B2 High-Intermediate 4 Folder Collection
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(spooky music)
(thunder booms) (creepy laughter)
(bats screech)
- Good morrow, fruit-lovers.
It is I, Grapefruit.
- And I, Orange!
What's today's challenge video gonna be?
Nobody knows 'cause it's a spooky Shocktober mystery.
- Correct, we're going to draw
a mystery Shocktober challenge
out of this Jack O' Lantern bucket,
and whatever it is, we'll do it.
- Okay, one, two, three, go!
Ooh, "The Spider Tag Challenge", how spooky, you scared?
- Never, though I am confused.
The Spider Tag Challenge,
I've never heard of that one before.
- Well yeah, 'cause I made it up.
But don't worry, the rules are so easy.
We just set a huge spider loose in the room and play tag.
Okay, one, two, three spider tag!
- What the?
- See, super scary, am I right?
Heck yeah, Shocktober!
- Orange!
He's gaining on me!
- It's not supposed to be easy, Grapefruit,
otherwise it wouldn't be called a challenge, now would it?
- Ah, get it off, get it off!
- Looks like he caught ya!
You're it now Grapefruit, your turn to chase us.
- How, he won't let me up.
Don't, I think he's about to eat me!
- Well yeah, that's what makes it so scary.
(gong chimes)
Oh, and speaking of which,
the gong means it's time to add more spiders!
- Huh?
No, no, ah!
Orange, that's it, I'm done.
Spider Tag Challenge is officially over, you hear me, over!
I did not sign up for this.
Goodbye, tarantulas, good day.
Please don't ever come back, even in my dreams.
- You never like my ideas.
- Bro, your idea was to fill a room with spiders.
Of course I didn't like it.
- Wow, someone's picky.
Go ahead and pick a new challenge Picky McPickerson.
- I will, thank you.
- Okay, looks like we've got, Bat Tag Challenge.
- Yeah!
Okay, this one's fun.
Pretty similar to the Spider Tag Challenge,
but it's got some differences too.
- No, no, no, ah!
(gong chimeS)
- Oh, And the gong means it's time to add more spiders.
- Why?
Okay, stop, stop everything!
(record scratches)
- Grapefruit, are you not having a good time?
- Correct, I am not having a good time.
A room full of bats is not a good time.
And why the heck are spiders
part of The Bat Tag Challenge anyway?
- Well, we have them for the whole day.
I figured we should use them.
- Give me that bucket!
The Slithery Snake Tag Challenge?
The Slimy Maggot Tag Challenge?
The Hungry Zombie Tag Challenge?
Bro, these are awful ideas for challenges.
- But, they're spooky Shocktober themes.
- Yeah, but they're dangerous and they're gross
and they're not fun.
Bro, some of these aren't even Halloween themed.
The Soggy Tuna Sandwich Tag Challenge?
The Rabid Chihuahua Tag Challenge?
The Steam Roller Tag Challenge?
Were you seriously planning on filling
this entire room with steam rollers?
- Good point, I can see
how The Steam Roller Tag Challenge might fall flat.
- Okay, okay, so are you telling me
there's nothing in the whole bucket that works?
The audience came here to see a challenge video, Grapefruit,
we gotta give them something.
- Wait, okay, how about this one?
The Halloween Candy Tag Challenge.
That actually sounds kind of pleasant.
- Well, are you sure?
The whole room's gonna be filled with Halloween candy.
You're okay with that?
- Bro, that sounds amazing!
Why wouldn't someone want the entire room filled with candy
when the alternatives are horrible, gross, detestable things
like spiders and bats?
- You sure you don't think Halloween candy is gross?
- For the last time, no!
Halloween candy is great, bring it on!
Halloween Candy Tag Challenge, let's do this!
I'ma pull the rope!
- Okay, but I should warn you though
the only Halloween candy I could find was Candy Corn.
- Ah, I take it back, so gross, so gross!
(gong chimes)
- Oh, time for the spiders.
- Ow, hey, ah!
(electronic music)
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Annoying Orange - Spider Tag Challenge! #SHOCKTOBER

4 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on February 25, 2020
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