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Squirrel colonies usually work together to fend off predators, but this female has decided to go it alone.
She fluffs her tail to appear bigger, distracts the cobra, and shields her body from the snake's strikes.
Sharp teeth deliver a quick bite to its tail.
The cobra strike could kill her.
Drop for drop, the cape cobra's venom is thought to be more deadly than that of the black mamba.
She's batting out of her league.
Her cocky confidence takes a hit as she struck, but it's just a blade of grass.
It's a reality check.
She needs to back down.
The action has caught the attention of a far meaner neighbor.
In seconds, the squirrel's gone from snake killer to scaredy cat.
She's bitten off more than she can chew.
But lucky for her, this yellow mongoose is the resident cobra hitman.
It's game on.
Snakes to the mongoose are like peanuts to the squirrel.
Guts of steel make him the perfect housemate, but he's not a freeloader.
He's the colony security system, specializing in deadly intruders.
The cobra's speedy defense strike is its trump card, the only thing that'll keep him alive.
They are each other's prey, but they are also each other's deadliest opponents.
The mongoose circles, looking for a weakness in the cobra's defense.
A quick strike needs a Matrix-style getaway.
It's a battle of speed.
The cobra tries intimidation, but it's not enough.
They know that if either turns their back, they're a goner.
They size up their weapons and punches fly.
The cobra delivers its winning blow.
He's been spared from becoming mongoose dinner.
The mongoose is immune to a certain quantity of the cobra's venom, but right now, he's not hungry enough to push those limits.
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Mongoose Vs. Cobra

1571 Folder Collection
lauren.huang published on February 20, 2020    lauren.huang translated    adam reviewed
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