B2 High-Intermediate 25 Folder Collection
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- All right Baldi, the heat is on.
(Baldi groaning)
Oh, I'm dying to see what you think!
Whoa! Baldi!
(Baldi screaming)
(electronic music)
- Ay yo, it's back here with another game video!
We are going to play some Toca Kitchen.
It's too bad Baldi isn't in this selection screen.
I really wanna feed Baldi some good stuff
You know, before we start with this guy,
let's do that quick, okay?
Sorry, buddy!
We gotta feed Baldi something, hold on.
Hey, hey! What's up, Baldi?
I really like your hairstyle (laughs).
Let's see, what do you want on your carrot?
Let's try some of this.
(Baldi groans)
Oh yeah, can never have too much.
Come on, just need a little bit more.
What are you making that face for, huh?
You want it, you love it, you want some more of it.
Here's some more (laughs).
Okay, open wide, Baldi.
What do you think?
Uh oh.
Whoa Baldi are you okay?
Looks like he's taking a nap.
He had too much on his plate.
Okay, back with the abominable butt man.
All right lets do this.
What else you got here?
Wanna try an onion?
Come on, you know you love that onion.
Ooh, tentacles and shrimp.
(mumbled speech)
Hey broccoli, knife.
I'm sorry, I heard you were a really slice guy.
It's knife to meet you.
Come on broccoli, you gotta ketchup.
Gonna pepper you with the truth.
And then a little bit of juice.
Squeeze it and wheeze it.
That's right.
Let's get a little bit more hot sauce.
That's better
Okay forget sandwiches we're gonna go with a smoothie.
Okay how many tentacles does he want?
Get it?
All right, a little bit of everything on here.
Oh that's real good, you're gonna love this my boy.
All right, let's add some of this.
Let's make like mustard and ketchup.
Will it blend?
Oh it will.
Oh it's looking so good.
All right, let's go give this to abominable butt man.
Super duper surprise smoothie.
What do ya think?
Say it don't spray it.
Guess you didn't like it.
I can't believe this.
I slave all day in the kitchen and this is the thanks I get.
I bet you Baldi would be more appreciative than you.
Yeah we should try and beat Baldi again.
Hey what's up Baldi?
Good to see you again.
I'm hoping you'll be a little bit more appreciative of the
delicious snacks that I make you.
Because the abominable butt man doesn't seem to like my food
Maybe you will.
Let's start out with some lemon.
Don't be bitter about it.
You love lemon.
Is this not appealing to you Baldi?
I think this looks like the zest.
All right Baldi here you go.
What do you think?
Baldi don't be such a sour puss.
Baldi don't leave with a sour taste in your mouth.
Okay abominable butt man.
I'm gonna make you the best smoothie you'll ever have.
Wow, nice burp.
I see your burping raise you one.
Ooh juicy, how do you like mine?
I think mine was better, what do you guys think?
Whoa you're just eating everything aren't ya?
Better watch out you might get gas.
Whoa, nice buddy, nice.
I still think mine's better though.
Okay, first lets deep fry this pineapple.
Or should I say pineapple?
Nah that's not enough.
It needs to be super deep fried.
Okay buddy, what do you think of your deep fried pineapple?
I bet ya it tastes fine apple.
What do you think?
Ah jeez, what's wrong with you?
You're only getting things on me.
All right time to make my super duper ketchup soup surprise.
First, gotta add a little bit of lemon, a little bit of salt
Stop feeling so salty.
And then the ketchup soup surprise definitely needs ketchup.
Hey buddy, you wanna play a little hot potato?
What's he think?
A little too hot to handle. Huh?
That's okay.
♪It's Friday, Friday, gotta get down on Friday. ♪
A little bit more ketchup never hurt anything.
Hmm, something smells fishy in here.
Yeah that's right.
I gonna get a leg up on the competition.
Chicken leg that is.
All right I turned you soup into a smoothie,
I hope you don't mind.
All right lets see what he thinks.
Better like it.
This is the last straw.
Oh no!
I killed him.
Wow, that didn't go as smoothie as I thought it would.
Well since I killed him, better beat Baldi.
Hey again Baldi.
What you don't like hot sauce?
Is it too hot to handle?
Now Baldi, I don't want to get into a heated argument with
All right, I thinks that's just about enough.
A little more.
All right Baldi, the heat is on.
Oh I'm dying to see what you think.
Whoa Baldi.
Holy Moly.
You're getting fired up.
Baldi if you can't take the heat get out of the Toca Kitchen
Oh hey, abominable butt man you're still alive.
I didn't finish your milkshake come on.
Just sniff it a little bit.
Yeah, stop, drop and roll. Huh?
Come on you gotta finish it.
You got a monster's appetite.
All right let's try this guy.
What's up my bud?
Nice facial hair, I mustache you a question.
Do you like onions?
Come on you love spaghetti onions.
What? You don't like spaghetti onions?
Here, eat this raw fish.
Eat it.
Come on eat it.
It's not finny anymore.
Oh, you won't eat the fish but you'll eat a tentacle.
No don't, you're spitting it out.
What, what are you chewing about?
What is this?
Oh you don't like that huh?
Oh you like broccoli?
Oh how about a spud muffin?
Yeah, you love the spud muffin.
Oh he likes it.
Likey likes it.
All wow since you won't eat it raw, let's try and cook it
up and see if then you'll eat it.
You love that soy sauce.
And of course ketchup wraps up the flavor of any meal.
Lots of it.
Making it rain up in here.
Little hot sauce.
All right this is looking pretty good.
All right, I don't want anyone in the comments to say that I
didn't put enough ketchup on this so we better put some more
All right looking good in the neighborhood,
what do you think?
Oh you wanna eat it all up it's so delicious.
What you gonna do?
What do you think?
Ketchup Candy Crunch.
Yeah. He approves you guys.
He liked that one.
It's like a food eating competition.
Just gotta eat as fast as you can.
Come on put it in your mouth, you love it.
Oh now don't eat the orange.
You spit it you quit it.
Oh no. Whoops, man I feel so conflicted.
I'm frying myself.
Tasty tentacle tid bits.
My flavor-ite
You know what they say about people that sprinkle a lot of
They're mover's and shakers.
All right, I slaved over the stove for 32 seconds.
You better love this.
You want some more.
You love it.
Okay, what's the verdict my bud?
Oh that's it. Even Baldi would love my food more than you.
Hey hey what's up Baldi mean butt?
Oh settle now I've been trying to figure out the perfect
meal for you.
Now I know it's gonna sound weird but stick with me here.
First we're gonna start with a tuba, cause that's music to
your nonexistent ears.
And then we're gonna get a cause I don't wanna blow it.
And then because we're just winging it, grabbing a rubber
Ah come on Baldi, if you eat this, you're gonna be the
winner winner chicken dinner.
So let's do this.
What do ya think?
Wow Baldi, now that's music to my non existent ears.
Aw, poor Baldi.
Hey yo what's up lady?
Yeah, we're feeding everyone up in here.
Ah you like raw onions.
You like it?
Uh oh.
You don't like raw fish either huh?
You really should, then you'd tip the scales.
Yo if I'm oven it then you're gonna be loving it.
Yeah, fish and put some ketchup on there.
All right just put this in there for 42 hours, there we go.
Yo ketchup is my specialty.
What do you think.
You love it?
You want some more of it?
Whoa, to hot to handle huh?
Aw you like it, nice.
Gonna make you one of my delicious fart smoothies.
Oh they're so good.
You won't believe what the secret ingredient is.
Okay gonna put some of that in there, oh let's put a
mushroom, oh and get some onions, yep and the fishes.
Get that onion in there.
(fart sound)
Oh yeah the juice is loose you guys.
It really is.
You're gonna love my fart smoothie.
Oh it's a real gas all right.
What'd ya think?
Are you spitting on me?
That mean's you gotta drink more.
Aw, she doesn't like it?
You don't like the fart, then I must depart.
Yeah all right guys I'm gonna keep going.
Let me know who you want me to feed next time okay.
Later appetitaters.
(techno music)
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Feeding Baldi HORRIBLE food in Toca Kitchen 2!!! (Annoying Orange)

25 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on February 25, 2020
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