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The Boiling Isles is nothing but a cesspool of despair.
More like a cesspool of delight.
And like a cesspool of insight,
it's time for "Look Hooo's Talking,"
the show where me, Horus, and my co-host Owlyvia
squawk about the what, why, how, and--
- Who? - You mean the who's who
in "The Owl House."
So, last time we didn't get to talk about Hooty.
- Let's talk about Hooty. - Ah. Hooty,
the house's guardian owl.
Owlyvia: You know, I'm friends with many barn owls,
but not a single one has been able to be a barn.
Hooty's a real estate friend. ( chuckles )
Not that he's ever owl-preciated for it.
- Hi, Luz. - ( screams )
- Ha! - Ah!
Owl-solutely uncalled for.
Horus: Right? Sure she's in the bathroom,
but it's a bathroom inside his body,
so who's privacy is being invaded?
- Oh! - In this episode,
Luz is really left on her own
in Bonesborough for the first time,
and honestly I was surprised by what happened.
You mean like when she met a wizard with a fox in his beard?
- Delicious, but no. - You mean when that wizard
was really a puppeteer and the cute boy
and all the cute creatures Luz was meeting
- was just an illusion? - Well, yes.
That part was exciting.
But I mean, can Luz not look some demons in the eye?
( sighs ) My eyes are down here.
- Aah! - But it all built to
a dangerous magical quest where Luz had to choose.
You guys think I'm special, but it's not real.
I once went on a dangerous magical quest myself.
Asked out a snowy owl.
- Got the cold shoulder. - ( laughter )
Sure, mock my pain, audience. Mock it!
Aww. But I do have to say the ending was really sweet.
If we all waited around for a prophecy to make us special,
we'd die waiting, and that's why you need to choose yourself.
And we definitely need to talk about this week's MVP.
In this episode, the character that truly stepped up
and saved the day was... Hooty.
- Ain't he a hoot? - Hoot.
Clearly. Eda would have never rescued Luz
if Hooty didn't stick his neck out to help find her.
She went in the forest towards Bonesborough. Sheesh!
Some strong owl representation in this episode.
And some strong owl hosting this episode.
Be sure to catch us next time to stay avi-in the know
with "The Owl House."
both: Bye.
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Episode 2 | Look Hooo's Talking | The Owl House | Disney Channel

12 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on February 18, 2020
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