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Hey MMX fans, Maureen here from Meticulae Designs. I've been wanting to
make an animated visualization of the kinetic fingers
ever since Videos #82 and 83 when they were introduced and subsequently
disparaged. Maybe seeing them moving will help people like them better or at
least help them understand what Martin's going for. I've got two versions to show
you. This first version is the fingers with moving joints controlled by spring
steel and a cable mechanism which I detailed in my companion video; go check
it out! What I like about this is it actually looks like these fingers are
dropping a marble. The second is with rigid fingers. This is the direction
Martin seemed to be headed the last time he talked about them. I think it kind of
looks like spider legs or maybe a typewriter. On the original machine, the
fingers were the marble droppers. Hopefully you can see how the design has
evolved for the MMX. I think it'll work well for its function of being seen from
far away.
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Kinetic Fingers - Animated Visualization for MMX

21 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on February 22, 2020
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