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- [Annoying Orange] What is 1,000 fruit parts divided by 30?
You miscalculated.
(upbeat music)
Heyo it's AO back at you with another game video.
Look who it is.
It's Baldy!
If you can't beat 'em, join 'em, right?
That's right, we got Baldy inside of Grand Theft Auto.
But I guess that means we need to change his name right?
Grand Theft Baldy?
Alright let's see, what are we gonna do today Baldy?
I guess we gotta do what you always do, right?
Go around and hit people in the butt with your ruler.
Uh oh, I heard this guy got a math question wrong.
Now you're gonna go get it, fool.
Doing it just for the kicks, yeah.
Baldy doing a hook slide.
It's Baldy Parkour.
Hey guys wanna do some math questions?
Hey, do you wanna do some math questions?
Come here.
Where are you going?
Baldy taking out the trash, yeah.
Baldy whatcha doing?
You crazy, you crazy Baldy.
Always strike at everyone.
What's 432 times three billion?
Wrong, oh there's no one in here.
I was asking questions to nobody.
Alright come on.
We gotta find more people that
are answering math questions wrong, okay?
Here we go folks.
Baldy, put your seatbelt on buddy.
What's 300 times 40 butt niner?
What, you got the question wrong.
I gotta hit her.
Whoo, he really flipped out.
Yeah Baldy parkour.
Nah, it's cool.
Don't mind the weird bald guy stealing your car.
I just need to borrow it.
I'm not stealing, I'm borrowing.
What are you doing, driving the wrong way?
Don't you know that Baldy owns all sides of the road?
Alright where are we going Baldy?
We gotta find something good to do.
Who put that light pole there?
It's a well documented fact that
Baldy does not like light poles.
Really all Baldy really likes to do is hitting people
in the booty with a stick.
Excuse me man, I'm trying to drive on the sidewalk here.
Jeez, get out of the way.
Hey there you want a math question?
What is 1,000 fruit punches divided by 30?
You miscalculated.
Baldy is smacking everybody over here.
You've been Baldied.
♪ He's crawling in your windows, smacking you in the butt ♪
♪ Smacking, he's smacking, smacking ♪
Hey no running in the hall.
Gotta use the crosswalk for safety.
Excuse me dump truck.
No, what are you doing?
Your answers to my math problem don't add up.
See ya later hot potater.
Baldy's busy, whoa.
Baldy, you need to learn how to drive, buddy.
Baldy's kind of obsessed with hitting everything.
Don't make 'em angry.
I'll just add fuel to the flame.
Hey, hey buddy.
Did you know that decimals have a point?
You've been Baldied.
Excuse me.
Oh this headlight answered the question wrong.
Ooh sweet ride, let's go Baldy.
We've got more butts to hit.
Hey, hey, excuse me.
Ah, light pole.
Who put the light poles up in here.
Baldy ain't like poles.
What are you doing, Baldy?
No whipping donuts in the hall.
Hey who put a fire hydrant there?
Excuse me.
This is a good way to get out.
Baldy it looks like there might be a few people
you need to hit in the booty, okay?
Look at that, Baldy.
Baldy's got swagger.
That booty-slapping swagger, you know?
You know what they say about math teachers.
They've got lots of problems.
What, you don't like Baldy parkour?
No hey, come back here.
You didn't answer my math question.
I guess I didn't ask it to you.
Okay what's 400 bowling balls divided by 362 furbies?
You gotta give me an answer now.
Uh oh.
Every question you get wrong makes me angrier.
Get up, oh you got up.
Get this car out of here.
What makes you think you can drive on this road?
You're crazy.
Ooh tacos, yup.
Even Baldy likes tacos.
Hey, give me tacos.
You know what I'm taco-ing about.
Hey, you trying to punch Baldy?
Ain't gonna work.
Trying to give Baldy that fruit punch?
Uh uh, uh uh.
(Orange laughs)
Worth strike ever.
Let's go for the kicks.
Yo Baldy all up in your business.
Uh oh, h e didn't fall over.
What's up?
(Orange laughs)
Baldy you gotta learn how to walk.
Excuse me.
I'm gonna hide behind this so he can't see me.
You can't see me.
Can't see me even though I'm in front of your car.
Can't see me.
Swing and a miss.
Hey, no driving over Baldy in the halls.
Everybody keeps trying to drive over Baldy.
What's up with that huh?
You're crazy, get out of here.
Oh Baldy, your ketchup packet.
Yeah Baldy, he's a real hit you know?
Okay give me a ride.
Hurry up, Baldy wants to go.
Come on, let's get this thing going.
Alright now we're cooking.
Check it out, it's the band of Baldies.
That's right.
What would you got to do?
What would you do if you saw
a band of Baldies coming right at you?
That's right, you wouldn't know what to do.
Excuse me, excuse me.
This is the Baldy intersection.
Yeah it's the Baldy intersection, guys.
You can't be doing that.
Excuse me, you gotta back this car up right now.
Hey, don't run over my Baldy, my Baldy bud.
Hey watch your, ooh oof.
Ow, owie.
All the Baldies got ran over.
Now it's time for Baldy to, hey.
You can't be doing that.
That's illegal.
Baldies are not speed bumps.
♪ Speed bump baldies ♪
♪ Baldy speed bump ♪
Where are you going, where are you going?
Excuse me, excuse me.
That back window looks a little too perfect.
You need to fix it.
Baldy's a really nice guy.
That's what he does for people.
♪ Baldy all up in your business ♪
Baldy doesn't like car massages.
(Orange laughing)
Ow, Baldy are you okay?
Baldy you good?
Yeah I'm good, Baldy.
Thank you, Baldy.
Very much, Baldy.
You're welcome, Baldy.
Baldy, alright let's go.
We're taking this.
Look at all those Baldies.
Okay we need more Baldies in here.
Oh no don't you do it.
Yeah stay in school.
What, Baldy's got a positive message
even when he's hitting people in the booty.
Ooh, you okay Baldy?
I don't know.
Where is he right now?
You wanna give Baldy, oh no
he didn't want to get hit in the butt.
Aw he got hit anyway.
Go in the booty.
Oh that's what you get.
Hey what's three plus four?
Should've answered it right.
Let's take out the trash.
Baldy doesn't like to eat very much
'cause you know, he's busy watching his figure.
What, that happens.
That happens sometimes.
You sitting there, you playing on your cellphone
and all of a sudden, secret surprise Baldy butt shot.
Alright who else wants to see
their surprise Baldy butt shot?
Come on over.
Don't point that thing at me.
Whatcha doing?
Oh, yeah, that's what happened.
The band of Baldies is coming for you.
The band of Baldies isn't breaking the law.
The band of Baldies is the law.
What the, did the trashcan lid
just come out of your groin, Baldy?
Oh no, it came from there.
That would've been weird.
Oh Baldy, oh no.
You're shooting out my ketchup packet.
Don't do that.
Now Baldy won't have any ketchup
to put on his favorite food,
which of course is candy bars.
That's his favorite meal, candy bars with ketchup on 'em.
Hey, you shot my Baldy friend.
Hey what's 42 pot pies times a billion?
Some say I should give people longer to answer,
but I say no.
If you're gonna be shooting at me,
you know, hitting my ketchup packets,
then I have every right to make you
answer within 3.2 milliseconds.
Excuse me, who put this.
Oh yeah, let's take the bus.
There should be more than enough seats
on there for a lot of Baldies
if I could just, okay there we go.
Hey get the spot off the butt.
Okay, okay, no.
Let me on you guys, no.
Let me on the bus.
I'm the driver.
You can't just, no, there you go, thank you.
Not hard.
Okay now don't take your time, guys.
Could somebody get on the bus with me?
Okay finally.
It's not like we have to hurry or anything.
It's not like we're getting shot at.
Hurry up.
Only two Baldies will come on board with me?
That's crazy.
Look at how big this bus in.
Just come in the car.
These baldies are crazy.
You're so crazy.
You're so crazy.
He won't get on the bus, you guys.
Fine, we're getting off.
We'll find a different vehicle.
A Baldy vehicle worthy of Baldies, Baldies everywhere.
Baldies, Baldies.
What you shooting?
No shooting at Baldies in the hall.
There we go.
This feels a lot better.
This is a vehicle suited for Baldies.
Wait this isn't a vehicle.
Oh I thought we were on a UFO.
Oh you guys are crazy.
You tricked me.
We're just on top of the building.
I thought I was on the UFO.
Oh well.
Oh man this is a lot of fun.
Thank you guys.
It's been a lot of fun hanging out with a band of Baldies.
Yeah, oh we got ketchup all over the place.
I'm gonna have to wash all of your guys's clothes
and then after we do that, we're not gonna know
whose shirt is whose.
I can't get angry at you guys, you're crazy.
Alright see you later guys.
Later hot potaters.
(upbeat music)
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Baldi Takes Over! - GTA V [Annoying Orange Plays]

14 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on February 25, 2020
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