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>> On his first day back in the
spotlight since the megxit
crisis broke, Harry couldn't
escape the awkward questions.
>> Harry, how are the plans for
your future?
>> The prince didn't turn around
to respond, but reportedly
laughed it up and he seemed in
good spirits hosting the club
draw in Buckingham palace.
He joked with a rugby player
about the beard.
>> I've never seen that before.
I've seen some beards.
Meanwhile, Meghan made her
second charitable visit of the
week in Canada at the justice
for girls center in Vancouver.
Co-director Zoe Craig sparrow
loved every minute of it.
>> We spoke for about an hour
and a half and had a great
roundtable discussion about the
important work that justice for
girls focuses on including
girls' rights.
>> She was extremely kind and
what struck us was she was
acknowledging what we discussed
and she put us at ease and very
casual and we were talking about
very important issues.
>> The couple has big support
for their decision from stars
like Hugh grant who just spoke
out on Andy Cohen's Sirius XM's
radio show.
>> I'm on Harry's side and the
tabloid press effectively
murdered his mother and now
they're tearing his wife to
pieces and as a man it's his job
to protect his family.
>> I feel bad -- this woman has
to wear pantyhose every day,
skirts and a hat, and she has to
be nice to people all day long.
She's like a stewardess on a
plane that will never land.
>> Don't say stewardess.
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Meghan Markle Was 'Extremely Kind' At Justice For Girls Visit, Non-Profit Co-Director Says

36 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on February 16, 2020
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