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- Hootie hoo, fruity-toots!
It's AO back again with another juicy episode of Ask Orange.
Now let's root-a-toot-toot through your questions.
Woot woot!
- Hey Pear, hey. - Oh hey.
- [Narrator] Pear, hey, hey!
- Hey.
- [Narrator] Hey, hey, hey, hey!
- Yes?
- [Narrator] Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey!
- What is it?
- [Narrator] There's TNT inside you.
- Huh, how?
- No time to explain.
We have to operate.
Scalpel, gimme 50 ccs of arma-loopi-derp-amine, stat!
- Wait, armaloopa-what-now?
- I need 50 CCs of derpa-derpa-lick-a-butt-amine, stat!
- These don't sound like real medicines, dude.
- Why is the patient still conscious?
Has the burpa-burpa-tummy-chicka-chicka-boom-boom-amine
not kicked in?
- Okay, that's it, I'm not letting you operate on me.
- Aha!
- What?
That was actually inside of me?
Orange, you saved me!
I had no idea you were a surgeon.
Yep, I dabble in medical practice
sometimes on the weekends.
Now about that medicine I gave you.
- Right, the, burpa-tummy-chicka-chicka--
- Boom boom?
- Yeah, that's the stuff.
What about it?
- No, boom boom!
(dramatic music) (group screaming)
- [Narrator] It's time for Ask Orange!
Who's your favorite basketball player?
- Hmm, gonna have to go with either Michael Jordange,
Kobe Beef or LeBron Flames. (laughs)
- [Narrator] Orange, say toy boat seven times
without messing up.
- Toy boat, toy boat, toy boat, toy boat. (babbling)
Pssh, so easy.
- [Narrator] Hey Orange, can you say this word?
(Orange Babbling)
So easy.
C'mon, gimme something hard. (laughs)
- [Narrator] Pronounce the G in lasagna to everyone.
- Hey, hey pear.
Want some las-agna?
- What?
- Las-agna.
You want some?
- Why are you saying lasagna like that?
- Am I not saying it right?
- Lasagna.
- Las-agna.
- Lasagna.
- The difference is so sub-tle, I can't tell the difference.
- Please, if we don't fix this, it's gonna gnaw at me.
- Okay, I don't want this to g-naw at you.
- Orange!
- What, what's g-nawing at you now? (laughs)
- You're pronouncing silent letters just to be annoying.
- I am not; hon-est. (laughs)
(Pear groaning)
- [Narrator] Hi.
- Hi.
- [Narrator] If you say hi, you will be invisible.
- Wait, wait, wait, what's happening?
Whoa, you're right!
Now I can see what everybody says about me
when I'm not around. (laughs)
- Hear ye, hear ye.
The weekly No Orange Allowed Meeting will hereby commence.
Who'd like to start?
- I will.
Orange is my best friend.
- I too have a confession.
Guys I'm illiterate.
- Seeing as how Orange isn't around,
I have a confession too.
My gender is.
(drum rolling)
- How the heck are those drumsticks floating like that?
- G-g-g-ghost!
(group screaming) (dramatic music)
- [Orange] Aw man, I was this close
to finding out Marshie's gender!
What a Drum idea this was. (laughs)
- [Narrator] Orange, why don't you have ears?
- Why don't I have any ears?
Believe me, I've searched high and lobe for the answers,
but I can't seem to drum anything up. (laughs)
- [Narrator] Yo, what you talkin' 'bout?
- Yo, whatchu talkin' 'bout?
- [Narrator] Hi Orange, you're my favorite YouTuber.
I love your puns.
- Thanks, you're the zest.
- [Narrator] Hey Orange, do you use a toilet?
- Only as a swmming pool!
Whee! (cymbal crashing)
- [Narrator] Hey Orange, see how long you can survive
without telling a pun.
- Well, I got the stopwatch; you ready?
- Sure am, Little Apple.
Just tell me when I hit the one min-ute mark. (laughs)
- And it's over before I even started the clock.
- I'm just kidding, I'm just kidding.
No more time puns, I promise.
Please gimme a second chance. (laughs)
- Orange, are you even trying?
- C'mon, don't be so short with me. (laughs)
(Little Apple screams)
- [Narrator] Can you survive without TNT?
- Okay, okay, I'm gonna be serious for a moment.
Look, I tell a lot of jokes,
but I can quit telling them anytime I want.
And to prove it, I'm going to light
all of my joke books on fire.
I annoy a lot of people with kazoos,
but I can quit anytime I want.
To prove it, I'm lighting my entire collection
of kazoos on fire.
And to answer your question,
yes I can survive without TNT; and to prove it,
I'm going to light my entire stash of TNT on fire.
(Orange laughing) (record scratching)
- See ya next time, fruit lovers.
(group screaming)
(playful music)
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Annoying Orange - Ask Orange #52: The TNT is INSIDE Pear!!

4 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on February 25, 2020
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