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Hi, my name is Joe, and uh, I can’t grow a beard.
Hi Joe. -Hi.
Thanks for joining us Joe. I know it’s tough these days showing your face in public without any hair on it.
You’re very brave. Who wants to go first?
All my friends can grow beards and they make fun of me relentlessly.
And they’ll ask me, they'll say, “Hey did you just shave?”
No! No I didn’t! I haven’t shaved in a week. This is what I got.
You think that’s bad? I’ve been growing this thing out for over a year. I look thirteen.
Yesterday I caught my girlfriend reading an article called the 31 hottest bearded men of all time.
How about those articles that are like check out this ugly guy who sudden got really hot when he grew a beard.
Do you guys see the Fifty Shades of Grey trailer? Everybody’s complaining because the main guy
had to shave for the role and all of a sudden he’s not attractive. What the FxxK!?
Yeah but he’s so hot. He’s so hot. He’s a male model actor.
I mean like one fell swoop of razors isn’t gonna change that he’s hot. It is hell’s discrimination. It’s what it is.
Yeah, so last November.
Oh no, it’s November, November. This is a safe place. We don’t accommodate to impossible male beauties standard.
I love that. Yes. Last Movember people were asking me “oh, when you’re gonna grow it out. You are gonna grow it out and…”
You know how mad that made me feel? Like less of a man, right? Yes.
I know it’s hard, but you just have to donate to charity without taking photos with your sweet mustache.
We don’t need to hide behind follicle lice!
At least we’re honest about our jawlines!
I mean like, look, trends are cyclical right? that's our goal, see what I mean? If we could shave, and because we are minority….
Then people will psychologically be attracting you, me, and all of us again.
And that will be smooth and proud! (Smooth and proud!) Yeah!
Repeat after me. I’m a man. I cannot grow a beard. But it does not make me less of a man.
Makes me a man without a beard. Beauty is not in the beard. It’s the face behind it.
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Problems Only Guys Who Can't Grow Beards Will Understand

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Daniel Chin published on August 21, 2014    Daniel Chin translated    Chin Tung Hsu reviewed
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