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- [Annoying Orange] Booty shots!
(gun bangs)
(laughs loudly)
(upbeat electronic music)
(laughs loudly)
Hey yo it's Agent O back again
with another gaming video.
And we're gonna play Fortnite!
More like Fartnite!
Ooh! Ay! (laughter)
Oh goodness, gracious! Ah right!
So everybody's been playing this game.
I don't know what's going on,
but I better start playing it.
Okay, no, I gotta create an account.
TootieFruity9000 yo, that's my name!
What!? That's taken?! (laughter)
But that's my name!
Okay, fine.
Okay, goodness. (laughter)
I was so worried there.
At least I got TootieFruityAO, that works.
I liked the 9000 because then it's over 9000,
but, yeah, whatever.
What you got? Whoa!
Is that me?
Oh lady, what's going on?
I have no idea what I'm doing.
Dance moves?
Whoa, look at those sweet dance moves! (laughter)
Get down with your bad self lady! (laughter)
Should I hit that? Emote!
Whoa, yeah, doing those dance moves!
Yeah, doing the no pants dance!
Well, I'll do the no pants dance,
you keep the pants on, that would be weird.
I'm an orange, so I don't need pants! (laughter)
Yeah, this is the best game ever! What, what?!
Okay, I suppose I should actually play the game.
You know, the actual game, not the dancing game.
The no pants dance, power naked.
Only you're not naked, I'm naked. (laughter)
Match make me!
(gloomy music)
Whoa, okay, here we go!
Tap to swing, oh man, look at this!
Oh yeah! Ha ha! Hey buddy!
Can I ax you a qu-- Whoa!
You're just leaving guns around here?
Ah man, this is a free for all?
Okay, I'm gonna go after this guy.
Hey, sit still, sit still!
Quit num ka ba!! Ooy!
Ohh! People are shooting at me!
Oh, okay, oh, oh.
Oh now I'm gonna get this guy.
This guy right here.
Yeah! How you like it?
Whoo hoo! Ahhhhh! Just getting this guy.
He's just standing there.
What's happening?
Why isn't there anything happening?
I'm outta, oh, I'm outta ammo.
Come here! I'm a gonna ax you a question!
Come here!
Ax him! Ahhh! What the?
Ah, my ax is broken. It does nothing!
What is even happening?
I'm losing, wait, what?
The door will open in 10 seconds.
Oh, oh maybe that's the waiting area.
Ah, it's kind of Roblox or any other game.
I see! That's the waiting area.
This is the actual game. (laughter)
Everybody off, last stop.
Oh, oh, can I, can I jump?
Oh, wait. Okay, I see the button there!
Yeah, whoa!
Feel the air on my derriere!
What, what!
Oh man, this is awesome.
♪ And I'm free, free falling! ♪
Okay, where should I go?
Mmmm, okay, I think I better go to where there's buildings.
Cause then hopefully I can find some stuff.
I love stuff!
Hey, guess what I say when I'm falling?
Awww, shoot! (laughter)
Get it? Parachute! Whoo hoo!
All right, here we go!
I think I see somebody down there running around.
This is where, uh oh.
Yeah, I see some people down there already.
Hey, this is my spot.
I was coming here to get some weapons and stuff.
Oh ho, sweet, can I get in that car?
Come on, I wanna get in the car.
Uh, no, um, okay it's not like Grand Theft Auto.
I can't go in the car.
Oh there's some people over here.
Let's see if there's some good stuff in here.
Nope, nothing. (laughter)
Hey, what are you guys doing over here?
How's it going?
Whoa, you got your Chicken McNuggets in there?
This looks like a fast food place, whoa, they're battling.
Give me all your Chicky Nuggets! Whoa!
I'm chopping the whole thing down! Whoa!
I took the wall down. Whaa, ge buy buy buy. What?
Okay, I suppose that I asked for that.
I knocked down the wall when the other guy
had the gun, I shouldn't have done that.
It's my first time playing.
Okay, let's try this again.
I think I can do this, it's totally good.
I'm gonna be so good at this game, you don't even know.
Oh yeah! Here we go.
Okay, gimme all your weapons! Oh yeah!
Give me the machine guns. What, what!
I'm gonna shoot you in the booty! Sit still!
Shooting booties over here. Yeah!
Whoo hoo hoo! You wanna booty shooting!
Look how many guns I have!
Ah man, it should let you take the guns with you
when the level starts.
♪ Everybody was booty shooting. ♪
(laughter) Oh yeah!
Everybody loves booty shoots.
Eh! Eight booty shoots. (laughter)
He loves it. (laughter)
All right!
When are we gonna start this thing?
I'm a little conflicted cause this thing looks
an awful lot like a blimp and I hate you blimp.
(groans and weeps)
Abandon ship. (laughter)
Abandon blimp!
Yeah, I'm gonna do so much better this time.
Cause now I know how to play you guys.
I'm so good!
♪ Whatever floats your boat. ♪
Okay, you guys better have some good stuff
for me down there.
What's good stuff?
Yo, I got my ax, I'm ready to ax some questions.
Here we go.
Okay, let's open the door.
No, no, we don't even chop it down, jeez. (laughter)
Let's save that for later.
Whoo, hey, I see something down there.
No, don't (laughter)
I keep chopping everything.
Oh yeah, chop chop. Whoo!
I got a med kit, nice!
I just got me some, uh, there was nothing in there.
Ooh, this looks like weapon. Yeah!
Lucky, lucky, Orangey got the cookie! (laughter)
Who wants some?
Uh oh, that looks awful like another gun, yeah!
Go, touch it, touch it! You know you wanna. (laughter)
Running and gunning and having some fun.
You just need to find somebody, somebody to play with.
Hey! Who wants a cookie? I'm giving away free cookies
over here. Definitely not going to shoot you in the booty.
Oh yeah, or just trucking and get inside the truck.
I can't get inside the truck. Whoa, hey sparklies.
I see somebody. (laughter)
Gonna Sneaky Pete up on ya. And go! Yeah, yeah.
(laughter) Gotcha!
What the?! Come on! I shot you first! (laughter)
No, you don't dance, I dance.
Oh the different lady this time. Hey yo! Whatcha doing?
Where's the guns? I need some guns. I need booty shooting.
Oh, there's some guns. I see some. (laughter)
You guys trying to hide the guns from me, huh?
Dub dub dub dub dub duh duh. (gun bangs)
Booty shots! (laughter)
Everybody loves booty shots. Hey, hey!
Oh, did I reload? Okay, I do have more.
I thought it ran out of bullets. Ha ha.
It was gonna be a tragedy.
Super, secret, surprise butt shots! (gun bangs)
(laughter) Check out your buns! (laughter)
Whoops a daisy!
This part is so much fun.
The game should just be this.
Okay, can I get in this car. I wanna get in some cars.
I wanna drive around. Grand Theft Auto.
I wanna Grand Theft Auto somebody's face. Get in there!
Uh oh. What was the sparklies? I heard sparklies.
Nope, can't go in that one.
Nah. (laughter)
Guys! Can I get in the cars? Tell me how. Okay?
Oh no, not in the blimp again?
Mmm crazy blimps.
♪ Wheels on the bus go (farting) ♪
Because they don't work! (laughter)
Who wants some? You want some? Okay.
Should we jump? Should we do some, do it right away?
Let's do it! Yeah!
I'm gonna be the fall guy.
On in my case the fall lady, I guess. Cause I'm a lady.
Hey lady! (laughter)
Okay, where are we gonna go?
So everybody goes for the big areas so maybe
if I go to one of these smaller buildings I'll
be a little bit safer cause that's not where
everybody else goes.
Let's switch up our tactics a little bit.
Oh I see a little cabin in the woods there.
That one's mine. Nobody else can take it.
You can't do it, it's mine. Okay, come on.
Go faster! Can I make this go faster? Oh, it's broken.
Okay, it's not broken.
Storm forming in 60 seconds. Ooh, what kind of storm?
Tornadoes? Hurricanes? Volcanoes? Paul Bunyan farts?
Those are the worst. (laughter) Stinky.
Ooh, now we're having some fun.
♪ Yeah, chopping down the mountain when I come. ♪
Okay, little glitchy, little glitchy, little glitchy.
Getting some laggies. I don't like the laggies.
The real lag tag operation got going on here.
Mm hmm. Can I get in the semi?
Please! I want to get in the semi!
He won't let me!
Guys! Can I get in vehicles? Please?
♪ Chopping the rocks and that really rocks. ♪
I'm gonna shoulder this boulder, yo. (laughter)
Yes! I'm taking this with me.
Uh oh, laggies. (whimpers)
Okay, um, now what do I do?
I gotta find some, oh I see some people.
I see some people!
Lag time excellent. (laughter)
Stop lagging.
Okay, hold on. Aim it and brap. (gun bangs)
Yes! Oh, did I get him? No, I don't think I got him.
Well, he's running now. Yes, I got him, I saw it!
Yes, okay, but I don't think I killed him.
I just hurt him a little bit.
It is barely a flesh wound! (laughter)
♪ Lag time excellente. ♪
Uh, sofa, can I destroy this?
Is there something good in there?
Gimme stuff! I want stuff! (laughter)
I don't want parts for stuff, I want good stuff.
Definitely not dancing hippos, those are the worst!
I hate those!
Oh, I see someone, he's like an ant, he's so far away.
Can I shoot the ant from really far away? I could see.
I'm gonna have to get closer.
♪ I'll be rolling down this hill ♪
and I'm gonna come and I'm gonna shoot you in the booty!
Where is he? Where is he?
Oh I see him. I see him. Come on, a little closer.
A little closer. Whoa, he's shooting at me.
I'm shooting at you too. (laughter)
Whoa, somebody's going down.
One of us is gonna take the - Oh! I got him!
I got him again! Come on, how many bullets does it take?
Please! Come on! Yes! Come on! Oh yeah!
Orangey, Orangey winner winner chicken dinner.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
Lag time, excellente!
Not excellente.
Come on! Wow, look at these weapons, they're all mine.
Okay, laggy time.
Come on, I can't collect stuff this is laggy time.
Come on! Wait, oh, come on!
I got killed cause of the lag!
Cheater, cheater, pumpkin eater!
Now you can't do the dance cause that's not fair.
I can't believe I got killed by lag.
I was doing so good.
All right guys, well,
it's pretty fun I might play this again.
Let me know if you want me to, okay?
Uh, make sure to do everything you can
to make this the most popular video on
the Internet because it totally deserves it,
because it's so good. Till next time. Play!
Hot potatoes!
(electronic music)
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Annoying Orange Plays - FORTNITE (Booty Shots!)

8 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on February 25, 2020
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