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- Hey BuzzFeed, I'm Jackson Wang from China,
and today I'm gonna answer 30 questions in 30 seconds.
30 minutes (buzzer)
3 minutes (bell)
Oh my God, let's go.
(funky music)
- Post Malone, "Wow."
(Post Malone music)
- Ngo ngoi nei, wǒ ài nǐ,
ngu eh nóng, salanghae , I love you
(clock ticking)
- A mobile with signal, to call my managers to bring me back
- My manager
(clock ticking)
- Regrets.
- Golden retriever, next.
- I'm Jackson Wang from China, next
- Woke up as a girl?
I don't like long hair, cut it short.
- Good question, next.
- Yes,
oh my God that was
(clock ticking)
- Ambition, passion, oh my God, Jackson.
Work hard, play hard.
- Oh my goodness.
When I was in primary school, I mean not primary school,
middle school, I changed my email to her name.
Oh my God, please delete this.
- What?
- Oh my goodness?
I'm Chinese, next.
- No!
- Of course, like 10 minutes.
- What do you think?
- Mint chocolate, next.
- I don't have a password,
oh, what?
I'm not gonna tell you!
- Five.
(clock ticking)
- My parents.
(necklace rattling)
- Okay
(shutter clicks)
- Baby Jackson.
- Of course, RM.
- He's my best buddy.
- Every, twice a week.
- I can't, next.
- No spicy food, next!
I'm allergic.
- Cheese!
- Oh, oh.
Mom or Dad?
(sad piano music)
Mom, but I love you Dad.
I did it, right?
I can even do like 60 questions,
thank you Buzzfeed.
(funky music)
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30 Questions In 3 Minutes With Jackson Wang

46 Folder Collection
Isla Fisher published on February 23, 2020
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