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(crunching sound)
- Blake can you give me a hand with these bikes please?
- Yeah, for sure, hang on.
- Just check 'em over.
- Oh yeah, real good.
That's perfect.
Ready Neil?
Can't wait.
Oh oh oh, can't wait.
Buckle up Neil.
Let's go.
- Blake we're doing some downhill runs
and we've got the perfect uplift vehicle,
a Mercedes Benz X Class so thanks to them.
What do you reckon, we're going to do loads in Portugal.
- Oh Neil, it's the first time right here.
But we couldn't look any more mountain bike
than we are right now in this pick up
with bikes on the back.
- You know what, the first round of next years
World Cup Downhill's going to be here as well,
so we get a little sneak peak.
- Oh we've been, well...
Unofficially officially been told we can test the track.
- [Neil] Really? - [Blake] No.
That's a lie.
- Do you reckon this is the top?
- Cause we've been going for a long time.
- Yeah.
Look, there's the tracks, just over there.
- Oh there's the tracks, yeah!
It's a big hill.
- Oh it's rough.
Neil, rough, Neil.
- Oh it's so majestic looking with this fog.
I love riding in the fog.
- Nice.
- Just makes it more mountain bike.
- Ready to rock and flipping roll.
Neil, this is going to be the best.
You ready? - I'm ready.
- Oh dude, it's started chucking it down Neil, so good.
Have you got your, you've got your helmet.
Where's my helmet?
(dramatic music)
Where is my helmet Neil?
- Where's your helmet?
I haven't seen your helmet.
(dramatic music)
(blows a raspberry)
You've forgotten it? - Yep.
I haven't got my helmet.
- All right.
- I haven't got my helmet.
- Tell you what, I'll race ya to the bottom.
- Race? - Yeah.
- Neat.
- Slowest one has to drive the next uplift as well.
- Oh no, that could be me again Neil.
- Could be.
Watch this.
- Watch this Neil, you ready?
- You ready?
- Three... Go.
- Ah, ya cheat.
- Can't let Neil beat me.
(dramatic music)
Ohhh, where is he?
Oh man.
Can't believe I've forgotten my helmet.
(dramatic music)
Oh man, I love off roading.
(dramatic music)
Ah there's Neil.
Oh he's so close.
He was bombing!
It is wet out there.
(dramatic music)
Whoa you don't want to go down there.
Do not want to roll down there.
(dramatic music)
Whoa dude.
(dramatic music)
Oh, muddy muddy bottom.
(dramatic music)
Oh, we've got an obstacle coming up.
Somewhat of a fallen down tree.
This is definitely going to slow me down,
while Neil's flying down the mountain.
Whoa, close to that branch.
He's back on it.
(dramatic music)
- Whoa.
(dramatic music)
- I feel like Neil's going to be quite quick down here.
(dramatic music)
Ohhh, a bit rocky here.
(dramatic music)
Oh we're coming to the end.
(dramatic music)
(bird song) (gentle music)
Oh, we've come to the end.
This is the end, this is the end, this is the end.
I'm on the tarmac now, I feel a lot quicker.
Look at that.
Has he made it?
Has he made it?
What the hell, no way!
How the hell!
Did you get down here Neil?
You should still be racing World Cups.
How did you get down here quicker than a pick up?
- Yeah.
- All right, fair.
Look at the state of you.
- Look at the state of that pick up.
- Well you know, I just, I didn't have that much fun.
I did (clears throat)
- Enjoy the drive?
- I enjoyed the drive Neil,
but I think riding down is more fun than driving.
- Tell you what, there's some amazing tracks up there.
Seen some of the World Cup Downhill track.
- You did? - Yeah.
- I don't want to touch that Neil, sounds gnarly.
World Cup sounds gnarly.
- Right, back on, another run?
- Yes please Neil.
Can I have a go?
- Not yet.
I'll let you have one run at the end of the day.
If you want to see another video,
featuring Mercedes,
the ultimate vehicle for a mountain biker.
Click down there for that one.
- Yep, don't forget to hit the (stammers)
Because you're missing out on some rad stuff.
- Is that a cool new song?
- That is a new song Neil.
Give us a thumbs up like if you love pick ups and bikes.
(shouts indistinctly)
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Pick-Up Truck Vs Mountain Bike | Ex-World Cup Downhiller Races A 4x4

22 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on February 19, 2020
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