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Umu: So this is Seventeen, this is a boy group that is debuted a few years ago that Hugo and all the other reactors
Umu: Have already reacted to the music videos
U: So we're about to watch a live performance
Umu: Kpop idols, after they release an album and a music video, they go onto different shows and compete to win each show
Umu: And it's voted on by their fans
Alexis: Oh, okay Umu: Yeah, so this is one of those shows
Umu: So Seventeen "Pretty U"
Jeremy: Woah, this is cool
Alexis: This is so-
Alexis: I enjoy this very much
Jeremy: This is so, like, stereotypical
Jeremy: But I like it Hugo: I feel like it's musical chairs
Gwen: I wish we could film you doing these things
Alexis: I love it
Gwen: I think one of the lead singers of Seventeen has a very prepubescent sounding voice {JIHOON LMAO}
Hugo: I like his voice best so far
Jeremy: Yeah
Hugo: He's got the best line
H: Like continuity in his singing
U: Dude with the jacket- with the jean jacket? Hugo: What?
Umu: Jeans jacket dude? Hugo: Yeah
Rachel: There's so many bowl cuts
Jonathan: Yeah
Jonathan: I don't know where to focus, there's so much going on
Hugo: oOOOh that's nice falsetto Jeremy: Yeah
Jeremy: He has a very boy voice
Jeremy: Like, very boyish
Gwen: One of the most impressive things about kpop, especially live performances
G: We haven't been able to see it very much in music videos because, you know, it's lipsynced when they're actually filming it
Gwen: But, like, in live performances, they manage to dance whlie still having VERY consistent voices
Alexis: Yeah, and they don't sound exhausted
Gwen: No, which is Wildt™ because I would be sweating and out of breath
Alexis: Practice
Rachel: Their voices sound very young
Rachel: Kind of like boys, but it works
Jeremy: I like his voice a lot Hugo: What? J: Yeah, I do like his voice a lot
Jonathan: I wonder what the audition process is like for this Rachel: I know
Jonathan: "We want you to be superhumans"
Rachel: Please sing something Top 40
Rachel: I love the foot Jonathan: It looks like flailing fish
Umu: What do you think about, like, dancing while singing?
Hugo: It's intense. They're doing a really good job 'cause that takes a lot of breath Jeremy: I would not be able to sing like that
Jeremy: And dance
Hugo: They're doing a good job of giving the singers who are currently doing singing the main line stillness, which I think is playing into them getting these heavy breaths in their singing
Gwen: I can't imagine being the sound tech on shows like this. It must SUCK Alexis: This is so precious
Alexis: They have such baby faces
Gwen: Well, I guess they pass around solo mics so nevermind
Gwen: No, but he just-
U: some have mics, like, attached, and some have it
Gwen: They all have mics attached but if they're singing a big solo they sometimes have their own solo mic
Gwen: But not always
Hugo: Uh, get it
Jeremy+Hugo: OOOOOH
Rachel: [hitting seungkwan's note]
Rachel: Seventh
Jonathan: GET OUT
Hugo: Now THAT was good! That was some good shit Jeremy: Until the last one
Jeremy: That was good
Rachel: It's so cool, the audience is, like, right with them
Rachel: Ooh it's the breakdown
Alexis: I'm enjoying this very much
Alexis: It's just such an experience
{baksu jjak jjak jjak jjak}
Gwen: I like this part of the song
Alexis: This song is not- oh my goodness
Alexis: I love it
Gwen: I love the screaming girls in the background. It think that really makes it better
Umu: Did you catch the high note?
Alexis: There was a high note? Gwen: No, where was it? At the end?
Alexis: Got that little pitch at the top
Gwen: Icky icky icky
U: Yeah, what happened?
Alexis: It started out, like... Gwen: It started out good then it was like, AHHHHHH
Alexis: It's okay Gwen: That's my impersonation
Gwen: That was mean, it was not that bad
Alexis: It started out strong and then it got... because rather than adjusting as you're going up
Alexis: He's, like, "I'm gonna take the exact thing I'm doing and push it higher. And then push it higher" And then it got to a point where it's just really really pitched
Gwen: I mean, you see singers, and the higher they get it's like [demonstrates]
Gwen: Like they have this massive space they make
Gwen: Okay, tell me you don't- Okay, you don't sing F#s anyway
Alexis: I'm a mezzo so that's...
Gwen: But- so, you need more space the higher you sing, and exactly what you were saying, he took [demonstrates]
Gwen: And at a certain point, there's not enough space for something to happen productively
G: So then you're just like, punching it into your vocal chords, and it's just icky
Alexis: I'm just surprised he didn't crack
Gwen: I'm sure Hugo and Jeremy had the same sort of reaction
Hugo: For singing and dancing, I think they did a really good job and his high notes were.. Jeremy: Yeah, his high notes were really great
Umu: And so what about the last one?
Jeremy: The highest one was like, it was very short, it was a little ohhhhh my god you're about to crack
Jeremy: Like, hanging on for dear life
Jeremy: But he made it through
Hugo: He did, and he did a good job with it
Jeremy: It was not really out of tune Hugo: No J: Except for the very beginning
Hugo: Yeah, the very beginning was just a little flat, and then it was fine
Jonathan: It was interesting, they were all very in sync, dancewise
J: I'm pretty sure they were lipsyncing otherwise that would Umu: oh really???
Jonathan: Oh, were they not?? U: I'm pretty sure they weren't on this one {mcountdown does allow prerecorded vocals im p sure so jonathan could b right, but idols, esp svt, can sing live + do choreo!}
U: Because I heard some, there were quite a few, uh.. Intonation errors at the beginning
Rachel: Maybe Jonathan: That could just be in the track, I mean, I don't know
Rachel: It was less vocally impressive than
Rachel: The two of them Umu: Chen and Baekhyun
Rachel: That was, like
Rachel: More vocally impressive. But this was entertainment factor a bazillion
Gwen: The thing about kpop is they all need to- they all value intonation and dancability over actual how pretty your voice sounds
Gwen: Because they have these groups they need the strength and the tight chords to be attractive
Gwen: So they have one of two people that have great voices
G: Just, like...
Gwen: In like, Alexis: Air G: Just like in, uh...
Gwen: In American pop, you have, like
G: You have people with great voices and then you line them up with people who are okay
G: But have really good intonation. So it's basically these groups are
G: If you took, like, a Lady Gaga song and you made her background part of the group, and made them have slightly more parts and be on stage with her
G: It would be that type of thing
Hugo: It was interesting to hear the different timbres. There were definitely people who were true fuckin tenors
H: And then there were people who were.. Jeremy: The really.. H: Tenor II's
J: There were some baritones, too
Hugo: It's interesting that all male groups, for the most part, from what I've seen, it's made up of tenors
H: Like, everyone in the group is a tenor, there's no
H: I've only encountered, there's one group that had a guy that was getting some hella low harmonies
H: He was doing a banging job of it
U: Oh, was it Hobi in BTS? H: I think so
Hugo: I'd actually like to see more of that
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Classical Vocalists React: Seventeen 'Pretty U' Live

31 Folder Collection
莊詠婷 published on February 22, 2020
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