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(upbeat music)
- Hey guys, good morning.
I'm in Canal City in the center of the Fukuoka City.
Canal City is the name of the mall.
Fukuoka is the name of the city.
Canal City is a really popular shopping mall.
It's one that I really like coming to
even as a resident of Fukuoka City,
because the architecture is really interesting.
They do have a little canal
flowing through the shopping mall.
When you're visiting Fukuoka as a tourist,
Canal City is one of the in my opinion,
one of the must see spots
just because it has a really good concentration of shops
that I think tourists would be interested in.
There's tons of character shops, select shops.
There's so much going on here.
And it really is worth a visit
if you are planning an itinerary through Fukuoka City.
This is the Gundam Base in Fukuoka,
that just opened up in November.
And behind me there's the Gundam Cafe as well.
A lot of places outside Tokyo
aren't as lucky as Fukuoka to get those attractions.
But we have quite a few.
And today, we're gonna head to
the Kirby Cafe (electronic beeping)
the Kirby Cafe, I'm really excited about
because my boyfriend is a huge fan of Kirby.
And I know that they're only here to the end of this month.
So I really want to take him before they close.
And that's where we're going right now.
(upbeat music)
The Kirby Cafe menu has a variety of different options
for the ultimate Kirby fan to try,
from mains such as burgers and curry,
to desserts like mousse and pancakes.
Just looking through the menu front to back,
is really entertaining on its own.
Depending on the menu item,
you might even get to keep a souvenir plate,
figurine, mug or jar.
Even the drinks come with a special Kirby coaster
that you're encouraged to take home.
(upbeat music)
This is my Kirby dessert plate.
It's a mousse.
It's a strawberry mousse Kirby,
with strawberry jam, whipped cream and some fruit.
I do love that Kirby's wearing his chef's hat right here.
It's as if he is serving himself to me on this plate.
(upbeat music)
(typewriter clicks)
(electronic bleeping)
- [Boyfriend] How do you rate that?
- I think, for what it is, I really like it.
But I think, when you come to a character cafe,
you have to come because you like the characters
and not because you like the food.
It's not that the food's terrible,
it's just that there's not really anything
that they do particularly well.
It's not like anything that you eat is gonna be
the best thing you've ever tasted.
But it is gonna look really cute.
It's gonna be an adventure
because of the presentation,
because of the ideas, the creativity.
And if you eat with your eyes, that it's a good meal.
Yeah, I like this dessert.
I think it was a good balance of everything.
It had cake and mousse and fruit and whipped cream
and ice cream.
So I'm super-satisfied with it,
and it's really cute.
(upbeat music)
- [Boyfriend] The tree.
- [Micaela] Yeah, you can buy the tree.
You can buy these special plates.
You can get one of these.
This one's really cute.
It's a mug with a lid.
So you could put soup in there
or I don't know, tea, coffee.
So can I ask you a question?
- [Boyfriend] Yeah.
- [Micaela] How would you rate the Kirby Cafe?
- I thought it was a good laugh.
I enjoyed it.
It's like watching people get a coffee cup
that has a nice print on the top,
of them smiling-- - Getting excited.
- [Boyfriend] And all that.
Yeah, I mean, it's a good experience.
It generally, it's like good vibes in there.
It's like we're there for the vibes.
- [Micaela] Yeah, that's a good way to put it.
(upbeat music)
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5 MIN VLOG → Trying The Kirby Cafe in Fukuoka

39 Folder Collection
Mayu Okuuchi published on February 19, 2020
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