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This blade has a dark past.
It has shed much innocent blood.
You're a fool for traveling alone, so completely unprepared.
You're lucky your blood's still flowing.
Thank you.
What brings you to the land of the gatekeepers?
I'm searching for someone.
Someone very dear? A kindred spirit?
A dragon.
A dangerous quest for a lone hunter.
I've been alone for as long as I can remember.
We're almost done. Shhh...
Hey, sit still.
Good night, Scales.
Get him, Scales! Come on!
Yeah! Come on!
I have failed.
You've only failed to see...
These are dragon lands, Sintel.
You are closer than you know.
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Short Film Sintel 3D Movie : HD Blender Video Animation

1513 Folder Collection
kenwu888 published on June 30, 2014
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