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(clears throat)
- (breathless) Hi. - Hello.
I would love to... cash this... here check.
If I may?
- Thank you. - Name on the account, please.
Yes, it's Nora, N-O-R-A, no "H."
(both chuckling)
Lin, L-I-N.
Nora Lin, Forley Road, Elmhurst?
That is correct, yes.
It says here you're dead.
Sorry, what?!
The bank automatically closes accounts
that have been inactive for two years.
We assume you died.
No, no. No. I am-- I am alive!
Here's what I can do. (sighs)
If you want to reopen your account,
I just need a form of identification.
Yes. Actually, I can accommodate with that.
(softly) Okay, here we go, that's...
Thank you.
This is expired.
Where does it say that?
No, no.
Because this license is expired,
I'm legally obligated to do this.
Oh. Oh. Oh!
(plastic snaps)
Do you have another form of identification?
Do you know your social security number?
Yes! Yes, I know it.
Um, it's 1-8...
hundred, 5-7-9-6-8-5-9.
Okay, that's too many numbers.
Why do I even need a bank account?
Well, for starters, to build up your credit,
apply for a loan, buy a house
and get a mortgage, not to mention
set up a basic investment portfolio
and formulate a retirement plan.
But without proper identification,
I can't verify that a...
Nora Lin actually exists.
(whispering) Hey.
What if you asked me something
that only the real Nora Lin would know?
I literally know nothing about you.
(normal voice) So, I can't cash this check?
I... look like a f***** blow-up doll!
Thank you for being so f***** lovely.
You're welcome.
- Have a nice day. - Yeah!
What are you lookin' at?!
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What Do You Do When Your Bank Declares You Dead? - Awkwafina is Nora from Queens

276 Folder Collection
Victoria published on February 14, 2020
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