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Who doesn't like hidden bases if you don't then quite frankly you're weird
Okay, and I wouldn't want to be friends with you which now
I'll be the first to admit comes across a lot more hostile than I was expecting but to a certain extent it is true
So in today's video we're going to be taking a look at
25 different hidden entrances and also hidden activation devices that you can use to activate
Your hidden entrances so that you can make the best hidden bases in Minecraft two by two flush piston door
I thought I would start things off with some fairly simple ones before we move on to some of the more complicated stuff and this
Is by far the most common type of hidden entrance. I mean look at it
You're gonna understand why it's a really nice-looking piston door
It only involves a handful of pieces of redstone dust and two repeaters
you could build it within about 30 seconds if you're motivated enough and
it does the trick doesn't it redstone torch key for anyone who's seen one of my bunker videos before you've probably
Seen this piston layout because this is one of my favorite hidden activation devices if we placed on a redstone torch
You can see the Pistons extend the redstone torch gets broken and we can take a register output from this thing
Now the reason we want to break the redstone torch is because we want to be able to pick up that item and remove any
Evidence of there being a hidden activation device there. It's really small. It's really simple easy to build. It's pretty cool
The tiny tiny tiny tiny hidden staircase and I would say that's a fairly fitting description for this thing
I mean I built it back in 2014 maybe 2015 and in four or five years. I still haven't been able to improve it
I still haven't been able to make it any smaller
So here we have a completely flat floor
If you flick this lever here
You can see that everything folds away and we have ourselves a little staircase that we can walk down them when we flick the lever again
Everything falls back up and just look how much is happening here
Inside that tiny circuit, I mean this all of this happening in something that could fit in my back pocket. Yeah
That's right. My my back pocket is a forty eight cubic meters
I'm I'm a big guy the anti path activator
Now the reason I call it that is because this redstone
Contraption really looks like it doesn't like path blocks
If we convert this you can see that instantly the piston extends converting it into dirt
But most importantly we get a register an output from that which we can hook up into one of our hidden
Entrances and the reason that this is so good is because you always have a shovel on you
So there's no specific item that you need to carry to activate you hidden activation device
You just have to right click on the correct grass block
Important disclaimer time whenever I do a video on hidden entrances or hidden activation devices
Very smart people in the comment section points out that they can see the hidden entrances and hidden activation devices
Because I have used things like iron blocks and glass you. Can you can clearly see this?
Obviously if you were to build this yourselves, you would try your best to conceal the redstone contraptions a tiny bit better
I know it seems silly that I would even have to explain this but
You haven't read the youtube comment sections like I have the pretentious entrance
definitely a trick you want to say and the reason he's got that name is because a lot of people say that art is like
a gateway into another dimension or another world and you know
I'll leave you guys to debate that down in the comment section
But this piece of art is a gateway into another part of your base. That is completely concealed
We've all seen the walkthrough paintings that have been built since 2010 minecraft. They're pretty old-school nowadays
We can crawl through
I mean if we add a little bit of redstone we can actually get through one by one paintings and they're really really smart
Really really simple the I was going to do a really bad Batman impression
but then I decided against the entrance back in the day when I was a youngin on YouTube one of my most popular videos was
A Batman style waterfall splitter entrance now. It's been a while since I've touched on the subject
So I thought I would try and redo it with
modern redstone technology and make it as small as I possibly could I spent a number of hours on this and I've got to say
I'm very proud of the end result. I mean this thing is absolutely tiny
It's about as small as it could reasonably be and if we hit this button right here
You can see the waterfall gets removed and then it drops back down
It is split
So on either side of our now open doors
We could gain access to our base. And then if we activate it, once again, you can see that the waterfall goes
everything gets closed up and
Everything returns back to normal. I love these things. I think they're absolutely great. And I am really really proud of this design
I mean, there's so much fancy stuff going in here and just odd redstone mechanics so that it doesn't make a lot of sense
But it all seems to work somehow the powerpuff activator
I don't know if it's just my bad luck or if I'm doing something wrong
But whenever I build the tripwire based pufferfish plant factors the puff fish always escape and die
So I thought I'd come up with a slightly new design which utilizes some slightly different game mechanics
So here we have a puff fish in a waterlogged
Fencepost with a pressure plate on top when the puffer fish puffs up
It will then activate that pressure plate obviously giving us a redstone output. But this setup here doesn't give any room for escape
So you're in here forever, buddy, the lazy flush. This is for people who are too lazy to build something like this
You can just construct a piston door in the corner. Is it boring? Yes. Is it bland? very bland
I would think you're super bland if you built this
I mean if I came to your face and I saw this I would be judging you a lot
I'll be judging you Lots. Okay, because it's so unimaginative, but for some people it fits the bill a farmer's button
This is a pretty nice-looking field of wheat
Nothing too curious or strange about it if I walked past I wouldn't notice anything
But if you take a look here
You can see there's a slight gap and if we utilize the hitboxes we can right click through that gap hitting a button
Which allows us to activate some form of hidden redstone device? This is a sneaky one. Okay, it is a sneaky one
only the keenest of keen eyes
would be able to spot it the underwater easy in and easy out is a bit of an interesting concept and that I thought I
Just try and build it and see if it worked and it actually seems to work quite nicely
So currently we're on the inside of our hidden base
The ocean is above us if we hit this button right here
You can see that Soul sand gets swapped across we get shot
Upwards the trap door closes up behind us and then we can leave our hidden base behind
Without anyone knowing that it's there now if we were entering the hidden base
We would obviously have some form of secret activation device that would open up our trap door the magma would stay there
we'd drop through the water without having to hold shift or do anything like that and we'd immediately drop down into our hidden base the
Over water easy in and easy out
It's probably one of my favourite trap doors to exit from so here we are on the inside of my hidden base
I know it needs a little bit of work
But if we hit this button right here
You can see that we get launched upwards and then the trap door closes up behind us makes it so much easier
To get out of that hidden base and if we take a look at the redstone another one
That is crazy how small it is? Look two blocks wide
Okay paper thin the Stone breaker know it we'll be the first to admit that this is no small redstone contraption
Okay, this is quite a beefy one
But it does come with the added benefit that you don't need any specific items in your inventory. No redstone torch keys
no special key passes
All you need is a pickaxe and you need to know what block to break when you break that specific stone block
It will be replenished. You'll get yourself a redstone output and that will activate your hidden entrance
It's pretty smart, but it is it's huge. Yes. It is. Very big the entrance from 2012
This little thing was featured in my 50 things
You can build in Minecraft video
But sometimes it's good to remind people of the old gold days if we just jump through this lava you can see we drop through
Straight into water. We barely take any damage in survival. And then we've just we've popped into our hidden base
I mean
It's it's as simple as that no redstone involved and the best thing is is if someone sees you do this
You look amazing. You've just jumped off a ledge into lava like a total nutcase and somehow haven't died
No, I hidden staircase but a hidden entrance in a staircase
It's a fairly lengthy name but I'd say it's quite a descriptive one
Here is our not hidden staircase
And if we activate this thing it reveals our hidden entrance now as you can see, this is one block wide
But the good thing about this redstone design is is expandable
So if you want something slightly wider then all you have to do is copy the redstone over but if you want it in one
wide configuration then as you can see I
Mean, it's it's about as small as it can be
This thing is a slither of a redstone contraption and I would say that's the technical term for it the composter pull through once again
Minecraft 1.14 comes to the rescue in two ways first off
We've got the composter quite a nice little block, but more importantly we have the crawl feature
We can literally package ourselves up and pull ourselves through a wall to gain access into a hidden base
Now this looks extra spectacular from the third-person. The very predictable
But also very good too hidden activation device it consists of a little item filter
I mean you've seen me use these in my bunker videos
once again
You throw a specific type of item on a specific part of the ground and it will trigger a redstone
circuit first off a player needs to know where to throw the items which is
Unlikely that they're going to be able to guess that but they'd also need to guess
What item and also what you've renamed the item if they were to try and brute force
This let be there for a long long long long time a very long time heat death of the universe
Kind of time the flush piston door, but for much cooler people. Yeah, we get it
Okay, your flush piston door that was invented back in like 2011 is all right
I suppose but everyone knows that three by three doors are far cooler than 2x2 doors and this one is no exception
Here it is. It involves slime blocks. Double piston extenders little bit of piston action up at the top
They're all very nice and in sync. I love these things if I was to hide away a base
I think this might be what I'd go for hiding in plain sight or as I like to call it the Illuminati button now if
You're really looking for it. You can just about see it
I'm under no illusions that there's no way that a player could find this but in the
Context of regular Minecraft terrain with a giant cliff face in front of you
You're gonna be hard pushed to spot something like that
Especially if you're not looking for it the I spent way too long building this small redstone contraption, but I'm proud of it
I'm really liking the descriptive names for these things
This this is very similar to the past switch that we saw earlier on in the video
But it has an added complexity that I wanted to put a trapdoor in there as well
So when we convert this grass block into a path or this darts into farmland, it will get moved out the way
Create a trapdoor that we can drop through and then we pushed back up into place seems simple enough, doesn't it?
I thought would be simple too Oh
The timings very specific. The timings are super super specific and it's a very unstable circuit
But I managed to make it work after a few a few teary moments
Staircase fresh out the wall. Uh, yeah just as a quick disclaimer. This is utterly pointless
Okay, it really is over the top but is over the top in the best possible way
This is like flexing but with redstone if you have this as your hidden entrance, I think that's so ridiculous
So you've got stairs popping up out of the ground then we have this
Popping up here and then these blocks get retracted back and then we have a 2x2 flush piston door up at the top
so you essentially create a staircase up into your hidden entrance and it looks
Amazing and I gotta say I think I did a pretty good job with the redstone as well
so the main bulk of it is just two blocks wide and then up at the top here things get a little bit bigger for
The flush trapdoor but still this is not that big and also not really that complicated
I want one of these the simply the best. I mean, this is just the best
This probably had the longest development time out of all the builds in the video
But I'm definitely the most proud of it just because it's another one that is super compact
I mean look everything kind of fits within this really really small space
you can actually put two of them next one another and mirror it to create a two wide system and just look how
streamlined, this is
How cool is that?
So you flick the lever
We've got ourselves a completely flat wall. Nothing to see there and then we activate it
Once again, everything folds out the way and we have got ourselves a staircase
This just this hits the spot for me
Ah, that totally hits the spot bouncing in with all this talk of staircases and things it got me thinking
Maybe there's a way to cut out the staircase and just launch ourselves to the destination. I gotta say the end result is pretty satisfying. Haha
Slime blocks are always good fun. And when they're set up like this it's even cooler
So the little block moves out the way we're revealing the slime block
We then get launched upwards by the slime block
And as that happens this flush piston door opens up allowing us to pass through into the hidden base up at the top. Ah I can't get
Enough of this thing the cave crawler a lot of these systems recently have been fairly big and bulky and quite redstone intensive
So let's take a look at one. That's considerably simpler
all we have to do is
Activate it will be pushed downwards into the crawl state and we'll be able to crawl through a little gap that we've created
Inside the cave two Pistons just a little bit of redstone. That's about all you need the cave not crawler
It's three blocks wide. You've got loads of space
I thought I would walk off this idea a little bit by
Constructing a piston door that looks like a part of the cave
So if we hit this button here
You can see that the cave then gets attracted back and we've got a lovely 3x3 area
Which we can all agree is probably one of nicer sizes for a piston door
And then when we activate it, once again, everything closes back up in our desired
Configuration now this wasn't too complicated
You can see that we've got a bunch of single piston extenders and then the only tricky bit were these central blocks
but that was handled by these double piston extenders and all of that circuitry is happening underneath and that is pretty
Plain sailing and finally, you could just you know you could just place a block over it.
I mean
Not much redstone needed you can cover it up if you want to hold shift
Nobody's gonna know you're in there when the coast is clear. Just remove the block and
Pop back out and then just replace replace the block. No redstone needed
No redstone needed makes you it makes you really think
If it's been a total waste of time
You know these past two days compiling this list coming up with the ideas building the redstone for them. Yeah
It really makes you rethink those things the world, you know, if you need it is down the description
obviously the first 24 designs you can ignore but if you want to experiment with the last design and you know
See how easy it would be to do that in your own world
then you can
So the world download is down in the description obviously the other designs might be worth looking at but let's face it
Design number 25 is the only one that matters
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25 Ways to Hide your Base in Minecraft

51 Folder Collection
Yuen Yee Bertha Chan published on February 15, 2020
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