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Well, well, well, what do we have here?
Easiest parkour map?
Shoe, what the heck are you doin'?
Get outta here! (RIP SHOE)
Why's that shoe on my head? Did you put that shoe on my head?
Don't put that shoe on my head again.
We don't even know where that shoe's been, okay? It's touched a whole lot of concrete bottom!
So I found this Minecraft map, right?
It claims to be the easiest parkour map and it's made for Minecraft 1.13.
Which is the newest version of Minecraft in the Java Edition world if you guys and gals did not know. However,
Every time we managed to find a map that is called the easiest parkour map. Let me let you in on a little secret.
IT'S NEVER EVER EVER EASY. So I'm a little bit worried and skeptical to play this map
But I feel like we can't not play it.
Okay, if this is the world to eat...
WHOA, I did not even start the map. I just walked near the edge guys.
Um, okay if this was truly the world's easiest Minecraft parkour map,
Why does it look so difficult? This map was made by Mr. KacafirekCZ
...and the rules say always be in gamemode adventure, and oh my gosh, I forgot the new version
You can't just do gamemode 2! You gotta do gamemode "adventure!"
And it says no cheating and no skipping.
Now, why would a Minecraft parkour map encourage me not to cheat or skip if it's the easiest minecraft parkour map; you feel me?
I feel like I'm not crazy here what I'm saying. Let's- We're-we're just gonna start off by taking this a little bit easy.
So these are our checkpoint blocks, obviously and you guys know how parkour works. I just have a feeling
Something here is going to go incredibly, incredibly wrong...
"Just failed the easiest jump ever." Oh, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! Oh, no. No, no, no, no, no. No, excuse me, No, I did not just fail...
There are barrier blocks in front of this. "Really TBNRfrags, was that necessary?"
Okay. Look. This map is out to get me. I knew this wasn't gonna be the easiest minecraft map.
Why do they always do this? Huh? Why? Say, look at this. Did you guys see that? There was invisible blocks?
How did it...
Okay, I swear there were invisible blocks there just a second ago.
You guys saw that when I tried to jump here and now a sudden they're removed.
Oh no, what is this?
Okay, something here is about to give out
What is it?
Mmm, I don't believe it not even for a second. No, no. No. What is it? What is it? What is it?
Okay. What is it here?
I just have trust issues man. I got mad trust issues with this map.
This is so weird!
Okay, we're gonna go this path, which probably is going to kill us because, well, once again
We're playing the "easiest Minecraft parkour map." Something's here... See!? What was that? No. No, we did not miss that jump,
There's no way! Watch, watch...
No, no. No. No, no, no (X8), which block is invisible? It's *that* one!
See? The blocks are invisible and the map is insulting me. "Just failed the easiest jump ever," "Forgot to press the sprint key."
I didn't forget anything. Okay, you put an invisible block. Oh, wait, what's to say some of these?
Oh my gosh, that means some of these could be invisible blocks, guys.
We have no idea and no way of telling. Oh my gosh, okay
So far, we're in the clear, although don't you- I don't know. I don't trust him. I don't-like this right here?
Something's about to kill us any second, any moment, now. We're about...
(RIP BLOCK Followed by "Bye have a great time")
Hey. Yo, map creator. I saw that block fall... what the... what was that, huh? I saw that mat fall-
I saw that block fall from the sky. That was so not legit-
You cannot sit here and tell me right now that that was legit. Why do I feel like this block was gonna kill us?
Okay, it didn't actually kill us. I'm starting to get severe trust issues from this map, man. Something here's about to kill us.
I don't know. When is it gonna happen? That's the worst thing about this map. You never know when you're gonna get trolled; I hate it!
It's like I'm constantly at the edge of my seat-wait, did I just get turned around-but you know what?
I mean, like you never know what's gonna happen.
Something here is-something bad's about to happen. It's any second now. Any second; someth- okay.
Look, did you guys see that? There's a barrier block here. So if you would try to jump it would have killed you
It would have killed you! Th- okay. Man.
Okay, that was just user error right there. You know before we continue this parkour map
I have a question for your lovely amazing viewers out there:
Do you enjoy seeing me in this much pain? Do enjoy seeing me get trolled by Minecraft maps, because if you do,
Can you please leave a like down below and just comment down below? Yes. If you do that would just make me feel better.
So that way I know I'm not just, you know,
Wasting my time-wait-the invisible block disappeared! The invisible block disappeared. No, I don't like this map anymore.
I don't. I don't like this map. You know what? Next thing we know it, guys,
We're gonna step on a checkpoint block and it's not gonna give us a checkpoint or something ridiculous, and look at this!
Look at this. This is supposed to be the world's easiest Minecraft parkour map and there's quad jumps everywhere.
How is this and any frame of the sense easy? This is actually like really really rude-
No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no no. Uh-uh-uh-uh.
No, no, I do not think I believe I-I don't think I failed that jump. Now that one I just failed, yes
I failed that one. I don't think I failed the other one. I'm gonna be honest with you guys.
Pretty sure we actually flippin' dippin' nailed it. Hold on. Is there another barrier block here?
Okay, dude, I don't trust this map because this map, it's like smart;
this map is like a smart trolling map, because what it does is it trolls you and then it removes the troll and then it
goes and then you go back and then you feel like you're crazy. Like this map is making me feel like I'm like a crazy
person, right like tell me the map is trolling me right now. Tell me I'm not just not being trolled
This is just freaking me out. This is freaking me out. That right there,
I think that was actually me just being really bad, but I think this map is actually out to get me;
I'm not even kidding, guys.
I know sometimes I can be a little bit over the top and I can say some things that are kind of silly, but I
really really really believe this map is not legit.
Oh! Oh, I can't believe I just made that! And you know what? That's like the scariest thing about this map, is the fact that it trolls you
and kills you. You don't even notice, like you go back to try to prove it,
you know what I mean? And then all the sudden, the murder scene. Somebody's covered up that
evidence and then all the sudden you're framed as the murderer and you didn't actually do the murder, you know what I mean? (Whoops)
What? You saw that. You saw that. Don't tell me you didn't see that. That block
disappeared. No, I did not fail that jump; the block disappeared. I'm back at the jump again. This one rock, okay,
now it works. No no, no. No. No, this snap is 100% not legit. There's something about this map, right?
It's like every-it's like in between every single checkpoint- No; see? That right there. I don't think that was legit either!
I swear I did the ju- I did it just like that! This map is- (Long pause)
Oh God. Guys.
What if somebody's- if somebody's behind me? What if something is going on inside of my office?
What if somebody's here trolling me or what if somebody's like on my server even though it's a single-player map and that's not even possible
technically, but what if it's actually happening?
aM i gOiNg CrAzY?
Is this officially where PrestonPlayz™ loses his marbles? Yeah, come on. I don't even have any marbles.
Well, I used to as a kid, but, ah, you know
I haven't collected marbles in quite some time. If you never played with marbles in your life, I recommend it.
They're actually really really fun. But that's besides the point guys. Somebody here is out to get me. Is it you Dory?
Dory, you look so flippin' cute, but I just don't think I can trust you. HIUGH! (Oops)
Dory, Dory, we can talk about things. Yes! Take that Dory!
Yes, I can feel the power coursing through my veins!
100%. Can we slow-mo that? Yeah, look at that. Look at that. I made the jump. I made it.
There was a barrier block there. Again. AGAIN.
He keeps using the same cheap tactics over and over again, and I'm not believing it.
I'm not believing it for a second. Whose side are you guys on?
Are you on my side? Are you in the map side?
What side are you on? Please! Tell me! I feel like nobody believes me right now.
Like, I'm promising you guys, that this map was out to get me. There was a barrier block there. Okay?
I'm not even I'm not click baiting. I'm being honest with you guys.
There has to have been a barrier block there, you know like there
I think that this map creator thinks that he's sneaky when it comes to trolling me, and is actually quite the opposite.
It's very blatantly obvious that you are trying to end my YouTube career with trolls and I won't let it happen.
Alright, I'm too good at parkour and I'm too handsome and I'm also too humble. Ka-chow. I'm also too cringey.
Ha ha ha.
But no. Seriously, something is happening. This map is not the map
I thought it was. It was supposed to be the easiest Minecraft parkour map in 1.13. It's not! It's a lie!
I don't-don't believe it!
Don't believe it for even a second! And I can't believe I just walked off there
You know the messages in the chat are actually really rude. "Another fail for TBNRfrags." Way to make me feel good about myself.
What is this jump even supposed to be? I don't-I don't understand it. I don't! I don't understand this map
I don't-no, no, no. Something here's about to go wrong.
Okay, that was just me being really bad at parkour, but no no. Something here. Something is about to go really really wrong, guys.
I'm telling you right now. There's just something about this. It doesn't feel good. I'm getting spooked.
Although I can't say much. So far, so good; yo boy Pdawg™ is going
ham-jabroni on the parkour-aroni and nothing seems out of place. All the- oh, no.
Why would you put it a double-jump, but your boy Pdawg™ is a beast?
That's it. That's it. I kno-
Yeah, that one was the most obvious troll I've ever seen in my entire life.
You saw that. You saw that. You believe me, right? You believe me. Please tell me you guys believe me.
ladies and genital men I come to interrupt your viewing experience because there is a FOURTH OF JULY SALE!
FIRE FIRE July of fourth. Back to school sale. Now I know what you're saying
Preston I dont want to think about school its
July Fourth and I under stand that but you can per-pair
For school by getting you merch just early
ok lis my mom told me to do this video so just bare with me guys
(I got lazy here)
[but seriously, check out prestonsstylez, its LIT]
And now, because of that, I have to do all of these over again. Do you know how hard this this stage was?
No checkpoint, and there's like all of these jumps where you have to go around them.
And then you have to make this jump, and then you have to do that one again.
And then, like-literally I just nailed all of these. If I do this twice in a row, I'm a beast.
I am such a flippin' dippin' beast. And look! Guess what? He took away the barrier blocks!
I knew it I'd do it. You know what? Mr. [unintelligible]? You are a monster!
I gotta say though. Your map was really good. And at first I couldn't tell if I was going crazy
What if I'm still going crazy? What if... no no, no, right? I'm not going cra- I'm not... no no
No, it was def... right? It was definitely the map. Guys can ya... please?
I need your support down below in the comments, because I seriously believe
that there is something going on with this map. And especially something going on with this Minecraft map creator.
Here I was thinking I was gonna play the easiest 1.13 parkour map and have a really fun easy time, and there...
I was getting trolled? Right? I was getting trolled. Okay, you know what? I can't think about this anymore. Guys,
I hope you enjoyed this video. If you did you already know what to do
Thank you so much for wat.. for walking? For watching this video!
Have a great day everybody. And be careful! Don't download any 1.13 maps that say they're the easiest ever,
Because I don't think it's true. Okay. I don't think it's true. I'll see you in my next video. I love you guys. Peace out!
[Obligatory YEET]
Song: Reaktor Productions - Can't Slow Down
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91 Folder Collection
Yuen Yee Bertha Chan published on February 14, 2020
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