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  • I like your haircut.

  • Thank you.

  • [Things your crush does that drive you crazy.]

  • Hey Ryan.

  • Oh, hey.

  • I like your jacket, man.

  • Oh, thanks, man.

  • [They see you when you're a hot mess.]

  • Hey, it looks like someone had a good night!

  • Oh, ah, yeah.

  • Long night?

  • One could say that.

  • But when you look cute...

  • Hey Danny, nice shirt!

  • Thankshave you seen Tony?

  • Tony, no. He's in Taiwan.

  • Some super fancy business trip.

  • Perfect.

  • [Gun shows.]

  • He's doing it again.

  • It's over the top.

  • [...That last too long.]

  • Really?

  • Yeahseven minutes.

  • Unnecessary.

  • [Catching you staring.]

  • Hey!

  • -What are you guys doing? -We didn't see you!

  • We're just, we're just hanging out.

  • Yeah, hanging out.

  • Yeah?

  • Yeah!

  • [Finding out their availability.]

  • Hey, how's it going?

  • I had a date last night.

  • Ooh, and how was the date?

  • Bad.

  • Well, you know what they say, plenty of fish in the sea.

  • Do you know anyone?

  • [How does your crush drive you crazy?]

  • Plenty on Tinder for sure.

  • Tinder... ooh, I don't know.

  • I've heard only bad things about Tinder.

  • Really?

  • Yeah!

  • I thought I saw you on it.

  • No...

  • Probably like an old account, or probably someone just looks like me.

  • Is this not you?

  • I mean, I can see how you can...

  • No, no.

I like your haircut.

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Things Your Crush Does That Drive You Crazy

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    Mackenzie posted on 2020/05/08
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