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- It's time for you to put a lid on it. (laughing)
What's up, whoa!
(EDM music)
Hey yo it's A to the O back again with another game video.
And here it is, finally you've been asking for it,
Hello Neighbor, the final game.
Oh yeah we're gonna start a new game.
It's our creepy peeping butt touching weirdo, oh no.
I don't know how this is gonna go, we're gonna try
and play through the whole game, oh no, we're having a ball.
Oh, what's happening?
The story of a ball, he likes to hang around, oh no!
Uh-oh, are we running away from something?
Oh boy, oh no are you running away
from the creepy butt touching weirdo?
Let's rub his mustache on you.
Oh you do it just for the kicks. (laughing)
Oh, oh I'm controlling it.
Running and gunning and having some fun in and I got legs.
And I know how to use them. (laughing)
Wait how do you use them?
(laughing) Ooh, uh-oh, cut scene.
What's gonna happen to the ball?
Uh-oh, what's he gonna do?
Oh, fail, fail whale.
(glass shattering)
Wow, what was that?
Uh-oh creepy beeping butt touching weirdo.
Although that doesn't look like his house.
Uh-oh, yeah it's totally him, he's rubbing his mustache
on somebody.
Uh-oh, there he is, what's he doing?
Ah somebody punch him in the mustache.
Oh, creepy, creepy peeping.
What's going, uh-oh, oh now I'm creepy peeping.
No, don't creepy peep up on there.
He's gonna grab you and rub his mustache on you.
Oh he doesn't understand, I can't let him know.
Oh hands are handy, uh-oh. (screaming)
We're having a screaming party.
Oh no.
Oh he doesn't look like he's very happy, uh-oh.
I think he saw me.
No, run away.
No, no!
What's going on?
Uh-oh, what's happening?
Oh it's the key to my heart. (laughing)
Or the screaming mimi's, or the key to my fart (farts)
Ah juicy, oh boy, what's going on?
Scary music, oh, okay I see.
He threw me out of the house, I landed on the other side.
Is this my house?
I wonder if they just redesigned the whole house
or what's going on?
Because that doesn't look like the old neighbor's house.
Okay can I go, oh yeah I can go in my house.
Hey, alright.
Ooh what's on TV?
Oh I hate this channel, it's the snow channel.
Lights on, lights off, lights on, lights off.
You got any Maroon 5?
(radio music)
That's not Maroon 5.
The radio's broken. (laughing)
Oh don't box me in, oh cool stuff in here.
I can't take this stuff, box is kind of blocking my vision
a little bit. (laughing)
Better turn the water on, there we go, oh yeah sweeping
up the competition. (laughing)
Oh can I turn this one on too?
Oh okay good I'm gonna leave all those faucets on.
Anything in there?
No, no secrets in the toilet, we're good. (laughing)
That's usually where I keep my secrets.
Uh-oh almost forgot about this one, gotta turn that one
on too, it's important to keep all the water running
in your house all the time, all the time.
It keeps the water fresh, you guys should know this.
(laughing) Uh-oh I see him.
Okay you just threw that like two inches.
Hey neighbor!
There's a trend sweeping the nation,
it's called mutter mop (rolling tongue)
You hear me? (laughing)
Hat's off to you buddy, yeah just gotta find you now.
Okay looks like this is the kid's room or something.
Maybe just a spare bedroom, I don't know what's going
on here, can I go under the bed?
Oh I can, good thing to know.
What's this?
Oh now we're having a ball. (laughing)
Uh-oh I can't get in there I don't have a key.
I need the key to my heart.
Okay there's the basement, that's what I need the key for.
Oh boy, okay got a TV right there, don't go in there.
What's in here?
Oh, where is he, where is he?
I can hear, get me out of here, no, no!
Ah he threw something at me!
Were those tomato seeds?
Did you throw a tomato at me?
It was a drive by fruiting. (laughing)
Okay I need to find the red key.
Now I think it's upstairs but I'm not quite sure.
We gotta get that red key so we can get down the basement,
figure out what's going on.
I actually wanna beat this game, wow, that's, I wanna go
up there, uh-oh, where, where?
Ah you're breaking your own windows buddy.
What are you, the Kool-Aid man?
You could just use a door like a regular person.
See I'm not on your property, I'm not on your property.
Hey, I'm not on your property!
I'm on somebody else's property.
Okay, see you on the road, can't touch, oh.
Oh that was close, oh yeah don't you fold your arms
at me.
Yeah we're taking out the trash.
Yeah how you like it?
(laughing) Knocked him over, first bounce.
Uh-oh (laughing), I'm outta here I'm outta here.
Okay pick it up, pick it up, okay I got it. (screaming)
No, not fair!
You snuck up on me.
Creepy peeping butt touching weirdo.
Get dirty you're always grabbing me.
What's one more broken window right, uh-oh.
Oh I didn't like that.
Okay so apparently only you can break your windows,
I can't break your windows, huh?
I'm getting so sick of you chasing me out of your property.
Here, taking out the trash, oh right on the noggin.
And it sticks to roof! (laughing)
How do you like them apples?
You don't because you're an apple. (laughing)
Hey Buddy, it's time for you to put a lid on it.
(laughing) What the, whoa.
I'm going in your house now. (laughing)
Oh he angry, woo, he's angry.
He is throwing tomatoes at me, what are you doing?
You can't be throwing tomatoes at me.
Oh, come on.
Oh that was so awesome, I hit him with a lid
and he flew across, whoa.
What is this?
I wasn't here, this isn't my house.
I wonder what happens if you throw something bigger
at him, geez.
Uh-oh was that him?
I think that was him.
Uh-oh, what's he doing?
(soft laughter)
Someone's laughing, but that wasn't him laughing?
Whoa, car crash, the tire came through the window.
It was crazy, what's going on?
Oh no, oh there he is, there's the neighbor.
What's going on?
What is this, is this like a flashback or something?
Is this happening?
Is this real life?
Ah, uh-oh, he got in an accident, I think he's crying.
Creepy peeping butt touching weirdo, why you crying?
Is it 'cause your mustache fell off?
Oh, that was weird, what is going on here?
Okay can I get out of here?
Is this it?
Whoa, we'll go into the light, go into the light!
Oh, well that was weird, what even happened?
Dude I wanna go through your house and ruffle
through your things, what's wrong with that?
You don't like that huh?
Take a chair.
Oh hey. (laughing)
If we would have been playing dodgeball,
we both would have been out.
You're throwing tomatoes, where you get all these tomatoes
Okay that's it I'm going up, I'm going in, I'm going in.
Uh-oh there he is, I need to go around the side, wow.
Oh boy, okay see if I can go up through the window.
He's crawling through your windows and stealing your stuff.
But hide your kids and hide your just-
Ah, okay get in, get in.
Oh, whew, that was close.
Oh, well he found me.
Okay just be very quiet, it'll be fine.
No, (screaming) you don't see me, ah you grabbed my nipples.
Thank goodness I don't have nipples in real life.
(laughing) I want out of here.
Wait a second look at that bookshelf, the way it's kind
of leaning there, I wonder if I could scale that
and get onto the roof.
Okay don't box me in bro just keep going.
And then let's see, let's go up here.
(door closes) Okay, oh boy.
Okay I'm up here, oh it's just a little too far.
Okay I think I'm gonna need a couple boxes or something.
Time this just right, I'm gonna jump then slap the box down.
Yeah it worked, nice!
Oh there's the roof, yeah.
Orangey's crawling on your roof.
Okay we can just easily grab that and then I'm gonna come
over here, gonna get in front of your window.
And I might just break them, oh that was close.
Got it, and break it.
I mean didn't break it, it was like that when I got here.
I totally found it that way, I just happened to be
on your roof don't worry about it.
Okay I'm in guys, I'm in, I'm in it to win it.
Okay we got levers and we got cords, we got all kinds
of things here, what's going on, oh boy.
Oh he's angry, he's angry, where is he?
Oh he's growling at me.
Oh what's this lever do,
does it make a Pikachu pot pie?
No Pikachu pot pies?
Oh it doesn't do anything, it's broken.
I wonder where this fan is hooked up to.
I'm a fan of fans, what is going on,
what do I even do in here?
I don't know what's going on.
Okay creepy peeping butt touch- what the,
What, I can't even get out of here.
It's a room with no door, what?
It doesn't go anywhere.
Uh-oh, what's that?
Hmm I gotta figure this out, I'm gonna have to put a bunch
of boxes, see if I can get up there, flip that switch,
switch that witch, witchy woman.
I got 99 boxes and they're all problems. (laughing)
They won't do what I want them to do.
Okay I just need one more then we'll put them,
no, don't tip, no!
I had my tower built.
Okay so the fan goes over there and that goes over there.
What the, how do I even get in here though?
Okay if I just drop- I got it, oh.
Can I flip it?
Can I flip the switch?
Flip that switch, switch that witch, yes I did it!
What is happening, excuse, oh it's a trap door.
Uh-oh now he can get to me.
Oh that was a terrible mistake, why did I even do that?
I didn't know that's what it would do.
I instantly regret my decision. (laughing)
I was fine in that room all by myself.
Uh-oh, no, where?
I don't see him, where, where underwear?
Where is he?
No, throw the box.
(laughing) Yeah that's what you get.
No, no! I'm stuck in here.
I thought the window was broken.
No, no, no!
He's rubbing mustaches on me.
Uh-oh, but I'm somewhere different.
Where am I?
Uh-oh, oh I don't like this.
What's he doing?
Uh-oh, he's digging a grave or something or did he put it
in, I don't know what's going on, why?
Oh don't do it to me, boy.
Uh-oh, I see a door, I see a red door and I want
to paint it orange.
Oh I'm orange sized.
Oh why are you angry?
No, I'm not down here, don't come down here.
It's totally fine, no, no!
(whining) Oh, alright.
Well, that's enough for this episode.
I'm gonna go and cry for a little bit,
it's gonna be okay.
This game is weird.
Okay well, I'm gonna keep trying.
Make sure you do everything you can
to make this the most popular video on the internet
'cause it totally deserves it 'cause it's so good.
It's got creepy peeping butt touching weirdo.
Which is not, oh no it's right there.
Not again!
(laughing) Yeah, too many boxes in the way,
that's what you get.
How you like that more oranges?
Yeah, later hot potaters.
(EDM music)
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Hello Neighbor: FINAL GAME! #1 [Annoying Orange Plays]

15 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on February 25, 2020
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