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I am~
a charming~
little apple~
A video that went viral on social media
Someone splitting an apple in half with his bare hands while singing beautifully
Is he a high school student?
Is that even possible?
That can't be real!
Who is he?
The only idols left are...
I saw this before!
So Jung is definitely not the one
Is it Jong Ho who is smiling suspiciously?
Or Y, who is silently nodding his head?
Who is the Idol from the viral video?
The Idol in the video is...
Jong Ho!
It's Jong Ho!
- You're the guy from the video? - Yeah
The apples are splitting into half as Jong Ho touches them - It looks so effortless! - Is that possible?
Are you really that strong?
Did he really do that?
(Yup it was me)
The apples are breaking in half one by one...
(Shocked) - He's putting no effort into it!
To the last apple... a perfect success!
Hi I'm the high school student from the viral video
Now I'm an adult, but
Before anything else!
Not everyone gets to taste an apple broken in half by me!
Would you like a bite?
This doesn't happen everyday
(I'm honored)
(She didn't even chew it yet)
(Love it already)
Her teeth didn't even reach the apple!
That is truly amazing
We prepared something
(Forced smile)
An assortment of fruit just for Jong Ho! - A melon? - He can't split a melon
- I'll try my best - That's impossible!
I tried it on an orange, and a pear before so...
An orange?
The melon seems like a real challenge
So I'll try it first
- How is he gonna do that? - Can he really do it?
(I can't look)
(Is it possible...?)
The melon is smashed!
The audience is in shock
Ooh it's dripping everywhere
Okay I'm done with the melon now
(How is that possible?)
- Aren't melons super hard? - Of course they are, the skin is really thick
(Don't be so shocked yet)
- Do you have a lot of anger...? - No... not at all.. ha ha
(That's a relief)
(Moving on~)
Next up is...
- You won! - Won what?
What do you mean? - Look under the melon - Under?
What is it?
(He got !)
Another song is revealed!
by Hong Jin Young
A trot classic, covered by so many artists
Covered by a male idol?
(Confident) - I'm confident about this
I listen to it pretty often
The other contestants should be nervous
He probably had no idea who he was up against!
That's right
(Why did I say that...)
Where is that place?
A local singing class!
Among the elderly women...
There is Jong Ho
- He blends in so well! - I almost missed him!
So what's Hong Jin Young's signature move?
Yes aegyo!
(He he I was right)
If you sing it like every other song, it won't be good enough
What do you need?
The dance time begins!
(Jong Ho's passion for learning)
It's like he's being brainwashed
Yeah like zombies ha ha
Jong Ho, come on up!
Give it up for Jong Ho!
(Gotta film this)
He's so good!
A professional idol!!
(There's a choreography)
Is this an SAT academy?
Good job!
Everyone clap!
For Jong Ho's win!
Jong Ho, fighting!!
Jong Ho's performance of begins now!
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[ENG sub] Mnet TMI NEWS [26회] 종호꽃이 피었습니다~ 트로트 교실에 피어난 귀염 뽀짝 에이티즈 종호꽃♥ 200122 EP.26

19 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on February 22, 2020
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