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  • Killing a buffalo is a risky business.

  • But these wolves have hunted buffalo for hundreds, if not thousands, of years.

  • They know what they need to do.

  • The wolves have to attack from behind, so they must get the herd to run.

  • The buffalo know that if they stand and face the wolves, they have the advantage.

  • Sometimes these standoffs can last for days.

  • If the buffalo strategy was foolproof, there wouldn't be any wolves.

  • But eventually, the buffalo lose their nerve and decide to run for it.

  • I can see how the wolves are testing the buffalo, looking for a young animal or one that is struggling.

  • During the winter, the buffalo have to break trail, running through the deep snow.

  • They tire more quickly than the wolves.

  • Scattering through the bush forces the wolves to split up and reduces their effectiveness.

  • But the big alpha male is not distracted.

  • He's got a lock on his prey.

  • It's a yearling calf.

  • The big male is such a huge wolf.

  • He's able to bring this 600-pound animal to a stop all by himself.

  • But the herd scattering through the bush has led one of the younger wolves into his own solo battle.

  • He tries to grab the buffalo by the front.

  • And pays the price for this mistake.

  • [Cold Warriors: Wolves and Buffalo, Wednesday, 8/7 c on PBS.]

Killing a buffalo is a risky business.

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Wolves Hunting Buffalo | Cold Warriors: Wolves and Buffalo | NATURE | PBS

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