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Bill Gates was hosting his "Goalkeepers" event in New York and so he invited me to come and speak.
They're doing some amazing things.
Not just the organization, who... the people they're supporting.
And, um, I get to the event and I speak for like 10 minutes.
I get off stage and I'm waving at the crowd.
I'm walking backwards off the stage, moving to the backstage area.
And then I crash into, like, a person.
And as I crash into them I see the eyes of people looking at me.
And everyone's like: "Oh shit, what have you done!"
You know what I mean?
And I'm like, calm down.
Humans bump humans all the time.
And I turn, and the person I bumped into was Barack Obama.
Yeah, but like physically, like...
When I say bump I mean like bump.
Like, you know?
And so I turn and he's like...
Ah... wha...
But listen to me.
His hands are up and he's like, "watch where you go."
He says watch where you walk.
So I turn and I was like...
Hey man, I'm walking over here.
And you should have seen everyone's face, they were like, "oh shit!"
Because I think they thought I didn't recognize him or I didn't know who he was.
You can see people like, "that's the president of the United States of America!"
I was like, yo, but calm down.
So I was like...
Hey, how are you Mr. President?
I haven't seen you in a while.
Then he's like, "I'm doing good."
"How you been, you good?"
I'm like, yeah, I'm good.
And I'm looking at his face.
And I didn't intend this, but I'm looking into his eyes and I'm speaking to him.
And in that moment I realize... he's looking really, really good.
Like his skin is looking fuller.
Do you know what I mean?
No, he just doesn't look as stressed as he was.
So it slipped out.
I didn't plan it at all.
So I was speaking to him.
He's like, how you doing, da da da da da.
And then he says that and I was like... I was like...
You're looking cute, Mr. President.
He goes, uh, well, thank you, thank you.
I was like, no, no, I meant like you look good.
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Trevor Bumps into President Obama - Between the Scenes: The Daily Show

2322 Folder Collection
Nina published on February 25, 2020    Nina translated    adam reviewed
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