B2 High-Intermediate 10 Folder Collection
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- [Angry Orange] Get back!
Excuse me, this is a shark pedestrian zone only!
(upbeat dance music)
Hey, yo, it's AO, back again with another game video!
We are playin' some Shark Simulator.
Make no bones about it!
Get it?
'Cause sharks don't have bones.
Come on!
It was a finny joke!
Oh, yeah!
Whoa, whoa, we're starting!
Is my shark dead?
What happened?
Oh, okay, there we go.
No, no, that didn't work either.
Oh, that's bitin'!
Oh, look at that, look at the chompers.
Yeah, we're gonna chomp somebody good!
♪ Oh, it's off to the city I go ♪
♪ Gonna chomp some butts, I know ♪
Oh, that's an awesome song!
Number one top hit single.
It's climbin' the charts.
Everybody's requestin' it!
Okay, you're kind of swimmin' upside down,
but, hey, whatever works.
As long as you're gonna, oh!
A to jump, I see.
Hmm, I wonder what we should name our shark?
What do you guys think?
Oh, you gotta give me some suggestions, okay?
Whoa, uh-oh!
That's it, I'm gonna call you Dr. Buttchomps McGuillicuddy.
That's your name.
Get 'em, Buttchomps.
Your ketchup packets, they're squirtin' everywhere.
You should've been storing your ketchup packets
in your swimsuit.
It's not the place to do it 'cause then --
Oh, what happened?
Uh-oh, I hear sirens.
I think the cop-erinos are after me!
Go, Buttchomps, go!
Hey, buddy, whatcha doin'?
Ketchup packets!
Mm, mm, mm, good!
Where's this lady think she's going?
Feed me ketchup!
Whoa, chomper chompers!
Oh, I didn't even see up on the right side there.
It says to get 50 people.
It gave me a mission!
Alright, Dr. Buttchomps McGuillicuddy!
We gotta get 50 people and their ketchup packets.
Excuse me!
This is a shark pedestrian zone only!
Cars are no match for Dr. Buttchomps McGuillicuddy!
Ooh, is there a place to park my shark?
Shark park!
You shouldn't have parked there, buddy!
Uh-oh, look out!
Ooh, she got chomped in the behind
and a car landed on top of her.
That was a cool trick!
That lady definitely didn't think that was finny.
'Cause I hit her with my fin.
Hey, buddy, do you know where you could park a shark?
You don't?
I'm gonna eat your pants then.
Ketchup packets, ketchup packets for days!
Dr. Buttchomps, you got the moves!
Look at those moves!
He's flippin' out!
Ooh, that's not good for you.
It was, it's fine!
I was just trying to put you inside of the jeep.
I better get back down to the beach, get some sun.
Hey, lady!
Ooh, that bites!
Hey, guys, guys!
Do you want to play some poker?
I'm a really good card shark.
Go, Dr. Buttchomps, go!
♪ Dr. Buttchomps make ya ♪
♪ Chomp, chomp ♪
Oh, we're halfway there!
25 of 50, now 26!
You had a lot of ketchup packets in there.
Oh, man.
This game's kinda like GTA, but with a shark.
I'm starting to think that everything's better with a shark.
Now if I could just steal a helichopter.
Oh, he's a smart shark.
Uh-oh, uh-oh, the cop-erinos!
Oh, there's more cop-erinos!
Whoa, ah!
They're shooting me!
Get out of here, sharky!
Dr. Buttchomps, we don't wanna get caught in the crossfire.
Uh-oh, here they come.
No, no, no, no, no!
I don't need any bullets for the butt!
I'm telling you the tooth!
Get it?
'Cause shark have, 'cause sharks have a lot of teeth.
They have a big sharky grin.
Ooh, yeah!
You delicious!
Wait, whoa, whoa!
Getting a little dizzy!
Oh, wait, whoa, whoa, whoa.
Whoa, whoa, whoa!
Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait!
What's that?
I see something over here.
What is that?
It's a glow-y thing-y.
Can you get over there, Dr. Buttchomps?
Can I go in here?
Wait, wait, whoa!
Weapon Store?
You bet!
Uh-oh, somebody's shootin' at me.
Big sword, flail, shotgun, machine gun,
grenade launcher, laser cannon?
Can I have all of 'em?
Oh, I can only afford this one?
Looks like I'm gonna have to make some more money!
More money, more problems, especially if you're a shark.
Uh-oh, ooh!
No, don't shoot me!
No, I can't move!
I'm stuck!
For whatever reason, hello?
You shot all of my ketchup!
Man, now it, wow!
Holy moley!
Dr. Buttchomps, now you're Dr. Buttslice!
Man, you got a sword on your tail, that's awesome!
Well, we better test it out!
Collision is imminent!
Excuse me!
Whatever floats your boat or chops it in half.
Sliced to meet ya, everyone!
Ooh, don't fall to pieces!
Dr. Buttchomps, you crazy!
(sirens blaring)
Ooh, that guy's not havin' a good day!
He was just minding his own business
and then, all of a sudden,
he got butt-chomped and butt-sliced.
He's probably thinkin', "Leave my booty alone!"
What happened?
Things got a little crazy there.
I was a little stretchy.
Hey, where ya goin'?
Don't run away, buddy!
You know what they say, if you're a shark
and you have a sword, uh, strapped to your tail,
there's never a dull moment!
Ooh, a choppin' good time!
Wow, wow, wow!
I got so many!
Uh-oh, I'm up to three stars.
That's no good.
Police are not gonna get me this time though.
I got too much butt-chompin' to do!
Butt-chomper, butt-chomper, butt-chomp!
Oh, I love the ketchup packets!
Dr. Buttchomps?
Buttman would be proud of you.
That'd be awesome.
If they could do that all in one game, have Dr. Buttchomps.
They could be sidekicks.
And Buttman?
Oh, that'd be so good.
Nobody's ketchup packets would be safe!
Oh, no!
Francis McSkinny Jeans!
Oh, eaten!
Oh, so bad.
Whoa, what's this?
Hat shop?
Oh, don't mind if I do!
Hats off to me!
Oh, you lookin' good!
You lookin' good, Dr. Buttchomps!
We're gonna go with that!
Okay, you almost got stuck in there again.
You don't want to do that.
Every time I go into a store, I almost get stuck.
Man, you lookin' fly!
You lookin' so fly.
Oh, excuse me, Dr. Pumpernickel Potato Pants.
Oh, I almost had four or five in my mouth at the same time.
Ketchup packets, ketchup packets,
ketchup packets, ketchup packets!
So good, delicious!
I like how that guy didn't run away.
He just stood there and watched.
Like this lady, minding her own business?
She's like, "Oh, is that a shark
"with a hat and a giant sword on the back?"
Yep, and now your ketchup packets are gone!
Cop-erinos are delicious!
Aw, yay!
I have all the power!
Ooh, check it out, 49 people!
Get one more.
Nom, nom, nom, nom, yummy!
Quest complete, $250!
Put it in my non-existent pockets.
Wow, another quest complete.
It told me to buy the big sword.
I already bought it though.
I just completed two quests right in a row!
Didn't even have to try!
I'm takin' this car with me.
Ah, crap, I dropped it.
Bite 50 cars!
Wow, that's a lot of cars to bite.
He's like, "Ow, my bumper!"
Who wants to do some street racing?
You do, don't ya?
It's like The Fast and The Furious.
Maybe we'll call it The Fast and The Fin-iest.
Wow, wow, I don't know if that really works,
but we're gonna go with that one!
Fast and the Fin-iest!
Uh-oh, look out, buddy!
I'm gonna bite your car.
Nom, nom!
Does this count as having more than one person
in the car now?
Do I get to go in the carpool lane?
As you can imagine, Sharky really likes the carpool lane.
Uh-oh, I'm gonna getcha.
Oh, no!
We're going off the bridge!
To the bridge!
That was quite the fall.
You might want to park somewhere else, buddy!
(sirens blaring)
Oh no, the coppers are angry!
Oh no, they're angry.
Get outta here.
Excuse me!
I've got more bumpers and butts to bite.
Bumpers and butts, yeah!
Man, I don't know if I'd be more angry or happy
if I came out and there was a giant shark
in a big yellow hat with a big sword on the back,
and he was chomping on the bumper of my car?
I'd be like, "Whoa!
"Well that's not something you see every day!
"I'm not even gonna be angry about it."
Ah, crap!
You're shooting at me!
Get outta here!
Go, Sharky!
Oh, that was close!
Dr. Buttchomps, you almost got killed again.
We can't let that happen to you.
I think I got some health!
No, I'm getting shot again!
Oh, I see.
Press up to use a health kit.
Oh, that guy, I chomped on his booty
and I sliced his booty, too.
So, that, he's not having a good day.
Right now, he's thinking to himself,
"I should've stayed in bed."
Yeah, bite some more cars!
Oh, he's got some wicked speed going on!
Oh, man!
I'm goin' so fast!
I can't slow down!
Dr. Buttchomps, you crazy!
I've never seen a shark stretch like that.
Are you made of rubber, Dr. Buttchomps?
Oh, man!
It'll take you so long to get back now.
Let's see.
It's pretty cool that they have a map.
It is a lot like Grand Theft Auto.
It's pretty awesome.
We have so many more cars we have to bite.
Oh, look!
There's another mission over there.
Off the dock.
I'm pretty close to it actually.
Oh, I see it!
There's the glow-y thing at the end of the dock.
It's kind of shaped like a tube!
Totally tubular!
Alright, guys, well, I'm gonna get goin'.
Thank you so much for watching.
I really like this game.
Move out, 'kay?
Make sure to do everything you can to make this
the most popular video on the internet
'cause it totally deserves it 'cause it's so good.
'Til next time.
Later, hot potaters!
(upbeat dance music)
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SHARK SIMULATOR - Dr. Buttchomp! [Annoying Orange Plays]

10 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on February 25, 2020
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