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Welcome to Ling Ling 40 Hours!
The most talented subreddit in the world.
(The most talented subreddit ever!)
(Ling Ling 40 Hours unite!)
(Ling Ling wannabes!)
(Practice! Practice!)
(Did you practice today?)
Let's see what talented memes you guys have this episode.
I gotta say,
arranging that whole orchestra part was a
Too many notes to arrange.
And it was annoying 'cause I arranged all of them to be-
in my mind, what would sound the best.
And then I played it,
and I realised I couldn't play...
so many lines at once.
- But it's pretty good though. - And so... yeah.
That was alright.
Brett: Okay. Eddy: Whoa!
Brett: Let's see. Eddy: You got 4,600 upvotes, so...
Oh, it's here.
That's the first time I heard a melody on a tuba.
I know you said like a...
try-not-to-cringe intonation edition, but...
- Not bad. - I mean, I didn't cringe.
- Yeah, I didn't crin- - I think I would cringe more
at my intonation at this point.
Oh, yeah! 2M.
We literally dropped the 2 million.
Oh... so true.
No, what happened was...
Originally, we want-
gonna put it on music stand,
but then I realised I needed the music stand.
And so we were like
"Oh, it's alright. We got sticky tape."
And we realised we ran out of sticky tape.
So we were like...
So we were like "Oh, we got Blu Tack."
- And... - And uh...
that didn't work out too well.
Brett: Yeah, we tried.
- So meta, no one would get it, unless you're a musician. - Yeah.
Only musicians will get this meme!
Eddy: Oh wow, that's amazing!
Damn, where are you right now? It looks so cold.
It looks so nice.
- Wait, is it cold in that hemisphere? - I wanna go there.
I haven't seen the snow so long.
- Oh no! - When was that?
Where did you find this?!
Who took the photo?
- Yeah, that's what I'm trying to... Yeah, I know. - And why am I looking at the camera?
And how did they find this photo?
Where did you find this photo?! *suspicious music*
I think I've seen-
Ooh, no, I've seen the first one, but not...
- I've seen some of these... - Some of them, yeah.
- on YouTube. - I've seen this one. Seen this one.
That's new, no?
That's new.
I love the...
- creative angles and perspectives. - Whoa!
- Yeah... - You know?
- Like, from the foot. - Yeah.
Or from behind, or from above.
- Oh, "Bonus challenge!" - And look!
"Thank you for being awesome!"
"Tchaikovsky dr-"
I mean our toes are...
pretty legit.
Thank you again!
Did you draw this during the live stream?
That looks like you when you were younger.
I know. They made my hair look better.
Eddy: Ha ha ha!
Actually did-
- But hey, thank you. - It actually looks like Brett when he was younger.
Brett: And your hair is legit. Eddy: "Eddy as 'orchestra,' featuring the orchestra."
Ha ha ha.
It's pretty funny that how
Eddy played the whole orchestra part.
There's so much memes going around.
And everyone's just like...
"Holy s***."
- Just in case you didn't know, I have perfect pitch. - Yeah, "I have perfect pitch."
- But hey, like... - Yeah.
- If you have perfect pitch, why not, right? - If you had it, why wouldn't you flex it?
You should use it.
*sings a note*
Don't tell me what that note is. Um...
G sharp!
Ooh... close!
Close but no tuning fork.
But still not perfect.
Yes, all the Europeans that joined us for the stream,
thank you so much.
That's exactly what they went through.
They're like...
"Gotta get up!"
That's what I went through.
I mean...
not that it was midnight for me,
but I couldn't sleep the night before.
(both) We both couldn't sleep.
- And then I heard Eddy not sleeping, - A ha ha!
and I was like "I should not get up now"
- "because if we get up, we're definitely not sleeping." - Yeah.
For those of you that missed our live stream,
we had 40,000-
At a point, 44,000?
44,000 live s-
- people watching at once. - At once.
So that's like...
roughly 20 Opera Houses,
- full houses watching you play Tchaikovsky at once. - Yes.
I thought I... I mean, I didn't...
- ...think much but- - think much, so I was like
"Oh, probably like 2- 3,000 people watching."
- Yeah. - When I saw the numbers immediately
- shot up to 20,000 in like 30 seconds, - I started to get nervous.
- I went- Me too. - I started to-
My heartbeat- I was like...
- "Okay, this is not funny anymore." - Yeah.
And that what- concert?!
- Is that during the concert? - Oh! Yeah!
Orchestra perfor- everyone's...
- Ohh... That's so funny! - Thank you for the support!
That is the privilege of being a...
- or... - At the-
and sometimes, like, if you're in the pit,
- a woodwind player, or brass player, percussion. - When you have all these tutti,
- Yeah. - like, when you have all these rests.
Well, even just like being at the back,
so no one can see.
- Yeah, no one can see. You could be playing the music. - and you got a stand.
- Yeah? Yeah! - No one knows.
Eddy: 'Cause looking at her part,
she doesn't have rests,
Eddy: but she's just streaming anyway. Brett: Yeah.
Eddy: He or she though. Brett: Oh, she's...
Brett: He or she is playing!
Eddy: Yeah!
- A HA HA HA...!! - Like streaming while playing! Multitasking!
Oh! "anxious-vio-"
Oh... so she was the pianist!
- Someone took a photo of her, and posted on their Ins- - Yeah, and then... yeah.
G♭♭ for respect!
"F for respect, but I admire the dedication!"
Look at this.
Six-tup-plet flat!
quadruple... quarter flats?
Is that a thing?
*speaks in Asian accent*
He's got a Flexible.
Dude, what is that?
- Yes. How do you learn piano- - Why would you want a f-
Dude, you don't want that.
Oh my god...
Oh my god!
- They look like faces when you circle them. - Yeah.
They look like that comic Cyanide & Happiness.
Yeah... Yes, the...
- They're like "Hello, what?" Yeah, he's like... - Yeah, and that one at the bottom there.
- Aw, thank you, thank you. - Thank you, guys.
We really appreciate it.
Thank you for waking up at 3 am.
Wow. If it was me, I'd just...
wouldn't even be asleep yet.
But that's me. Don't do that.
Brett: Huh huh huh huh huh!
- It happened so many times in orchestra. - Yeah.
You're just like...
And the conductor didn't...
- like, cue. - ...cue, and you're like
A ha ha ha ha...!!
Well, they figured it out.
- Yeah. - "The 4 steps to get TwoSet to notice you."
That's right, guys.
Come on, Chinese dramas,
make more sacrilegious contents.
Next one.
*cough cough*
Ha ha ha...!
Cough, cough, cough!
- That's so true. - Everyone was clapping though.
- Yeah. Yeah. - Like, clapping emojis, remember?
- That was cool. - And the end. That was really cool.
I've never experienced a live stream concert before.
- Never. - It was really cool.
Actually, I remember seeing comments like...
"This is my first time experiencing"
"a classical concert in pajamas."
Dude, that'd be the sickest thing!
Imagine a pajama party.
Brett: Yeah...
- Yeah, everyone goes to the concert wearing pajamas. - Ha ha ha!
- And got like brownies, and hot chocolate. - Yeah, yeah!
At your own discretion.
Yeah, no promises there, mate!
- Yep. - Don't get ahead of yourself.
- Guys- - We just did the 2 mil Tchaik drop.
Let us- Let this idea sink.
Well, let us- let us...
- Yeah... Yeah, yeah. - Filter this out a bit.
Maybe 4 mil.
- Yeah! - Thank you!
That's a lot of arranging.
And you nailed the 3rd movement.
*sings the 3rd movement*
- Oh, the tuttis! - Yeah, all these tutti part.
All the tuttis are so stressful.
I know.
Ha ha ha! That's on your résumé now.
"2020 – I was an orchestra."
Alright, guys.
Thank you very much for watching.
And as always,
thank you for everyone that submitted your memes.
And thank you for watching the stream.
It was really cool to see you guys
- all so supportive with the stream. - Yeah.
Make sure to pay G♭♭ or...
- F... - G quadruple... quarter flats.
And F sh-
E double... triple sharps.
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Only ACTUAL Musicians Will Get This Meme

18 Folder Collection
李芷凝 published on February 20, 2020
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