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My mom hit on you bro. Yeah, it's cool.
Whoa, where's my turtle? He's not in his cage. No, okay. Okay, chill, bro
We'll find him. We just gotta...oh~ Did did you just step in my turtle?
I mean listen, I'm fine, but my shell aka my house is totally
obliterated, so thanks. Oh my god. I'm so sorry.
Ah haha...I thought...
Sorry to think I could go for a walk without getting you know molested by your shoes.
You are you're a bitch. I said, I'm sorry.
Hey,hey,He doesn't mean it.
Oh, no, I definitely mean it. Look at me. I'm a turtle.Can I just... look at me. Look at me. I'd rather not .I mean it!
Yeah, maybe we could just buy you a new one.?Yeah, let's just buy me a new spine because that's how the world works
Yeah, that was pretty dumb dude. Uh...Look ,cause I just tell you now. I'm dating your mom.
Wat?Dam!We've been seen each other for like a while now, which makes you my son.
Why is my mom so flirty! was doing alright-Oh my god .Franklin put some clothes on!Karen,
It's time he knows. Uh,well since your mom and dad are fighting... He's not my dad. I love you, son.
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When your parents start fighting (feat. CallMeCarson)

208 Folder Collection
餓犬 published on February 25, 2020    餓犬 translated    Evangeline reviewed
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