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- Did you catch the crazy Justice League cameo
in the Crisis on Infinite Earths finale?
All right pop quiz everyone,
what is the greatest crossover of all time?
Did you answer Avengers End Game.
Well, a good answer but you might be wrong
because after this week DC TV pulled out all the stops
for their Crisis on Infinite Earths event series
and they may have just taken that title from Marvel Studios.
Now Tuesday nights of the end of this event series
that seemingly connected every past and present DC property.
Giving us cameos from Smallville,
easter eggs from Tim Burton's 1989 Batman flick
and letting legendary Batman voice actor Kevin Conroy
finally played Bruce Wayne IRL.
But it was a secret cameo in Tuesday's finale
that left fan shocked
and had everyone buzzing about what it could mean
for the DC Universe moving forward.
Now before we get into all of this,
we want to give you a spoiler warning
because we're going to be breaking down
the Crisis on Infinite Earths finale.
So heed our warning and turn away now
or be subjected to spoilers.
Or I don't know, stay and give us a like and subscribe.
We prefer the second option,
but just live your life.
So what happened?
Well in broad strokes or death strokes if you're nasty
at the end of the episode while traveling through
the speed force TVs Flash played by Grant Gustin
comes across the version of the Flash
from the film's played by Ezra Miller.
That's right The DC Cinematic Universe's Flash
aka the DC extended universe
or DC EU if you're thorough.
And this means that the DC EU
with the likes of my man, Aqua man
and Ben Affleck's whiskey porn Batman
are now officially canon within the arrowverse.
Or maybe it means that the arrowversus is now canon
within the DC EU it's all very confusing.
It's almost as confusing as meeting a version of yourself
from a different universe that looks completely different
than you, super weird.
But back to that epic moment
in the scene Ezra Miller's Barry thinks
the other Barry is a cosplaying fan who just wants a selfie.
Gustins Barry muses that that meeting another Flash
shouldn't even be possible since
the crisis event destroyed the multiverse as we knew it.
And I don't know about you
but that definitely seems like a setup
for some future Flash problems.
Now after the two
collectively complement each other's costumes.
Miller's being safe
while Gust'n's being comfy and breathable.
The meeting ends with Miller's Flash fading away
with the line, "I told Victor this was possible."
An obvious call out to Victor Stone,
aka the Flash's Justice League buddy, Cyborg.
- Buya.
- (chuckles) Buya indeed.
As for what this means
there are four major takeaways from this scene
and no,
we aren't referring to British people getting takeout food.
Have your cheeky Nandos on your own time.
The first is it's so good to see Ezra Miller
as the Flash again,
he clearly loves playing this character
and obviously wants to continue playing the character
and I think fans collectively want that as well.
The Flash solo film was seemingly dashed on the rocks
of development hell for a long time.
I mean,
this movie has been in the works since 2015
and was delayed time and time again.
With many directors joining and leaving the project.
It was like a Crisis on Infinite scripts
but with the current addition of it director Andy Muchieti
helming this project and with Ezra Miller popping up here,
it gives us hope that the Flash is gonna stick
to his 2022 release date.
Second, did anybody realized
the DC EU's Flash didn't have a superhero name yet?
Because one of the funniest parts of this meeting
of the Barrys was Ezra Miller,
not knowing that he's called the Flash
and good news,
he likes the name.
And this opens up a whole other can of worms
because if the Flash gets his name from the Flash,
does that mean?
No, you know what,
I'm not eve gonna try to trace the causality in the logic
of this because there's not enough aspirin in the world.
Third, this possibly gives us a lot more context for
that scene in Batman v Superman,
Dawn of Justice,
when the Flash pops in from the future
to give Bruce a warning.
Especially with the Flash's line in crisis,
"I told Victor this was possible."
Now maybe they can use this arrowverse pop in
to finally explain how that scene worked.
And last but not least,
this begs the question,
will we see any of the arrowverse characters pop up
in the upcoming Flash movie
or in any other DC movies?
Now normally we'd think no.
But with the popularity of this crossover among fans
and the fact that the Flash solo film is allegedly gonna be
a take on the comic book event Flashpoint.
Well, anything is possible.
Even if nothing comes from this,
this little pop in by Ezra Miller's Flash is a great way
to see crisis pay ohmage to all of their many, many versions
of DC characters.
But most importantly,
it really points out that it's been an absolute crime
how little we've seen of Miller's Flash on the big screen.
Is it 2022 yet?
No, no, it's not.
But what do you folks think?
What did you think of the meeting of the Barrys?
And do you think we could see any other arrowverse
characters in the DC EU?
Also isn't Ezra Miller's Flash just the best?
- Stop right there, I'm in.
- Let's discuss.
Thank you so much for watching.
If you enjoyed what you saw here,
why not give us a like and subscribe while you're at it.
If you wanna get notified every time we go live
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DCEU’s Justice League/Arrowverse Crossover Explained! (Nerdist News w/ Dan Casey)

25 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on February 15, 2020
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