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Idols are always busy
Having a lot of work is something to be grateful for
But health always comes first!
So many pretty members! 9 flowers
- There are bicycles for 3 people! - Really?
For two-timers?
You never know in life
Whatever she says, she makes everyone around her happy
Can't live without Sana~
96/84 liner Idols that should be careful in 2020, Sana is No.2 on our list
Hi I'm Sana, the cute&sexy member of TWICE~
- She's the killing part queen of TWICE! - That's right
Sana's part always becomes the killing part of the song
The fanchants!
What kind of magic did TWICE show us in 2019?
TWICE's and was No.1 and No.2 on the top Girl group album sale chart
Worldwide fan's choice
TWICE received 4 awards at MAMA 2019!
- They were definitely the top girl group last year - Unbeatable!
Thank you for your support, we'll try hard to live up to your expectations
Thank you!
TWICE is on a roll!
So why is Sana on our list?
I'm worried about her health
Oh... health
The energy of water strengthens
And the more she works, the more she's exhausted
So the more she works, it takes a toll on her health
So her health might be in jeopardy
Last year, TWICE was very busy with their world tour that started in Seoul and continued in America, Singapore, Mexico, Thailand and the Philippines
They are at the peak of their career, so TWICE is looking forward to another busy year
I don't really work out that much
So I'm feeling weak these days
Sana always gets sick during comeback seasons
Exercising regularly is a must!
She's a celebrity, so her 'dohwa' might work to her advantage
But she needs to be careful, she should try to act rationally
She might make a mistake with her words, so Sana should always be careful
- Maknae? - Yes maknae~
Her cute behavior always makes people smile
So we hope she doesn't get any trouble this year!
If she gets through 2020
She'll have better luck in 2021
So Sana should look after her health, and be careful with her words
Just like she's been doing all this time
Sana will be able to get through this year wisely
And most of all! Health always comes first!
So please look after your health!
- Health is all that matters - That's right
96/84 liner Idols that should be careful in 2020, Sana was No.2 on our list
Sana has to take care of her health in 2020
TWICE is busy all year round
We hope TWICE looks after their health as well this year!
Be VERIVERY healthy!
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[ENG sub] Mnet TMI NEWS [25회] 건강관리가 최우선! 건강만 하자♥ '트와이스 사나' 200115 EP.25

44 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on February 15, 2020
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