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This helicopter is commonly used for emergency evacuation services, sightseeing, but it's especially popular for high net-worth business executives.
The helicopter is used to take executives from hotels to airports to business meetings and it can be nice to skip the traffic.
You can also get your helicopter custom ordered, so for instance, this one has a nice window tint, which helps prevent the glare of the sun, but it's also nice for privacy too.
This section can either be used as an extra seat, or you could put it... storage, you can store your stuff in here.
But it can also be used for an ice box, so you can keep your champagne nice and cold.
You also have your reading light up here, you've got your own fan and air conditioning system here.
Of course, you will need to wear a headset so you can communicate with the pilot but this has soundproofing so it won't be as loud as it typically sounds.
The Bell 429 was designed for a single pilot to be able to operate it through clouds, at night, you name it.
This is the navigation deck, as you can see it's all electronic.
Looks like a lot of tablets really, and just like driving a car there's a full system.
GPS, navigation, so you can see where you are on a map, zoom in, zoom out.
This helicopter starts at about 7.5 million USD, so if that's out of your budget not to worry.
This one over here starts at about 1.4 million USD.
This is an advanced light helicopter.
It's the Bell 505, one of the fastest selling helicopters and that's probably because it's so light.
One of the first things I noticed when I hopped in was this glass front, so pretty much everywhere you look you can see out the window.
It's quite popular for air taxis right now.
Bell Helicopter is now working to design an unmanned air taxi which could be on the market by mid-2020s and it's collaborating with Uber as well.
So who knows?
Maybe in the future, we'll be commuting in a ride just like this but without a pilot.
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We went inside some of the world's most popular corporate helicopters | CNBC International

1739 Folder Collection
Nina published on February 25, 2020    Nina translated    adam reviewed
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