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- What up, what up, what up?
It's your boy, Little Apple, and I'm here with Grapefruit,
and this is the Gummy Food versus Real Food Challenge!
- We'll see about that.
Not sure how much of a challenge
this one's gonna be for me.
- What do you mean?
- I mean, guessing whether food is real
or it's made of gummy candy?
Pssh, come on, this is gonna be so easy!
I know real food when I see it,
'cause I see the realest food there
is every time I look in the mirror. (laughs)
- Har, har, very funny.
Well if you're so sure this is gonna be easy,
take first crack at our first round item,
pizza! (bell rings)
- Okay, yeah, this is exactly what I'm talking about.
Obviously, I have the gummy pizza in front of me.
- You think so?
- I do not think so, Little Apple.
I know so.
Yours has the oils, the textures,
the aroma of a pepperoni pizza slice.
Mine, on the other nonexistent hand,
appears rubbery and bulbous.
That is my final answer.
I have the gummy pizza.
You have the real pizza.
- Okay, (Grapefruit munches)
Let's find out.
(Little Apple munches)
- Mm.
- Yep, sure enough, you were right.
- Of course I was right.
I'm incredible!
And my mind is terrifyingly expansive.
Bring on round two!
- Okay, next up, we have rocks.
(bell rings) - Rocks? (chuckles)
This just gets easier and easier, doesn't it?
- What do you mean?
They look exactly the same to me.
- That's because they are exactly the same.
Have you ever eaten a rock before?
- No.
- Exactly.
Rocks aren't food, so they're both obviously gummy.
- Ah, so you think it's a trick round.
- Yeah, they obviously wouldn't have us biting into rocks.
- (laughs) Yeah, that's probably true.
That would not end well.
- Right, we're both gonna bite in
(Little Apple munches) and we'll both be rewarded
with delicious gummy goodness.
(rock crunches) (Grapefruit screams)
Get me a paper towel!
(screams) Mine was an actual rock!
- Huh, one was gummy food and one was real after all.
Guess this is turning out pretty challenging after all,
huh, Grapefruit?
- It, that, that wasn't the deal!
Nobody said I'd be fed a real rock.
- Jeez, Grapefruit, it was right in the title.
Gummy Food versus Real Food.
- Rocks are not real food!
- I don't know, is it really that hard to understand?
- Hard?
Are you making rock jokes at a time like this?
- Sorry, I couldn't help myself.
What do you say we move along to round three?
- Whatever makes us finish faster.
I gotta get to the dentist.
- Okay, then.
Round three, hot dogs! (bell rings)
- Super easy.
Yours is the real hot dog.
I can see the heat rising off it.
Mine is room temperature,
which means it must be the gummy food.
(Little Apple munches) - Mm.
You deduced correctly.
This is a real hot dog.
And as an added bonus, it's delicious!
- Good, so mine's gummy.
My mouth could use a nice, soft gummy something
right about (loud crunch). (Grapefruit screams)
- Wow, would you look at that?
Your hot dog was a rock, too!
- You think?
- Well, them's the rules.
- Them is not the rules!
How did rocks come into play?
Why on earth are... huh?
(teeth clatter)
- Wow!
Yeah, you're definitely gonna wanna see a dentist
about that.
(Grapefruit yells nonsense)
(upbeat music)
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Annoying Orange - Gummy Food vs Real Food Challenge

9 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on February 25, 2020
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