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Hey, Brett.
Playing violin's so hard.
I wish I could learn violin faster.
Wait a second!
Let me Google.
- Learn violin in 30 days! - Woah!
That definitely doesn't sound
or look like a scam website at all.
I should have looked at this
before I did the Tchaikovsky stream.
You should've looked at it when you were six,
you'd be soloist at six years old in 30 days.
- Oh!!! - Oh!!!
Alright, obviously, we're kidding.
If you're new to our channel,
we're violinists and we're all about real talent!
Busting myths about being
the fastest violinist in the world or fake TV playing and
today we're gonna bust
- this very dodgy looking website. - This fakest...
Alright, let's see what this website claims
because hey, it might be legit.
First thing I see is...
In big bold red letters...
Who else wants to discover the astonishingly simple
secrets to mastering the violin...
In less than 30 days.
When was it secret? There's no secrets.
Secret is you already got it!
- Practice! - Dude, imagine - No... It's a secret man, we can't tell.
Oh, yeah.
Dude, master violin in 30 days...
That's a disgusting insult.
If anyone ever just says they mastered the violin...
Don't listen to them.
Even Heifetz,
one of the greatest violinists of the 20th century,
he would always be practicing well into
- like peak of his career. - Yeah.
The rest of the world thought
he was the master of the violin.
And he's still trying to get better.
- It's the process - - It's not...
Oh my god, I want to get it in 30 days.
Well, then, after 30 days what do you do? You just...
Tell everyone you mastered the violin?
- And stop practicing. - You can't stop.
Even Heifetz even said that...
If he stops practicing for one day, he knows it.
Two days, the critics knows it.
Three days...
Public knows it.
So tell that to a master violinist.
- Alright. Let's move on. - Let us move on. Let's move on.
- Or this will be a ten-hour episode. Wait, wait - - Question is, where do we go?
- We missed the bottom part. - Oh yeah, the best one.
A complete step-by-step guide to learning the violin.
Whatever this is they're selling better be like a
10 billion page thick book.
And there's an under -
There's an underscore on "every".
Wait, wait, wait.
- I'm about to play the violin, you ready? - Okay, ready.
I can't breathe!
It's every time.
The moment your bow touches your violin...
- Even when you're practicing. - It's music.
This revolutionary...
Nothing's really revolutionary in violin.
- Yeah. Yeah. - It just takes a lot of practice, guys.
Even Harry Potter is at risk.
I love how it says...
Click Bank.
- Trusted and secure - Trusted and secure.
in like some low resolution thing.
- And then on the browser, it says not secure. Like... - Not...
Dude, it's literally a not secure website, like...
Um, yeah. I'm sold.
Give it to me.
- I want it now. I - - I want this as well.
Take my money.
Dude, Ling Ling watch out.
Practice 40 hours a day?
I'll master in 30 days. I'll never practice again.
Slash the hours, guys.
This marketing is just setting the wrong expectations.
No golden method will let you
- learn it in 30 day. - You can't.
And the person is just gonna get disappointed and quit.
If I still can't master it despite
having that revolutionary technique...
It must be something wrong with me.
It's all my fault.
You just got scammed.
Don't do it.
Songs, not pieces.
It's one of those...
Nothing is perfect, guys.
You know, this makes that simply piano app...
Look like a University.
Yeah, I know!
Simply piano app, that's like already bad.
Write your own music in just weeks?
Hey Tchaikovsky, what do you think, hey?
- Dude, I can't - - You can write your music in 30 days.
Tchaikovsky's like...
I wish I had this so I could write my concerto in 1 week.
Oh yeah, it also teaches you perfect pitch.
- Perfect pitch. Yeah... Don't worry about it. - Nice, nice, nice.
Guys, it's just I spent my whole life, I still haven't got it.
It's all good.
- I must be so stupid. - Ohh...
You're not.
- You just never bought this program. - Yeah, oh...
- You just never pulled out your credit card. - I could have cut my time, yeah.
- Oh... Let me get it right now. - And then -
Where's my card?
All musicians out there that...
Spent hours and paid for uni tuition.
This is it, guys.
This is it.
- Dude, this is just the first page. - Dude...
- Why it works. - Oh my god.
Say goodbye the dull practice.
- Ohh!!! Bye practice! - Bye practice!
Don't need you anymore.
Let's - Let's face it. Oh my god, we gonna face it.
Let's face it, guys.
Learning to play an instrument can -
- We're getting way into this. - Yeah.
We're getting way too in it.
Learning to play an instrument can be one of the most
grindingly boring experience.
Now, he's going the other way.
If you have to spend literally thousands...
Literally a thousand hours practicing.
A thousands is not even enough.
- You need like 10,000. - You need 10,000 at least.
I think we've done over 10,000 though. We still...
Not enough.
- Wow... - What does that have to do with
- any of it? - There's no s -
Even if a song has been done for a thousands of years,
- that has no correlations. - You don't just go...
How do you?
Huh? What?
The result is this intuitive...
I hate this word, revolutionary.
Fail proof program!
Realistically, there's no real shortcuts.
Yes, there's talented people
and people with talent have a faster edge.
But those talented people still need to practice.
Still need to work hard, still need right education,
right mentors and teachers.
Why do you think for hundreds of years,
musicians that wanted to get better
would travel so far away from home
to learn from one good private tutor? Why do you think...
Musicians at age 16,
fly to Juilliard or Curtis to live in America?
Like guys, it still happens today.
Why do you think people practice countless hours?
Why do you think we do 40 hours a day?
Yeah, there's no magic pill...
- I know. Let's say we just like - - That you can swallow and just...
- Revolutionary, like become... - Yeah.
Can we just make this clear, any like
- weird ass products out there... - Yeah.
That claims to teach you to become a better musician
or cut the time in half...
That money's probably better spent on
buying a better instrument...
Or actually spending money on lessons.
And this is not to say don't seek out resources.
We seeked out for a lot of helpful resources,
when we were studying violin.
Carl Flesch wrote a book on the art of violin playing.
It's very good, I recommend it.
- Yeah. So many good literature. - There's plenty of good literature out there.
If it says that you're gonna learn the violin
and master in 30 days...
Just run.
Just don't.
Actually, send it to us.
- Yeah, you should send it - - We will be your audit.
So, why the violin?
- What is so - Ooo, ooo. - What is so great about it?
Did you hear that guys?
Clearly, we're very classy, stylish and prominent.
- Tsss... Ooo... - Ooo...
- Wow, they really had to put that in? - Wow.
Oh, here we go. As a bonus you will...
Dot dot dot...
Guys, put those dating apps aside.
Violin is the way.
Learn Despacito.
That's right, guys.
Have you never had the respect you ever wanted?
Learn the violin in 30 days and you'll get the respect...
You deserve.
Mmm, okay.
More often it brings low self-esteem, but sure.
Which party have you ever been to where...
- The violin is the star of the party? - Yeah.
Just stop the DJ and pull out the chords.
- Dun, dun, dun. Just start playing. - And just start playing.
Wow. Their selling is so much ********.
Join now and get instant access to our
easy-to-follow violin lessons.
- I don't trust it. - Man, look at his left hand!
- That is not good. - Ohh...
What is that?
- Look at it. Yeah, It's like... - It's like - It's like this.
- This... - Hey guys, that is not right.
- Here. - The wrist needs to come back, like that.
Not that. This.
Wait, there's more than one program?
The next course after...
- I thought you just said master it in 30 days! - I thought you said 30 days! I know!
And now you're telling me...
- I need to have two 30-day programs? - Master is the other one.
Oh and another one, play by ear program!
That's 120 days.
You will also have access to our genre specific
training allowing you to become an expert on any
or all of the music genres.
Wow, not just...
- Classical. You can become... - Violin classical music.
- Jazz. R&B. - Jazz.
Rock, pop, country, gospel.
And many more!
Yeah, just ask - Yeah, yeah, that's right.
You're just gonna have Itzhak Perlman constantly on the
- call center. - "Hello -"
Visualization tools. Play your violin on your computer.
Play theory flashcards. Violin -
Dude, guys, stop.
This is just too much.
This is actually gonna slow down your progress,
cause you're wasting your time doing -
Random stuff, when you should
actually just be practicing.
Wait, Hilary! when did you compose a violin concerto?
Brahms and Vanessa Mae?!
Did this guy buy the rights for the recordings?
Dude, never make a mistake again.
First time, you play something perfect.
I'm gonna put my...
Bow to the string and it's gonna be like...
TV shows.
Maybe TV shows bought this.
And the whole thing was like... Guys, just dub it.
It's like, step one...
Add oil...
Okay, throwing the freaking
- buzzwords now. - buzzwords.
Oh my god.
Dude, stop trying to avoid practice.
- Practice is fun, if you just accept it for what it is. - Just practice.
Yeah, there's no shortcuts. Just do it.
- Ohh!!! - Ohh!!! Here we go!
Oh no...
Customer reviews.
Dude, look at his bow! *cough*
That is not someone you want on
your testimonial doing this.
You get the respect man.
- Oh, look at her! - Ohh!
Her bow is too high!
Ohh, "I was reluctant to spend money."
Yeah, you should have stayed reluctant, mate.
"It's just magical."
How much did they pay them to make a fake review?
- Oh wait, they probably just made a fake account. - Sent themselves.
Still hesitating?
Try it risk-free.
- Our no hassle, 100% 60 Day... - Do you trust this?
Dude, the website says not secure.
- You're never gonna get your money back. - Yeah.
Don't do it.
Membership $4.95, 14-day trial.
Okay guys, I think that's enough.
I wanted to make this video because I felt like,
it's good to...
Kind of set the expectation, in case people out there
aren't exposed to what it's like to learn an instrument and
fall for this kind of -
We want to protect those people out there.
If you by chance watch this, if you know some,
please share this video.
What these marketers are doing is
they're trying to appeal to this instant need for feedback.
Yes, and the people that are not confident in themselves.
- Yeah. - A low self-esteem.
And think they can't do it.
And then when this doesn't work,
it makes them feel even worse about themselves.
They just quit.
- Pays off. - It's a long game.
Patience really pays off.
- Yeah. - One month, we always think we can go here...
And we realize, oh actually we can only go here.
But we don't realize, after ten years,
you could play really well.
You don't need some shady product.
You just need to put time in.
- Yeah. - And surround yourself
with people that are supportive so you enjoy it
and get the right mindset about it.
Mhm. Mhm.
Like this community.
Yeah. Check it out, Ling Ling 40 hours.
Alright, guys, on that note..
Please come to our...
Subscribe in 30 day program.
Hit the subscribe button first.
Wait, wait, no, no, no.
We're gonna teach you
to learn the violin in just 30 minutes.
- Oh!!! - Oh!!!
Join the Ling Ling revolution!
Get the respect you deserve.
- Be cool. - I can't.
Alright guys, please like and subscribe.
- See you guys next time. - Who wants the respect?
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Learn Violin in 30 Days (and get scammed)

31 Folder Collection
李芷凝 published on February 23, 2020
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