really refreshing.
Today's recipe is yachaejeon, vegetable pancake.
(pancake sizzles)
To celebrate this springtime,
I wanna flip my pancake, right? (laughs)
Are you in the kitchen right now?
These guys are from my refrigerator, just I found,
and this is a leek.
If you don't have leek,
you don't have to use this.
And this is green onion.
Green onion definitely you guys have to use
because make it really tasty.
And this is sweet potato or carrot, onion,
and zucchini, and green chili pepper or jalapeno.
And this is mushroom,
just you can use shiitake mushroom,
or any white mushroom,
and this is portobello mushroom, only one (laughs).
With any vegetables you can make a nice,
delicious vegetable pancake, yachaejeon.
Non-stick skillet, this is my 12-inch non-stick skillet.
I always hide this somewhere.
So let's start.
So I will use just four green onions,
cut around one inch size.
This amount of leek, just slice.
And zucchini, I will use around this amount.
Cut into matchsticks.
This is jalapeno, slice thinly.
If you can't eat spicy food, just skip it.
Let's measure, I need like 2½ cups,
so this is my cup.
This is around one cup.
And let's add onion.
Slice this.
Let's see.
Another one cup, so total two cups,
and we need half cup.
So I use this sweet potato.
When it's cooked with other vegetables
it's really, really good, tasty.
I'm using my knife because no time to find my peeler.
So this amount.
I think this is, yeah.
So let's see, half cup,
so 2½ cups all vegetable mix.
So all leftover vegetables I'll put in my plastic bag,
and keep in the refrigerator
so that I can make more anytime,
one more, two more, you know, I can make this.
My mushroom is lonely
because I didn't take care of this guy (laughs).
Okay, and I'm just going to cut it, just slice thinly.
I will use 3/4 cup flour, all purpose flour,
1/2 cup and 1/4 cup.
You guys know that 1/2 cup plus 1/4 cup equal 3/4 cup.
And salt 1/2 teaspoon,
3/4 cup water, so 1/2 cup,
and mix.
As you see lots of vegetables, less flour,
so we eat lots of vegetables.
Let's heat the skillet over medium high heat,
vegetable oil about two tablespoon.
I'm using a generous amount of vegetable oil,
now I use two tablespoons, later one more tablespoon
because it has to be really crunchy outside.
So if you use just less oil,
it's not going to be crunchy.
That's a kind of tip.
I'll put this all.
(pancake sizzles)
Just spread this evenly thin, thin pancake.
And I will turn down the heat to medium.
And then, I will just add mushroom.
Okay, so now, just only one minute later,
I can see the bottom is just moving around like this.
I like to make some of my sauce, dipping sauce.
Soy sauce about one tablespoon,
and vinegar around two teaspoons,
hot pepper flakes, this is optional,
you don't have to use if you don't have,
and sesame seeds.
Mix it.
That's it, this is my dipping sauce.
Couple of minutes I cook this.
You can see on the bottom, bottom side is a little,
sound, you can hear that, eh?
So you can use your spatula, just turn,
or just like me, flip.
Let's flip, why?
To celebrate spring.
And then I'm going to turn up the heat,
and one more tablespoon vegetable oil.
Just lift one edge and tilt,
so this oil is going to the center.
It has to be really crunchy.
I'm gong to cook around three minutes from now,
but I'm not going to leave here.
I will keep an eye on this
because I need to take responsibility, isn't it?
(mid-tempo playful music)
Hey, look at that, isn't it pretty?
This mushroom is really, really pretty.
It look like it's inlaid.
Turn off.
(pancake sizzles)
Here you go.
So sauce.
Mmm, so good, really delicious.
Let me taste one more.
Mmm, (giggles) crunchy outside,
inside is kind of really soft.
And all this vegetable's taste is all different texture.
Kimchi, mmm.
Little by little, already 1/3 is gone.
And also this kimchi is well fermented,
and go well really, really together.
In Korea, when we make this yachaejeon,
we serve this as snack.
But sometimes just like me, I eat as lunch.
Usually, like rainy days, especially on the weekend,
all family are at home,
and mom is making this kind of pancake.
And when she makes this pancake in the kitchen,
that smells like a kind of oily smell and vegetable,
some nice kind of smells, it all gives off.
And make all the family members just excited.
You guys can make this on a rainy day and make this,
and then, "Oh, today, I like to make my house,"
"so really mood very nice, festive,"
"so I make this just like Koreans."
You can say that (laughs).
Today we made yachaejeon, vegetable pancake.
Enjoy my recipe.
See you next time, bye!
(cheerful guitar music)
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Vegetable Pancake (Yachaejeon: 야채전)

13 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on February 25, 2020
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