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Nestled in Sagami Bay not far from Tokyo lies the alluring island of Enoshima
Only a stone's throw from Kamakura's Great Buddha statue
this islet is a tourist paradise
boasting everything from stunning vistas to shrines and traditional streets.
What's more the entire area is well connected
by the Odakyu train network making it a convenient side trip from Tokyo
I was eager to try for myself
I'm Sam Evans, staff writer for japan-guide.com
and today I'll be making this trip a reality
From Tokyo's Shinjuku Station
I'll ride along the Odakyu Line in the coveted Romance Car
to Katase- Enoshima in neighboring Kanagawa Prefecture
from where I'll make the short walk over
the bridge to the island
After experiencing what Enoshima has to offer
I'll take the Enoden train to Hase Station
and conclude my journey at Kamakura's celebrated Great Buddha Statue
So follow along as we spend the day in enchanting Enoshima and Kamakura
We're at Odakyu Shinjuku Station
and we're about to get on the romance car to Enoshima
Now this is the most convenient way to make this journey
So let's get on board
So we're finally about to arrive on Enoshima Now if you look behind me
that is the island itself Now there's an important shrine and plenty
of other things to do
So let's cross the bridge and explore
From Enoshima we're going to take the Enoden train
to see the Great Kamakura Buddha statue
one of the three most celebrated bronze buddha statues in all of Japan
And that concludes our trip through the area
Thanks for joining me
I hope this video has been enjoyable and perhaps even inspires some ideas
should you decide to plan a trip to this area For more information about Enoshima and Kamakura
or to watch another video click the links on the screen now or head
over to japan-guide.com your comprehensive up-to-date travel guide
first-hand from Japan
Thanks for watching
be sure to subscribe and click the notification bell
for more videos about Japan
Happy travels
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Easy Day Trip from Tokyo, Enoshima & Kamakura | japan-guide.com

56 Folder Collection
luna.chou published on February 25, 2020
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